02-10-12: Celebrating 11 Years with Gerard Butler!!

WOW, we can’t believe it, but it’s true …. Gerard Butler Dot Net is celebrating its ELEVEN year anniversary! We can’t believe it’s been 11 years since three friends decided to create a place for people to learn about a little-known actor who played Dracula and Attila.  We couldn’t be happier to still be here and still supporting a man we have come to call “friend” through all his success and hard work.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without the countless hours of help from volunteers who help manage our gallery, news and newsletter. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the countless contributions from fans across the globe who send in their pictures and news finds. We couldn’t do what we do without the continued support of Gerry, Alan Siegel, Danielle Robinson (thanks guys!!) and the film professionals who send us project news and updates!!

Every year so many of you want to wish Gerard a Happy Valentine’s Day, we at GerardButler.Net strive to make those wishes also benefit those in need. Instead of sendings cards and gifts, we ask that you use the same amount you would have spent on those things and donate it to Kids Kicking Cancer. Over the last four years, GB.Net has raised over $70,000 during this campaign. This year’s campaign will run until March 15, 2012. Click here to donate and click here to leave a Valentine’s message for Gerry!


  1. SanDraCula says:

    Hello Mr.Gerard !! How you doin’ ?Hope you doin’ great and HOT as always LOL!! Well i’m gonna spend the message on describing how much i freaking ADORE you,cause it’ll take alot of days to describe it (well of course i don’t mind to spend my whole life on saying i LOVE you but i don’t want to make it long for you LOL xD).Anyways i want you to know that all what i can wish for you is complete health follows complete happiness and success in every step you make 😉
    Oh,Also wish you a lovely happy V-day 😀
    A bien Tot and Buhbyeee <3 <3

  2. Dear Mr. Butler:
    I hope you read this message.
    I just saw the movie Machine Gun Preacher and I was touch. I know that you’re just acting but I believe you really enter into the character. I’m a christian and I really like the movie. As I said I was touch very deep. I have no idea of what is happening there. Now I have another reason (with the proper knowledge) to pray for. Do you have the change to met the real Sam? I hope so. Was a bless, right?
    I’m following your career since 300. I love your work. You are pretty good.
    Well I think that now I just want to bless you and pray for you every day, that the Lord Jesus lives for ever in your life and in your heart and prosper you as your soul’s is been prosper.
    God bless you Gerard and your love ones.

    Best Regards,
    from Puerto Rico

  3. Sumeeth Rai Saxena says:

    Ur character as Gerry has inspired me towards Love.. U deserve more success & much more true love in ur life.. I would always pray that u reach the maximum heights of success.. I’m not sure whether you would receive this message or not.. its all destiny.. but u will always be loved by me..

    Best Wishes Gerry…! <3 <3 <3

  4. slaveya zheleva says:

    i like you and i wont to see you realy you are very wonderful happy valentines day gerald

  5. Dear Gerry!
    I decided to write you here strongly was though and late with congratulations. Happy Valentays day!!!
    Happy Valentays day!!
    Sure that you marked its perfectly. It is sorry that you met its without the second half, but I think you her did not simply find yet. I am sure that you are a not simply inveterate bachelor – all people want love.
    Also I want to say that not looking on criticism of your films, even here in Ukraine you have full admirers. Some girls live with hope to hear and read about you anything a new and to know that for you all be well. They very experience reading bad news in the internet.
    I wish to you to be always glad to life and never to lose heart! Let for you all will be perfectly!!!
    Sorry for errors – I not very well know English ))
    Maybe you will never read this report, but however we will always be with you! With all heart the soul I wish to you the best!
    Let our love always warm you.
    I love you!

  6. Gerry you are wonderful. I have really loved watching you grow and master your talent as an actor. I just watched Rock-N-Rolla the other day while I was doing housework. Love it and laughing out loud!! You and your movies are always wonderful to watch.

    Please try to be good to yourself and take it easy when you need it!! I want you to be around for a very long time!! You have a good soul and you are extremely beautiful on the inside and most definitely on the outside!!

    Take care…remember it’s ok to play hooky once in awhile because this life goes by way too fast.

  7. Teryl Cartwright says:

    God bless you GB wherever you are. Take care and maybe sometimes take it easy.

  8. Gerry happy valentine wish you are well and you have recovered a big greeting from Argentina

  9. Dan and Kathy says:

    Don’t know about Valentines, but wishing Mr. G the very best… Good man to get a handle on his “stuff” and clear out the cob webs for a better life! God Bless you.. anf keep giving us memorable performances!!!
    Dan and kathy from Hilton Head, SC.

  10. Gerry, I’m wishing you all the best, and hoping for you to feel better soon. Take care of yourself, and be healthy!

  11. U r the BEST actor and screw the people who don’t like 300, or any of ur movies for that matter. Happy valentines day <3
    Ps, have u ever thought of being in a broadway play because it would be soooo cool to see u live

  12. Dear Gery,

    I wish you happy life.
    I love you. I love the way how you play and how you look.

    Jitka from Czech 🙂

  13. Love and kissses from ?stanbul;Turkey…

  14. So sorry to hear about the near drowning
    Water is connected to our emotions
    Wonder what aspect of Gerry’s life…. he feels as if he is drowning? Career? Personal? Emotional? Past? Future? Present?
    February 14th is a Day of love. A time to reflect on the many variations of the joy and connection we have to one another and the many forms love can have…Especially love of self…take Good Care

  15. Nuria Arguello says:

    Hi Gerard!!!
    Stay healthy =)
    God Bless you!
    I love you jajaja besides I did not meet you … yet…=)

  16. Hello Gerry, when you come to the Mexico city?, love your work and yourself. Greetings and kisses!.


  17. You fill me up, you give me love, more love than I’ve ever seen. You’re all I’ve got, you’re all I’ve got in this world, but you’re all the man that I need!

  18. Teresa Grubb says:

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY GERRY. I can’t wait to see another one of your movies it has been so long since you’ve had a new movie.I know Machine Gun Preacher was the latest, but it wasn’t shown where I live. Please be careful on the movie sets and be safe.


  19. Dearest
    Happy valentine’s Day!!!
    I hope someday you’ll be My Valentine, and talk and laugh, in that moment my life would end as I knew it.
    Meanwhile you are always on my mind and in my heart.
    Take care
    hugs and kisses


  20. Jovial Mom says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Gerry! I love you lots. XOXO I just pre-ordered “Coriolanus” on DVD. Unfortunately, the movie has not yet come to San Diego. I’m looking forward to seeing it and adding it to my collection of your other movies.

    Jovial Mom (Gretchen in San Diego), your ardent fan since 2005.

  21. Sherrell Frederick/Bermos says:

    I want to wish you the most amazing Valentine’s Day. You have made so many woman happy with the kindness and all the love you share. I hope this Valentine’s Day, you receive all the love in the world.

    Sherrell Frederick/Bermos

  22. Happy Valentine’s Day Gerard.

  23. Rachel Frantz says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Gerard! Good Luck on any and all upcoming projects! I look forward to seeing them. God Bless and take care!


  24. Debra Murphy says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I would like to wish you a very happy Valentin’s Day. I have been a fan since you began. Even when you first began I found you stood out in movies, sometimes more than the lead actor. You have that special and destinctive traits that not all actors have.

    All the best
    One of the greatest fans

  25. happy valentines day I wish you all my best !!!
    I wish you luck at the film set and a lot of great roles!