03-20-10: HTTYD Conference Call, Consent to Kill

The HTTYD fan site conference call with Gerard is scheduled for TODAY, March 20 at 4:40pm Pacific (7:40PM Eastern).  Thank you to everyone who submitted questions!!  As soon as the call is complete, we will upload the audio for everyone!  Follow us on Twitter for on the spot updates before, during and after the call!

Watch a HTTYD  interview with Movies.ie below:

The Bounty Hunter

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Below is a list of the upcoming TV and personal appearances for Gerard.
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Deadline Hollywood reports that CBS Films is courting Gerard, Colin Farrell and Matthew Fox to assume the role of Matt Rapp in Consent to Kill, a film based the 7th novel in a series by Vince Flynn that combine political intrigue and action.  Read more…

Craig Ferguson tweeted a picture of Gerard, America Ferrara and Jay Baruchel at the How To Train Your Dragon press junket in Los Angeles.  Thanks Craig!  View larger…

Thanks to Bonnie for the heads up on her feature, The Bounty Hunter: Instant Chemistry, on Tribute.Ca.  Watch it below:


  1. Gerard Butler would be the perfect Mitch Rapp!!!!!

  2. When I went into the theater to watch Bounty Hunter, it was filled already and when the feature began, the audience began to laugh and have fun throughout the entire show as did I. I loved Gerard in this role, he was just great as always and he really had a chance to show his terrific skills in comedy and he has always been the very best when he does any action film….and this film called for lots of action, and he did just that, and I enjoyed the movie and plan to see it again while it is on the big screen. MUST have the dvd too.

  3. Yay for the Bounty Hunter!!!!!!! 2nd at the box office for Friday!!!!!

    I loved the movie, what a romp! A very different character for Gerry, and he got my first laughs in the beginning of the movie. OMG no more burritos for you dude! Also, there was a scene towards the end that made me laugh so hard I couldn’t catch my breath! Now that’s what I love about a comedy.

    Jennifer Anniston is such a great comedic actor, and I really enjoyed the chemistry between Gerry and Jennifer.

    All my best wishes and hopes for the cast and crew of The Bounty Hunter.

    Love ya Gerry!!