06-17-10: Gerard Butler Updates Back on Track

We took a little break after the madness that was the beginning of the year for Gerry’s career, but now we are back!  Thanks to everyone who continued to update the news, gallery, Twitter and Facebook.  Thanks also to Juliana for her continued Newsletter duties.  Things were always up to date, we just took a breather from the condensed updates.  😀

Now, back to business…

Machine Gun Preacher is still on track to begin filming in July in South Africa and Detroit.  Read more here and here

New photoshoot pics from Icon International were added to the gallery.   Lots of great shots of Gerard and even some of Lolita!


Filming in Serbia was completed on Coriolanus this Spring and the film is now in post production.  Stills from the film were posted earlier this month.

After completing work on Coriolanus in Serbia, Gerard made stops in Monaco, Cannes, Moscow and Scotland.  Click the thumbnails above for a look at galleries from the various events he attended.

On a trip home, Gerard lent his support to the charity First Response in Comrie by becoming a patron of the cause.  Read more…


Gerard has been nominted for a Teen Choice 2010 award in the category of Choice Actor: Romantic Comedy for his work in The Ugly Truth and The Bounty Hunter.  Read more and cast your vote…


  1. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    i was just looking at the photos of gerry in his new movie machine gun preacher, and he reminds me of a toss up between jonnie in the jury and jackie junior in shooters. the way he looks.

    ive just been watching cradle of life tonight and its nice seeing him riding a motorbike again in a movie. it suits him.

  2. Hello,
    I know this is the “Gerry can do no wrong” site and I am a pest; however,
    I am more concerned about what is “done for Gerry” as an artist. I am tired of
    aspects of his films that make him look the buffoon, the oaf, the fool, in regards
    to film history and critical assessment. There are few things I would like more, given the
    growing critical disclaimers of his talent, than to see Gerry “knock it out of the park.”

    My comment is: The hairdo in Machine Gun Preacher is too high off the forehead.
    It looks like a “do” or a cliche. We don’t want audiences distracted by a cosmetic detail
    or chuckling at hair that looks like he just stepped out of a hair salon
    while he is carrying a machine gun.

  3. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    i was wondering if you could help out, do you know when how to train your dragon will be out on dvd, as that is the only gerry film i didnt go to see at the cinema. i cant go when there is a whole load of kids as it spoils it. i tried with nims island and nearly throttled the young kid next to me because he kept asking his mum questions ever couple of minutes and it put me off, so with this particular film i thought i would wait for the dvd, but it sounds really brilliant and ive just got to see it. if anyone knows that would be great.

  4. Donna Jean and George Montalbano says:

    Hi there,
    I sincerely love this site and first time joined 2005, second time 2007 after going through cancer. It has become so complicated for me (chemo brain) still but free of cancer since November. Recuperating from knee replacement. I tried so hard to find The Kissing Thread and Nutty Tart Brigade and recently joined Creatures of the Night. Is there an easy way to get into these particular FORUMS. I am completely lost when I come in here. I always enjoyed all the wonderful ladies and gents who are found of Gerry B, but at at a complete lost how to get into those few Forums mentioned above. I know there has got to be a simplier way to find them. Can you help me?
    Donnajean31 Donna Jean Montalbano (GDMontalban@cox.net)

  5. welcome back on track.thank you all for the updates and all the newsies and ofcourse all the hard working.I wish all the good things for you.
    love you gerry…………..cheers

  6. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    im glad gerry looks well rested after all the various premieres earlier this year all over the place, and has had some fun things to attend as well, like the grand prix and going back to his beloved scotland. he has managed to visit there quite a lot this year which is lovely for him.

    i am really looking forward to his new film machine gun preacher as its such an unbelievable story and to film some in south africa. he surely is seeing the world now he has become a great and well deserved actor.

    its nice, in his career, that he will do the smaller budget films still as well as the larger ones and also fit in some more producing with alan. he can have a bit of everything and a finger in every pie as they say, to liven things up and keep his mind alert.

    well done gerry in everything you try and i cannot wait for you to premiere in london again in the not so distant future. its always lovely to see you in the flesh, as they say, as ive met you 4 times already, but you can never get enough of gerry.

  7. A loving Welcome ….back to business….so welcome to great news and pics of darlin’ Gerard. looking so happy, footloose and fancy free, being his usual rogueish wonderful self as he travels to Scotland, Cannes and any other far away place he chooses….I adore him and his freedom loving ways. A Sweetheart for all time…no other quite like him.