08-13-08: Want to See RockNRolla in MORE Theaters?

By now many of our visitors have read the article from the Los Angeles Times about RockNRolla and its limited North American release (3 cities on October 8 and 800 cities on October 31).

So, what to do?  If you, your family members, your friends and everyone else you know want to see this “English film” in a theater near you, let’s start the campaign for that to happen now!  With a cast that includes not only Gerry, but Idris Elba, Jeremy Piven, Chris Bridges (Ludacris), Tom Wilkinson and Thandie Newton, it would be a shame that more people would miss out on the chance to see this film on the big screen!

Consider voicing your support and we can send the message to Warner Bros. that this film deserves a wide release and a little marketing money!  Let them know that we love “English films”!  Use any or all of the links below!

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We know Gerry’s fans support his films, but we also know there are more people out there who want to see the latest from Guy Ritchie!


  1. James Broderick says:


  2. Sergio G. Vega says:

    So lately i have fallen in love with Guy Ritchie’s flicks and this new film is a must see! Please do everything in your power to show it in Mission Valley Mall in San Diego. You’ll make tons of cash and I’ll enjoy a great monumental film.

  3. i’ve been looking forward to this movie for so long. please let it be released. there isn’t even one 400 miles from where i am. if you’re going to do a limited release do some around the south east coast at least.

  4. Mary L. Haasenritter says:

    Dear Warner Brothers,
    We are crazy about Gerard Butler in Hilo, HI and want to see Rocknrolla released at our Hollywood Theaters!!!!!! Please include Hilo, Hawaii in your October 31 release schedule.
    Hawaaian Butler Fan

  5. Terrie Heidkamp says:

    My family and I have been really looking forward to seeing RockNRolla, and now we have to wait to see if we will get it later, (I hope so!). It is so disappointing to find out it is only in limited release, please give this film much wider release. I know my friends and family think English films are clever and funny, and refreshing !!

  6. Christine says:

    People here could use with a little bit of smart filmmaking and smart humour. The films coming out of England right now can be really fantastic. It’s a shame they’re all regulated to small independent places. I don’t know that Warner Bros. can force a cinema to take a film they’re not interested in taking, but I sure as hell want to see it and think it should have the most opportunity to be avaliable to as many people as possible so whoever is responsible for making that happen, I encourage and support it with my hard earned, not easily parted with $$$.

  7. I am so disappointed to not be able to see RockNRolla on Oct. 8. My whole family has been eagerly anticipating this movie’s release and now we won’t get to see it here in the Atlanta area. Please give this movie wider release!

  8. Please, please, please give RockNRolla a wider distribution in the USA. It looks like a great movie and I think I speak for all of us when we say you’ll be rewarded in box office sakes!

    ~ Reb

  9. BullDogWalt says:

    I want to see it, I live in the Orlando area. Big Richie fan!!!

  10. Sheldon M. Spradling says:

    When you talk to most people about Guy Ritchie, his name ranks up there with some of the most influential film makers in the business. People like Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Darren Aronofsky, and David fincher just to name a few. Word of mouth around the industry and amongst the underground fan base are raving with reviews about Rocknrolla being Guy Ritchie’s Monster comeback movie that stands toe to toe with his freshmen and sophmore movies: Lock Stock, and Snatch. I haven’t read a bad review about this movie on the net yet, and thats just it…the only thing I have heard or seen has be by myself digging around seeking out information about this movie. The studio that snaps up this film and puts in place a stylish advertising campaign will reap the rewards when it goes up against a lackluster fall movie lineup.

  11. Eibhlin Fennell says:

    Do you want to make money on this film? then spend some and get it out to us. ‘If you release it to us we will come’ .

  12. Carolyn Moses says:

    I wait for months and months for Gerry’s movies to come out!!! I am always the first one in line at the box office. How dare you not release this movie to more places until the end of October. I thought this movie was being released on October 4th?

    Maybe you don’t know how much sex appeal this guy has. I would pay to see any movie he is in regardless of the reviews.

    Carolyn Moses

    P.S. I also like Guy Ritchie’s movies… he is so talented.

  13. The Brits do “tongue in cheek” better than anyone … I can’t wait to see Richie’s great combo of madcap humor and crime! I live in the midwest U.S. so wide release is the only way I will get to see RockNRolla.

  14. DottyinCA says:

    I really like Guy Ritchies work, I love British films, I adore Gerard Butler. So how could I not be waiting impatiently for RockNRolla to open here in the U.S.

    Dorothy McMillan

  15. Would love to see this film !

  16. Minda Markoff says:

    Why are you limiting the viewing to only 800 cities in the United States? Are you afraid that the movie is too good and that it will show up some of your lesser and poorer quality films. People have read abot the movie seen interviews about it. It should not all be about the bottom dollar. You should care about the viewing public. In this sad and dismal economy the only true pleasure many people can have is going to the movies. I wish to see Rockarolla in my hometown of Fort Myers Fl. Please I am unemployed and my one true enjoyment is to be able to go the movies and I have been patiently waiting to see this movie. Please do not deny me this pleasure

    thank you

  17. Reading about the limited release of Rock’n’Rolla I got very disappointed. I live in Hungary(Europe) and have been looking forward to seeing this film of Gerard Butler so long. I hope you(WB)give us the chance to see this film on big screen too. Thanks !

  18. Please release this film to Alaska! There are so many fans up here of Guy Richie Films, including major fans of Gerard Butler! Gerard Butler alone would bring in the crowds! Look at how well 300 did! Please do not deny Alaskans this chance to see a great film!

  19. Why not show the movie at the Austin Film Festival in Austin, TX? The festival runs Oct 19 thru Oct 23. A lot of people attend the festival to see the movies and it’s a great venue to show new films.

  20. Monserrat Nolla S. says:

    I love English Movies and I am waiting for RockNRolla to be shown in Mexico City Movies Theaters, Please don’t forget the Latin american fans!!!!

  21. Karen Valente says:

    Please release “Rock N Rolla” in wide release. There are
    so many Gerard Butler fans , that the picture would make money on him alone!

  22. DonnaJean Montalbano says:

    We live in Chula Vista, CA (very close to San Diego, CA). When I attended the Comic Con in San Diego, there were over 6,500 people in Hall H to see Gerard Butler of the movie “300,” and hundreds at the Warner Bros booth to get Gerard (Gerry) Butler’s autograph. I believe there are plenty of people that would enjoy ROCKNROLLA just because Gerard Butler is in the movie. You also have many other good actors that I am sure have a following in this area. We have many theater complexes in this area. WESTFIELD~~Plaza Bonita theaters in National City, Regal Theaters in Chula Vista, and Mission Valley and Fashion Valley theaters in San Diego, CA…these are large theaters and the theaters that we attend in this immediate area. Hope you show RocknRolla in these complexes. Thanks for your interest in our opinions.
    Donna Jean Montalbano

  23. PLEASE!

  24. Gerry has a fan following to rival Elvis, are you sure you do not want to take advantage of that? A whole lot of women will be disappointed. As for myself, I am not a huge movie buff. I will not shell out $7 to attend a movie, unless of course, Gerry is in it….Please reconsider. Gerry will bring in the bucks for you.

    Louisiana Native,
    Angelina Breaux

  25. Carolyn M says:

    I really am looking forward to this movie.The trailer is hilarious.I am a big fan of English films and I think they always do well in this country.Look at Atonement,Pride and Predjudice,Hot Fuzz and the list goes on.I hope Warner Brothers reconsider their decision to give this a limited release.Give it a chance,please.Counting the days til October.

  26. Susan McCabe says:

    Why such a small opening for a potentially great film, “Rock n’ Rolla”? Are you thinking about changing your decision?

    [Mrs.] Sue McCabe

  27. Island gal says:

    Well, I am not from the US, I am actually from the Caribbean. I am a really big fan of Gerard and was so looking forward to seeing this movie. So hey Warner Bros, can you guys please re-consider and release rockNrolla???

  28. It would be a real shame if we, in the heartland, are again cheated out of a Guy Ritchie movie. We didn’t get Revolver, and that was irritating, but to not see RockNRolla on the big screen, would be unfair to avid action movie fans such as myself. To not promote a movie properly and then open on fewer screens makes absolutely no fiscal sense. If you are not going to give it proper promotion at least open on the regular number of screens and let the fans find it and promote it by word of mouth. At least that way, they stand a chance of making some money off of it. I know I’ve been looking forward to it for over a year now since I found out it was in the making when I searched Guy Ritchie on IMDB and saw the projects in the works. I am a Gerard Butler fan as well, mainly the action movies, but that’s my taste. When I go to the movies, there are any where from 4-14 of us that go as a group, it is a lot of fun and this is one movie the majority of us are looking forward too.

  29. Karmi Espinosa says:

    Would really love not to be the last city in the states to get a chance to see this film.

  30. Deb Baker says:

    Warner Brothers needs to reconsider the decision to limit the release of RockNRolla. Gerry has a large fan base (which seems to elude the minds of studio execs) – I am not alone in seeing every film that Gerry does – good or bad. I loved Snatch (a very British film I might add) and I WAS looking forward to the release of RockNRolla with great excitement. Warner Brothers might be pleasantly surprised by the response to the film – only Gerry’s die hard fans knew that 300 would make the amount of money that it has. Warner Brothers please listen to the true fans for once. Release RockNRolla as it should be.

  31. I really hope that you will consider releasing Rock N Rolla to a much wider audience. This film is jam packed with Talent, and directed by one of the most creative minds in the business. North America does indeed love “English” films, and would love to see this one brought to everyone. I live in a rural area of Alberta, Canada, but I am truly hoping that I will have the opportunity to see this film, in a town or city near me. Trust me, if you release it to more cities, the people will come to see what looks to be a knockout of a film.
    Please consider a wider release.
    Thank you.

  32. I am a fan of Gerard Butler’s, Jeremy Piven, and Guy Richie’s as well as others in this film. I feel that it is a sad state of affairs when people deem a film “To English” for Americans to enjoy. Are we so very inept that we can only enjoy movies with excessive effects and no real substance. The fact that some fans are willing to drive to other states in order to see a movie that has true content, and may just be the slightest bit entertaining should prove how dedicated we are to real films. I think everyone would appreciate it if “Hollywood would let us decide what movies we would like to see. Please consider releasing this film to a wider audience and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy something other than useless banter on a screen.

  33. Ruth Becker says:

    I have looked forward to RocknRolla since they began filming in 2007. I am a fan of Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven and Thandy Newton, but I also want to see this movie in the theater, because of the very cool graphic style that Guy Richie used to make London seem grittier. This will be a popular movie!

    Smart crime-caper movies are usually loved by all demographic groups, because they are fun! They take us into a make-believe world, where things are not the way they seem. This movie has good word of mouth, but it needs a studio to get behind it. You can advertise it on your evening programs, ET and Extra without spending a lot of money to buy commercial time during prime time.

    Please get behind RocknRolla, and give it a wider release. No one is expecting 2000 theaters, but 1500 theaters would be a good target to fill seats for this one. We have long awaited a good Guy Richie movie, without the Mrs., and this is it. Don’t give another studio the opportunity to make a fortune on it, when Warner Bros. can do it!

  34. Monean Meza-Matueski says:

    I live in Simi Valley, California…Ever since I saw Mr. Butler in Phantom of the Opera I have become a huge fan…Any movie that he is in I always go see at the mvies…not to mention I have purchased over a dozen of his movies that are available on DVD…It would be a huge dissapointment and a shame not to make this movie available to everyone possible…I am sure there is more of a demand than you are aware of!

  35. I am not American so it might be even more difficult for me to get to see RockNRolla in theatres in my country, but i am here to give my support to Gerry’s career in any way i can. This is a disappointment for us fans and it’s only fair that out voices are heard. We follow Gerry’s career all through the year, we follow each step of a movie, by reading reviews and getting any news we can, and then when the time is almost there that the movie is brought into theatres for us to enjoy, we get this ultimate disappointment.

    We do understand the decision by WB, but we also want them to understand our point of views, at the end of the day it’s us “the fans” that make the box office go round!!!!

  36. Patricia Shields says:

    Aloha from Hawaii: I realize that Hawaii is usually the last to receive most films but in this case, I would respectfully ask the distributors of this film to please, please, PLEASE add Honolulu to your list of sites where RocknRolla will be shown. If you need me to get a petition going, I will, just say the word.

    I checked the website for the Hawaii International Film Festival but the entry closing date was June 9th. That would have been a PERFECT backup plan but alas, I missed the date.

    If push gets to shove, I’ll buy airfare to LA, but please consider Oahu.

    Thanks so much.

  37. Warner Brothers: I for one, enjoy the “very English” movies and I especially liked “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch.’ I was very disappointed to learn that you do not intend to give RockNRolla the wider distribution it deserves. I haven’t seen any of the big block buster movies that the studios keep pushing at us but I would see RockNRolla. Please reconsider. Thanks you.

  38. Gerry is one of our most genuine actors. I hope we will get a chance to see him in more cities across the nation in this film. He has become quite a proven box office draw and has been in some very big movies lately, please give us more Gerry!

  39. I respectfully submit that Warner Bros. needs to get their heads together and think again! I am looking forward to this movie! Everything we’ve heard is positive about RocknRolla! America is filled with Anglophiles, so being too “English” is a very poor excuse indeed to put a little effort into giving this film the wide release it deserves. I am tired of the same-old super hero movies and I’m sure that a film of this nature, geared to adult audiences, will be a great success for the studio, if only they give it a chance! Wake up Warner Bros. and do the right thing: promote this awesome film and get it proper, full distribution!