05-07-10: More Gerard on the set of Coriolanus, MGP Casting

The Daily Mail has a series of production photos from Coriolanus.  The movie continues to film in Serbia.  View more pics…

Cath Clarke from The Guardian gets an up close look at Coriolanus.  Read the on set report…

While working in Belgrade, Gerard has the chance to take in the Serbian Open tournament.  View more pictures…

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Machine Gun Preacher is currently casting for a variety of roles. Click here for more info. Deadline for submissions is May 15.


  1. i heard that filming was also in kotor in montenegro. is it true?

  2. ML Becker says:

    First of all I want to thank you all for the signed Gamer poster I won a few months back. I have it framed and it hangs on the wall in my sewing room so I can look at it when I am enjoying his movies. Also I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed How to Train Your Dragon. I took my 8 year old granddaughter and she loved it. It was a good story and loved Gerry’s character. Keep up the good work all of you and can’t wait for Gerry’s new movies to come out.

  3. Found a interview of Gerry at the grand prix he looked great. He was talking about Coriolanus.

  4. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    i agree totally with mybooklady above. can i just mention something that happened to me this weekend, which i think gerry fans will have a good laugh about. i definitely did and was laughing so much i was practically crying. me and my husband were staying at some best friends for the weekend and the men, who are very competitive even over the slightest games decided to play trival persuit boys against girls. we won the lst game quite easily as the men said they were worse for wear because they were drinking. they wanted a rematch, so it was very close, cat and mouse stuff. we got to the last question for us girls to win, and the boys had to pick a category they didnt think we were very good at, it happened to be history which i personally suck at and they knew that. they cheated by taking the question out of the middle of the pack and said what happened to attila on his wedding night. now these friends know how i feel about gerry and are always teasing me rotten, but i dont care, so i said he was poisoned and died. they said how the f— did you know that and i was in hysterics, and said gerry was in attila in 2000 and i have watched it numerous times. they were so cross that i had only known it because of gerry. so i had the last laugh. i hope you can print this as i think this story is hilarious.

  5. It was very nice and fun in Belgrade. I’m glad you feel that we are in Belgrade is very welcoming and pleasant, and will be glad if you’re satisfied with the recording.

  6. cyndee says:

    Wow, Gerard looks very much in character in these photos. He looks like a different man, an intense man we don’t know yet. Not until we see the movie Coriolanus in a theatre.

    Best wishes and positive energy to all the cast and crew of Coriolanus, it looks to be an amazing film.

  7. Natali says:

    Cool pictures 🙂 My 2 favorite actors !!! Ralph ! I”m sure that this movie will be successful & I wish you to shoot a lot of good movies & You Gerard come in Republic of Georgia ,you will have a trip of life. Natali is waiting ;))) really

  8. Hannah says:

    I must admit that I love this Scot…keep the news and pics a comin`…Gerard and Coriolanus cast working and having fun, too. NICE.

  9. mjbooklady says:

    Thanks for the wonderful photos and up-dates! Very impressive article from The Guardian regarding Coriolanus. Looking Good!

    I placed my order for The Bounty Hunter – do you know the release date yet?