01-04-11: Behind the Scenes with Gerard and L’Oreal

Behind the scenes with Gerard Butler. Watch it below!!


  1. Gerry, Liked the ad looking good. It will do L’Oreal a lot of good. Gerry keep doing your thing I really love your ads movies tv apearances, everything . Bonnie

  2. This photo shoot and video were made after MGP when he got back to New York last fall. He looks great in them as well as now.

  3. Action packed…because of you, Mr Gerard Butler, your magnetism on screen and off, and so goodlooking, just perfect…and I think L’Oreal folk are very intelligent…they needed a man who is so well known and so loved tbe world over…YOU…just perfect. P.S. I love to hear your voice…especially when you sing my favorite, LOCH LOMOND. Just perfect, wish you would record it so I could listen to it every day . Think about it..love you

  4. sue grint (greatest london fan) says:

    i also meant to say that im glad hes put on a bit of weight since slimming right down for coronlanus and i think he did this shoot before machine gun preacher if im right. when he was on jay leno last i thought he looked a bit gaunt in his face and very thin. i suppose though he has to put on and loose for the various roles he has to portray. i personally like him with a bit more meat on his bones and a slightly fuller face, as he is now. the length of the hair is great and he has got rid of that horrible beard and is back to gorgeous stubble.

  5. sue grint (greatest london fan) says:

    i think gerry looks fantastic in this behind the scenes of l’oreal ad. i wish they had taken a lot more of it for the ad. i found the ad. was too quick and jumpy, perhaps they were on a time factor. gerry looked hot and sexy in each of the shoots, but my favourites were the boxing, the singing and i just loved the bit at the end when he said the girl was very lucky, that was so gerry.

    i also cant get over how he looks like johnnie in the jury back in 2001. hes a dead ringer for him, just slightly older looking.

  6. Love the “behind the scenes” video of the L’Oreal commercial. It really shows off what a great and fun personality he has . . . and makes him even more sexy!

  7. Looks like a Bond to me.

  8. Brenda starr Griffin says:

    Wow – Gerard this was fabulous, as always, every thing you do is done with class…Happy New Year…Love the longer hair

  9. Oh man i love it he is just hot in it i want to see moreof it

  10. Gerry looks good, not crazy about the long hair,
    looks like he is having fun…his eyes are always
    smiling…..love the spanish, he is so cosmopolitan,
    thank you for sharing…..

  11. Nice …

  12. Roni Gossweiler says:


  13. Laura Smith says:


    This was a great ad for L’Oreal. FANTASTIC!!!