04-04-08: Nim’s Island, MovieGeeks United and Charity Convention!

Movie Geeks United

Tune in tomorrow, April 6, for a live interview with screenwriter and producer of “Nim’s Island”, Paula Mazur, at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT on the internet radio show MOVIE GEEKS UNITED!   Listeners who catch the live feed may submit questions through their chat room or call into the show.


Thanks to Belia and Jodi for sending in their pictures from last weekend’s Nim’s Island Los Angeles premiere.

Thanks so much to SandyW, Ember and webberphan for more videos from the premiere!


Reviews from Nim’s Island are being added to the news database regularly.  Check back often to see what others are saying! Have you seen the film?  Want to submit your own review?  We have a list of sites that accept individual reviews from movie goers.  Check them out here!

To everyone attending tonight’s festivities at the 2008 US Charity Convention, have a wonderful time and many, many thanks to all the volunteers who have helped make the event such a great success!!