03-24-10: Gerard in Jay Leno, Ellen, Kimmel

Watch Gerard’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno below.  We’ve also included Sofia Vergara appearance as Gerard stayed for her interview segment:

Monologue with Jay and Gerry at the beginning:


Coming up today on TV, The Ellen Degeneres Show
(taped on March 23) and Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!  Check your local listings for air times!  Read a preview of what to expect on Ellen on People.com!

Gerard talks to Bonnie from Tribute.ca about How To Train Your Dragon and his fans.  Click the image below to view:


  1. I Love You Gerard, very much

  2. sue grint (greatest london fan) says:

    i loved the leno and ellen show, but havent had time to watch jimmy yet, but the lady on ellen who gerry ran up the stairs to hug reminded her of me when i am at gerrys premieres in london, i have seen him 4 times and i just resort to mush and jelly in his presence and act like a teenager again but thats what gerry does to you. i loved the bit about ellens kilt she gave him and saying he has to wear the ellen knickers to keep his meat and two veg. warm, although scotsmen are renown as going comando. on leno i loved the bit about his ears as i have followed gerry since tombraider and noticed that his ear stuck out, but didnt know why. now i know why and understand, but it was funny he said that while filming his ear would sometimes just pop out. i also loved the bit with the latin actress who claimed he owed her money and that he tryed to repay her one night when she was with friends by offering her the 6o dollars and saying thats for last night as though she was a prostitute. it was hilarious. i expect jimmys show will be great as well, as last time he was on it was about gamer, and he was telling us about the trick he played on taylor and neveldine with the doughnut joke. that had me in stitches. his singing wasnt too bad either, but unexpected. he sounded like he had just walked out of ps i love you at the karaoke bar.

  3. Gerry’s appearances on the recent round of talk shows have been the most enjoyable of all! He’s never looked better, and his personality is a joy.

  4. Yeah Jean. and I second that emotion!!! A lean, mean, dream machine. …..elusive, in every sense of the word. …….but he is loved.

  5. Gerry Butler should definately be a charter member of the handsome mens club!