02-10-11: An Unbelievable TEN Years with Gerard Butler!

WOW, we can’t believe it, but it’s true …. Gerard Butler Dot Net is celebrating its TEN year anniversary!
We can’t believe it’s been 10 years since three friends decided to create a place for people to learn about a little-known actor who played Dracula and Attila.  How time flies and how things change!!!  We couldn’t be happier to still be here and still supporting a man we have come to call “friend” through all his success and hard work.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without the countless hours of help from volunteers who help manage our gallery, news and newsletter.  We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the countless contributions from fans across the globe who send in their pictures and news finds.  We couldn’t do what we do without the continued support of Gerry, Alan Siegel, Danielle Robinson (thanks guys!!) and the film professionals who send us project news and updates!!

Every year so many of you want to wish Gerard a Happy Valentine’s Day, we at GerardButler.Net strive to make those wishes also benefit those in need. Instead of sendings cards and gifts, we ask that you use the same amount you would have spent on those things and donate it to Kids Kicking Cancer. Over the last four years, GB.Net has raised over $60,000 during this campaign.  This year’s campaign will run until March 15, 2011.  Click here to donate and leave a Valentine’s message for Gerry!


Coriolanus will be featured in competition at the Berlinale Film Festival on February 14, with additional screenings on February 15.  Click here for more information. | View more pictures from The Sunday Times UK

The Weinstein Company is negotiating for U.S. distribution rights to Coriolanus.  Read more…

Test screenings of Machine Gun Preacher have been conducted and early feedback is positive for this highly dramatic film.  Have you seen the film?  Drop us a note in comments and tell us what you think!  Read more…


Gerard attends the Audi & Weinstein Company Party Sponsored By Godiva Chocolate Vodka in honor of the Academy Award nominated film, The King’s Speech.  View more pictures…

Thanks to ELEW for sharing  pictures of Gerard at his gig in January.  View more pictures…


  1. Thank you and congratulations, GB.net

    To Gerry,
    Your hair looks lovely (imho)


  2. sue grint (greatest london fan) says:

    i am hoping to make it up to watch the stars, and especially gbutt at the BAFTAs this afternoon, but im not too sure if thats going to happen, but i will be watching it on tv tonight.

    i have been with gerrybutler.net for a few years, since i got my own laptop, but have followed gbutts career since i first saw him in cradle of life in 03, and took a great shine to him.

    congratulations to gerrybutler.net for ten years of info. into his whereabouts and what hes got coming up. its nice just to hear about him from afar, so we dont have to all turn into stalkers.

    i have personally met gbutt four times at premieres in leicester square, london since 07 and every year since, and he is the most lovely person and appreciates his fans so much. i have had an autograph, a birthday kiss, a hug and ive given him a kiss and got a photo with him over these years, as theres no way you can get all of that in one meeting.

    he spends a lot of time at these functions doing walkabouts and talking to as many fans as is possible, usually couple of hours, weather permitting. he is just the tops.

  3. Congratulations GB.NET!!!! . Your web is splendid! Well done for Gerry !!!.
    Many thanks from Barcelona !

  4. Paula Courchaine says:

    Well-deserved “Congratulations” & “Happy Anniversary”, GB.NET!!

    And to our beloved Scotsman, without whom none of us would be here. (And who’s
    unforgettable role as a troubled Phantom took hold of my heart and helped me
    through one of the lowest periods of my life).

    I’ve only been here 5 years, but I will forever be a part of this family – and I look
    forward to watching our Gerry and cheering him on as he grows in talent and spirit.

    Thank you, GB.NET. Thank you, Gerry.

  5. titian haired mona says:

    Wow. Has it really been that long? Seems like yesterday when I first discovered GJB from Mrs. Brown and Attila. Dracula came later. HE was and still is delicious in large format, on the big screen. Looking forward to all that HE has to offer. Thank you GB.Net for keeping me current and informed. You (& Mr. Butler) are the best.

  6. It can’t be TEN years. Because that would mean I’m 4….uh 39! 😉

    Thanks to everyone who makes this site so awesome. You guys are the true magic makers.

  7. movieluvaluva says:

    I saw a recent screening of Machine Gun Preacher and I must say that it REALLY spoke to me.
    For one, the casts was simply amazing. They all carried their roles and really made
    what was a pretty sad film very watchable. Gerard Butler showed a vulnerability that I have never seen in his earlier. The surprise of the film was fresh face Souleymane Sy Savane. I had never heard of him before, but out of curiosity rented his last movie Goodbye Solo and Oh my god! This guy is unbelievable! I’m so excited because I think that MGP is going to be a killer this year. I can’t wait till it’s out!

  8. Many congratulations.

  9. Happy Anniversary GB.net!!! You’ve done a wonderful job for Gerry and his fans!


    I feel like a Johnny-come-lately since I’ve only been here for six but as long as you remain, so will I!
    I remember those early years of fandom with great fondness and miss the family feel that was somehow created for Gerry-fans in cyberspace by you. But, time marches on – hopefully to bigger and better things for all. They certainly have for Gerry! Look at him now!

    May Gerry and GB.Net continue to prosper for another ten years at least!

    Thanks for everything over the past year!