02-10-10: It’s Our Anniversary!

That’s right, Gerard Butler Dot Net is celebrating its 9 year anniversary! We can’t believe it’s been 9 years since three friends decided to create a place for people to learn about a little-known actor who played Dracula and Attila.  How time flies and how things change!!!  We couldn’t be happier to still be here and still supporting a man we have come to call “friend” through all his success and hard work.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without the countless hours of help from volunteers who help manage our gallery, news and newsletter.  We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the countless contributions from fans across the globe who send in their pictures and news finds.  We couldn’t do what we do without the continued support of Gerry, Alan Siegel (thanks guys!!) and the film professionals who send us project news and updates!!

In those nine years, we have raised over $300,000 for a variety of charities.  Our Global Birthday Celebration events in October brought in $12,000 for a variety of charities in the US, Scotland and Japan.

Kids Kicking Cancer
We are in the final week of our campaign in support of Kids Kicking Cancer and to date, over $56,590 has been raised from 1371 donation receipts submitted!! Our most successful campaign to date!

It’s not too late to send in your donation receipts
(we DO NOT collect the actual donations so please DO NOT send us your credit card number – DONATE HERE FIRST – then fill out our form HERE with proof of your donation)!

If you are mailing a check, it must be RECEIVED before February 14 (last pickup is February 13), so send it via express mail or other overnight delivery services.  Click here for all the details…

The final two recipients will be chosen on February 13 and the lucky fan to Enjoy a Date with Gerry will be chosen on February 14 (the date DOES NOT occur on February 14 – that will be scheduled at a later date to accommodate everyone’s schedule).

So thank you to every one of you who visits the site daily, weekly or just every once in a while. Thanks to all of our volunteers.  We are looking forward to great things to come as we start our tenth year in support of a great guy for great fans!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary and Congrats GBNet! Thank You for all the hardwork you have done for all of us, the proud members of this awesome global community of Gerry fans.

    May there be many more exciting & rewarding years ahead for both you and for Gerry.

    Chrissie. x

  2. Other commentators here have expressed adequately what I want to say about your wonderful site. I want to wish you good luck for your future and thank you for everything about Gerry you have posted on your site for the past 9 years.

  3. Many congratulations and thanks to everyone concerned.

  4. Betty Beaver says:

    The votes for Gerard have stopped….Most Attractive Male monthly vote…The website is no longer available on here but we must keep voting for him.. Just go to Hellomagazine Most Attractive Male Monthly….Vote every 15 minutes…Vote…Vote …Vote. Monthly winner goes on to yearly competition.

  5. Happy Gerryversary to you!!!!!

    What a great site…. I appreciate your hard work and dedication in keeping this site operating so efficiently… I’m sure the G man does too….

    I love coming here to catch up on the news, photos and media…

    I’ve met some great friends here in Australia and in person from joining this website… and it’s not ALL about Gerard, although we did hold a 40th Birthday party for him in Adelaide, but that’s another story!

    I also have many Cyberfriends from all around the world who share the enjoyment of Gerard movies and it’s good to be able to discuss them with other “fans”

    Love to all

  6. Sheli Maguire (shelilee) says:

    Happy Anniversary GB.Net!! Thank you for giving us a place to come to have fun, get information, pics, and follow Gerry’s career!! Cheers!!


  7. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us updated with everything that is Gerard.

    thank you for not letting gerard butler be unknown
    so keep this site running cant waint to see what is going to happen with the web site in the futer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  9. pamelajane says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary and many more.


  10. LadyMacbeth75 says:

    Happy Anniversary, GB.net! Thanks for all your hard work everyone, and here’s to many more great years as Gerry’s career continues onward into the future!

  11. Happy Anniversary gerardbutler.net, this is truly a fantastic site 😀

  12. What a great milestone!!!! Thanks to everyone for all the hard work that keeps the site going. Besides all the important work you do about Gerry you site has allowed me to make some wonderful friends, none of whom I would have met if the three of you hadn’t started this site. Thanks again and here’s to lots more good stuff to come!

  13. Congratulations GB.net on your 9th Anniversary and 11 million website hits!

    And a special “Thank You” to the wonderful administrators of GB.net for keeping fans up-to-date on Gerry’s career for nine great years!

    Wishes for continued success to both Gerry and GB.net in the years to come!


  14. Betty Beaver says:

    I am in awe of a few people there who have done so much for fans out here for so many years…you are very intelligent..you recognized quickly, after seeing him for the very first time, that he had something about him ..magnetism, strength, confidence, so tall, rugged and goodlooking…captivating Scottish brogue…and he still has it. And now it seems fans the world over continue to adore and embrace this wonderful Sweeetheart of a man, Gerard Butler. Congratulations to you all for your 9 successful years…I wish you many more to come. My personal thanks for this great website and for all your dedication to it.

  15. Being part of your organization and supporting Gerry are hightlights of my life. I’ve met so many new friends all around the world and it has opened so many doors for me. I thank you so very much for what you do and well you do it. 🙂 You came into my life at a very dark point and have helped give my my smile back again. Thank you for that, too. 🙂

  16. Proud of everyone who has worked so hard to support Gerard Butler’s career and make this site such a success as well. And, of course, proud of Gerard Butler for striving to always move forward and make films that are entertaining and meaningful. Happy 9th Anniversary to GerardButlerdotnet and I know there will be many more to come.

  17. Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you K, M, & T for keeping the faith.
    Lots of fun, friends, and fabulous memories happened around here.
    Here’s to many, many, more good times!