03-01-10: The Bounty Hunter Advanced Screenings, HTTYD Video

Radio stations, websites and television stations all over the globe are offering chances for advanced screenings of The Bounty Hunter. Below is a list of ones we have found so far. If you know of more, please leave a comment here (with link):

Canada | Boston | Washington, DC | Virginia Beach, VA | New Orleans | Norfolk, VA | Tampa, FL | Las Vegas, NV | Phoenix, AZ | Philadelphia | Columbus, OH | Columbus, OH 2 | BAFTA/LA | Cleveland, OH | Miami, FL | Buffalo, NY | Raleigh/Durham, NC | Austin, TX | Dallas, TX

Australian The Bounty Hunter Contest – Win a Sony “Bloggie” camera!! (The promotion is open to all residents of Australia 13 years of age or over.)

Borgata Nightlife Rewards members can win TWO tickets to the New York City premiere of The Bounty Hunter. Read more…

Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) have a chance to win TWO tickets to the New York City premiere of The Bounty Hunter. Read more…

Additional production photos from The Bounty Hunter have been added to the gallery.

Watch Craig Ferguson and Gerry on ScreenWeek.it as they answer questions about How To Train Your Dragon:

Download wallpaper of Gerry’s character, Stoick the Vast, from the official How To Train Your Dragon website!


  1. Gertrude R. duell says:

    Hi. Like all Gerry’y fans, I too can’t wait for,”Bounty” But there is another subject I would like to bring up. I just saw all the pictures of Gerry at the,”Oscar’s and a dozen other affairs in recent days,and just look at hie eyes, He looks exhausted and very thin. I’m sure being his sweet self, he is trying to do all that is asked of him by everbody. I’m sure when your,”Mum” sees these pictures of you, you will hear from her also. I’m old enough to be your Grandmother, and know when I see exhaustion. Please Gerry slow down, you have your whole life ahead of you and a great career, only if you pace yourself. Your health comes first, the rest,”in all it’s glory” will surely follow, as it has so far. God bless you my sweet man, and watch over you. Gert Duell

  2. sue grint says:

    i saw my first bus up london today with the bounty hunter plastered all over it. it always gives me a lump in my tummy when i see any of gerrys films advertised on a bus.

    i was at the pictures yesterday and they had a large cardboard cutout of gerry in the foyer advertising the bounty hunter, but i couldnt pinch it as there were a lot of people around worse luck.

    looking forward to meeting gerry again at the bounty hunter premiere in london on thursday 11, as ive met him, kissed and been kissed and hugged him three times before.

    well a girls got to do what she has to do.

  3. Gerard, you are looking so fine as a Bounty Hunter and you are also looking so fine, tall and very handsome in Cosmopolitan pics. Keep on, you wonderful Scotsman. You are great to look at and such fun to listen to. LOVE YOU.