07-12-10: Gerard in Machine Gun Preacher, Support Kids Kicking Cancer

Gerard has started work on Machine Gun Preacher in Michigan.  View set photos here.

Machine Gun Preacher is the a biographical story of Childers, a drug-dealing biker who finds religion and dedicates his life to helping Sudanese children escape the Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa. Childers founded the Angels of East Africa, a Children’s Village in Southern Sudan, for the children he saves from the LRA.  Read more about the production…

Special Note: As always, we discourage fans from planning special road trips to visit the movie set (there is never a guarantee you will get a chance to meet Gerry, especially while he is working) and to use common courtesy when in the vicinity of the production.

In recognition of Gerard’s work in the Detroit area, we are running a small charity campaign for the Detroit-based charity, Kids Kicking Cancer, an organization Gerard has supported  for many years.
If you would like to contribute to the charity, visit their website.  For every $10 donated, we will enter you in a drawing to receive a Gerard Butler autographed Gamer poster or autographed Enniskarry Limo memo.  Send donation reciepts to events@gerardbutler.net (they do not have to be in $10 increments, if you submit a reciept for $30, you will get three entry numbers via email from us).

DO NOT DONATE TO OUR CHARITY FOUNDATION, only donation receipts going directly to KKC (through PayPal, Network for Good or by mail) will be accepted.

Donation receipts will be accepted until August 31, so if you mail your donation in, do it soon in order to recieve your receipt in time to submit it to us.  Drawings will be conducted on September 2.

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  1. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    whats happening with gerry. i presume hes finished filming machine gun preacher as we are into september now, but we have not heard or seen anything about him since he left detroit and went to south africa. has he finished or not and why havent we seen any south african shots of him. as fans are feeling a bit left out. i know hes got a couple of films hes producing coming up, hopefully, but we wont hear or see much about him then, so it will be a few quiet months ahead. also is he filming capone calling or burns later this year or are they still on the backburner. we would like to know something, its been a bit dead on the gerry front and it is fast approaching the end of the year.

  2. A terrific story that this entire world needs to know, Machine Gun Preacher, and a terrific actor who is known and loved the world over, Mr. Gerard Butler, will bring it to them like no other actor could do. He always dominates the screen with his presence and his great natural talent and his love for and devotion to acting…not to mention that he is by far the most handsome, tall and goodlooking preacher ever….a real Scottish sweetheart…no other quit like him. Ooooooohhh, what a man!