03-22-10: How To Train Your Dragon Press, Pics and Videos

More pics have been added to the gallery for the How To Train Your Dragon Premiere.  View more…

Watch interviews below from this weekend’s How To Train Your Dragon press junket and premiere:

Gerard talks to the audience at the How To Train Your Dragon screening this weekend (love the comment about Rotten Tomatoes!)

How To Train Your Dragon is rating at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Add your rating to the fan section!!

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After working the red carpet at the Dragon premiere, Gerard took in the Lakers game vs. the Washington Wizards.  The Lakers won!  View more…


  1. when you coming to Argetnina,? please please please

  2. The previews I have seen tell me this is the perfect dragon story for young and old….has it’s own special way of unfolding a basic lesson of life. is beautiful onscreen. all the dragons are so cute and funny, different and interesting…and the vikings’ Scottish voices of Gerard and Craig were the genius which made “How to Train Your Dragon” just perfect. …. sure to be big hit.

  3. Hello everybody!!
    Just checked out Rotten Tomatoes for HTTYD
    reviews. O.K. Hold on to your leprechaun hats.
    100% fresh tomato positive reviews- eleven out of eleven.
    The comments are glowing.
    I don’t know about you folks, but, finally, glory hallelujah!!

    Also, whichever one of us posted that they like Gerry’s hair its natural
    salt and pepper is correct. The black hair is reminiscent of the Phantom
    but it looks too dyed and is a major reason (that and puffy weight gain)why Gerry does not look like himself per Frankie and Tomb Raider etc. So a bit fuller and his natural color. imho
    I am sorry and apologize, but the loss of great beauty prematurely, is a tragedy.

  4. Bernadette Digioia says:

    Dear Gerry,
    I’m a huge fan, so much that my 6 yr old son goe’s arond the house singing ” you love Gerry Butler, you want to Marry him” over and over.I think it’s funny,my husband not so much. It’ll be nice to finally be able to take him to a “GERRY” movie and show him why I think your so special. even if your animated. lol.Kudo’s to you and Jennifer for The Bounty Hunter, God Bless and keep Smiling.:) your friend always,