02-11-11: Gerard Butler gets set for Mavericks, Weinstein Co. buys Coriolanus

Two bits of career news for Gerard out of Berlin today.

First up, Gerard has signed on to star in the Curtis Hansen directed-film, Mavericks.  Based on the true story of Santa Cruz surf phenom Jay Moriarity and his quest to ride the treacherous Northern California breaks known as Mavericks, where winter swells create waves the size of five-story buildings.    Gerard will play Rick “Frosty” Hesson, the mentor who trained Moriarity for over a year and forged a close relationship with the surfer in the process.  Filming is set to begin in October.  Read more from Deadline.com…

As previously rumored, The Weinstein Co. has obtained the U.S. rights to Ralph Fiennes’ directorial debut, “Coriolanus,” in Berlin.  In addition, TWC has acquired pan-Asian pay TV rights to “Coriolanus,” which the outfit was circling before the European Film Market kicked off on Thursday.  TWC is planning a U.S. release this year.  Read more…

A seat has also been reserved for Gerry at this Sunday’s BAFTAs.  View pics at OK! Magazine


  1. Gerald Lirette says:

    Law Abiding Citizen is my favorite movie. I have seen it so many times I almost know it for memory. Bounty Hunter is good too. Tell Mr. Butler thanks.

  2. No words to describe him….

  3. LadyMacbeth75 says:

    Hang Ten, Gerry! And wow ’em in Berlin, “Coriolanus”!

    I just love an actor who keeps surprising me! 😀