03-10-10: W Magazine Preview, TV Appearances

W Magazine gives us a preview of the April 2010 cover of Gerard and Jennifer Aniston.  View the preview.  Take a look behind the scenes.

The Bounty Hunter Facebook page has a new clip up.  View it here…

Trailer Addict has several new clips and an interview with Gerard for The Bounty Hunter. View some below. For more, click here.

More on YouTube from Sony Pictures.  Check out their The Bounty Hunter playlist!

Here is a rundown of the currently scheduled talk show and radio appearances for Gerard:

Gerard attended the premiere of Love Never Dies, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage sequel to The Phantom of the Opera, in London on March 9.  View gallery…

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Vanessa Redgrave and Brian Cox have joined Gerry for Ralph Fiennes’ directorial debut, Coriolanus.  Filming begins next week on Belgrade.  The movie aims to retain Shakespeare’s language, but combining it with modern technology and a contemporary environment.   Read more…


  1. One helluva hunkuva man in your police uniform sitting in the police car, Gerard. My favorite picture in Wmagazine. You are extremely goodlooking as usual and as usual you put the capture on me.

  2. sue grint says:

    i have just got back from the london premiere of the bounty hunter, and as usual it was bloody brilliant. it wasnt as good as in the summer months, as the weather was so cold, that the actors didnt spend so much time talking and playacting to the crowds of fans waiting patiently to meet and greet them, but it was still a great atmosphere and well worth going to if you are a gerry or jen fan. gerry looked absolutely gorgeous as did jen and they both spend some time on stage being interviewed by alex zane, who himself is great, and i remember him last at the rocknrolla premiere when he interviewed several of the stars then.

    just had a lovely hot shower to thaw out and off to bed after a lovely day meeting my man gerry again for the fourth time. he took a photo of us both and i am praying it came out.

  3. Sexiest cover pic I have ever seen. In fact, it is so steamy and racy..Gerard and Jennifer are absolutely believable as an adorable couple of lovers devoted only to each other. I will get a copy the day it hits the bookstore…Wmagazine sales for April will go through the roof, especially with Gerard Butler on the cover…so gorgeous …what a man!!!