03-11-10: Streaming Live from The Bounty Hunter UK Premiere

Watch live streaming video from The Bounty Hunter premiere in London.   Thanks to Sharon!!    She’ll be streaming periodically, especially when Gerard arrives!!  Don’t worry, if you miss it, the videos will be saved and we’ll embed them here.  Below is just a sneak peek of the early preparations in Leicester Square:

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Gerard made a stop at the Scott Mills BBC Radio 1 show yesterday and stopped to sign autographs for fans.  View the gallery…

Gerard graces the cover of the April 2010 edition of Men’s Journal.  Read a preview of the cover article on Access Hollywood.


Ralph Fiennes discusses the road to finally getting Coriolanus into production.  Read more…


  1. sue grint says:

    this was my fourth premiere of gerrys and as usual it was brilliant, but so cold. i much prefer his summer premieres but we can pick and choose.

    both him and jen looked gorgeous and were so appreciative of the fans who had been there for a long time in the cold.

    i was determined to get my photo with gerry, as in the past i have got an autograph, kiss, hug and given him a kiss, and you cannot do all this in one premiere.

    as he approached me i was getting ready and really excited, which is what gerrys presence does to you. i had a digital camera which i had never used before, so i was just hoping that i was taking the photos right.

    he came up to me and i asked him if he would take the photo as my hands were so cold and he took the camera off me. we snuggled in close and personal and gerry presumably took the photo but after he had left i wasnt sure whether the flash had gone off or the photo had taken, as in that moment my brain turned to mush and the rest of me to jelly.

    when i got home to check the photos on my laptop that particular photo hadnt taken. i was gutted although i did get some really nice ones of him approaching me. if i had realised the flash hadnt gone off i could have quickly asked him to try again or given the camera to his agent who was with him, but i just presumed i had gone it.

    when he comes to london again, i will definitely make sure i get this illusive photo.

  2. I read it over and over and over again and wanted it to go on and on because it is very true grit, a well written account, accurate, exciting, no holds barred. I could be talking about only one person and that would be manly burly Scotsman, Gerard Butler …no wonder that Men’s Journal Magazine wanted him for a cover story…and they got the story right….he is the most interesting and always exciting person I have ever seen and I have loved him since I saw him for the first time when he was “Atilla”, …he had that very special quality about him… scene stealing appeal..and he has it today…on screen or off.

  3. Hi. I’m working with Sony Pictures. Jen’s new movie “The Bounty Hunter” is on Twitter so follow @BountyHunter for giveaways and more updates on the film! http://bit.ly/apIqXu