04-07-10: PopSugar Poll, Coriolanus News

Cast your vote for Gerry in Round 1 of the PopSugar Playoffs!!  Poll is open until April 14.

Catch up on the production of Coriolanus at 30Ninjas.com!  Read up on what’s been filmed so far and see exclusive pics!

Blic Online reports that Gerry will join the production shortly.  Read more…

Gerard made a trip to Scotland to surprise his parents on their 25th anniversary and visited The Boho Club in Glasgow.  View gallery…Read more…


  1. Yeah, you are, for sure in Belgrade, already shooting Coriolanus and judging from what I am reading….you have put the capture on everyone you have met there. as only you can, with your very elite masculine charm and magnetism…you are the best…love you

  2. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    i was just wondering if gerry managed to get to serbia last week or is he still delayed in usa. i know he was due to start filming and didnt know if he had gone there before the icelandic situation occurred. i have friends caught up abroad waiting to come home.

  3. Is he in Belgrade yet? He was in Haiti this weekend…hi Gerard, I wish you well, keep in touch during your travels …we miss you already here in the US of A …and here’s a big Texas Yeeee-haw !!!, for you, as Tullus, to help kickoff your new movie there in Belgrade. Viva! Tullus! Viva! Coriolanus!

  4. I voted for Gerry, and the site highlighted his picture when I voted for him, but the vote did not register. It has been 7 days now, and the totals still have not recorded, or changed from day one. Is there some other way that I can find out what the current totals are?
    Thanks, Hoodin

    • Hoodin: The numbers you see are the seeds (the place the person holds in the top 100). It is NOT the vote count, which is not shown by PopSugar. The current totals are NOT shown to the public.

  5. Gerard looking great in Scotland with friends..sweet of him to surprise his mum and pop. bet they loved it. I would like to say Happy Anniversary to them. and to Gerard I say this fan loves you.