03-23-10: Gerard on Leno, Fun and Fearless Male Video

Gerard will appear on this evening’s broadcast of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The show airs at 11:35pm in most markets. Check back with us tomorrow for a video of the appearance.

ADDED at 9:56PM – Enjoy a video preview of tonight’s show below where Sofia Vergara reminds Gerard he owes her money:

Watch below as Gerard accepts his “Fun and Fearless Male” award from Cosmopolitan Magazine (caution, some portions of the video are not PG-13):

Parade.com has a featured interview with Gerard by Jeanne Wolf.  Read more…

More video from the How To Train Your Dragon press junket and US premiere:

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  1. T’was just a downright ‘n’ dirty sinful heavenly pleasure to at last see and hear Gerard sing on Jay Leno last night….I loved it…I had hoped forever that he would sing again and it was such a surprise when he did…and now I can only keep hoping he will record his own music DVD …then I can watch it sooooo much. Gerard, if you read this, darlin’, seriously think about doing a music DVD, and just for icing. do your own sexy dancing and do not forget to sing Loch Lomond for me. Thanks so much in advance ..love you.

  2. The countdown is on to Gerard on Jay Leno tonight…I am waiting, anxiously. Also, I would like to say how much I liked his acceptance of Cosmopolitan’s Fun and Fearless Male award…very entertaining speech…he spoke of several movies he made earlier in his career and I have the entire collection which I treasure… especially “Atilla” who I fearlessly fell in love love with…and love him to this day fiercely.