03-08-10: Gerard Dazzles at the Oscars!

Gerard made his first appearance at the Academy Awards, serving as a presenter for best visual effects, and dazzled on the red carpet.  View pictures below:

On the red carpet:

Hanging with George Clooney on the red carpet:

Presenting Best Visual Effects with Bradley Cooper to the Avatar team:

In the Oscar press room with the Best Visual Effects winners:

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At the Governor’s Ball with Barbra Streisand and James Brolin:

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Gerard on the red carpet, courtesy of PopSugar:

Gerard on the red carpet, courtesy of CBS:

Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe doesn’t mince words about her feeling towards Gerry!  You go Gaby!

Gerard counts his blessings at an Artists for Peace and Justice event, thanks to PopSugar:


  1. Aww, give her a break. Like you said, she was just kidding around. Gerry does that all the time himself. He makes comments that can be shocking to some people, but that’s part of his charm, right? But if Gaborey does the same thing, it’s not okay? Come on. I don’t think she’d actually ‘throw herself’ at him.

  2. I agree with you, Kim, too BOLD, caused loss of respect for her, but the manner in which Gerard just immediately responded, as only he could, is only one of the many, many reasons why he is so admired, respected, so truly loved by a world full of devoted fans. It just re-enforces what we realized about him at first sight, he is an incredible man who has become an incredibly fine and very famous actor. I wish you continued success in all aspects of your life, Gerard. HUGS, LOVE and more HUGS and LOVE…..PEACE….HAPPINESS..you merit the very best …

  3. Gerry handled himself so well with Gaborey….WHY she felt she needed to be so bold I don’t know….i lost some respect for her even if she was just kidding. It just is NEVER cool to “throw yourself” at some man even if he is HOT!!!

    Great job Gerry with the presenting….and to put him and Bradley Cooper toether was a YUMMY-fest!!!

  4. sue grint says:

    i thought gerry looked a bit uncomfortable this time presenting. i wondered if it was the fact it was the oscars. he looked far more at home on the red carpet where he was his usual playful self and the after oscar party where he sat with travolta, williams, etc, where i expect he did one of his party pieces, either stories from his past, or even better some rude jokes.

    i know he has to grow a beard for his new film which is coming up in a couple of weeks, but i prefer his stumble and seeings i am going to meet him again, fourth time, on 11 march in london, i was hoping it wasnt going to grow so quickly.

    mind you, i have never kissed or been kissed by a man with a beard, so if i am lucky enough this time at the premiere, its happened twice before, this will be a first for me.

  5. Gerry – you gorgeous. You the best, without questions. I believe in you

  6. lavender- blue says:

    Gerry’s photos with Barbra (and James) are wonderful!
    She looks so lovely.

  7. What a fitting award for Ger to present! He’s the finest visual effect ever.

  8. Gerard Butler, as always, you were very exciting to see last night, so great to look at… so tall and handsome , you looked absolutely wonderful, I was waiting all night for you…and it was worth the wait to finally get to see you, and I must say that your presentation ……spoken in your ever charming Scottish brogue…will always be my treasure to remember….as you will, too.. And I do also think of you as a charming Scottish rogue… Keep on. LOVE YOU