03-12-10: The Bounty Hunter UK Premiere Vids and Pics

Gerard and Jennifer Aniston shined on the red carpet at the UK premiere of The Bounty HunterView the gallery…

GERARD BUTLER FANS!!  Want to share your pics of the premiere?  Email them to gallery@gerardbutler.net!  Make sure to indicate how you would like to be credited. 

Thanks to In Style UK on Twitter for the tweet on their coverage of the premiere!! Watch it below:

Telegraph UK video about the premiere.  Watch it below:

Elizabeth Toni brings us another of her fabulous videos from a London premiere event.  Watch below:

From Moviefone:

Also, View the GMTV video coverage.

What would Gerard telephone Lady Gaga about?  Find out the answer from MTV below:

The Bounty Huter on Twitter is giving away tons of stuff in preparation of the US release of the film!  Follow them!!  Thanks to Sony Pictures for allowing us to participate in a Twitter giveaway yesterday!  Follow us and there may just be another one in the future!!  Contests open to US residents only.


  1. Loved the premiere video in London, (live on my pc) envious of fans who were so lucky as to see Gerard and Jennifer in person; I am sure Bounty Hunter will be a fun movie for everyone and it will be a big hit in theaters everywhere. Can hardly wait to see it. Gerard, you are looking so good, so tall and handsome at the premiere….you always look fine..you looked so great in the suit you wore and as always, you were captivating………Love you.