08-13-08: Want to See RockNRolla in MORE Theaters?

By now many of our visitors have read the article from the Los Angeles Times about RockNRolla and its limited North American release (3 cities on October 8 and 800 cities on October 31).

So, what to do?  If you, your family members, your friends and everyone else you know want to see this “English film” in a theater near you, let’s start the campaign for that to happen now!  With a cast that includes not only Gerry, but Idris Elba, Jeremy Piven, Chris Bridges (Ludacris), Tom Wilkinson and Thandie Newton, it would be a shame that more people would miss out on the chance to see this film on the big screen!

Consider voicing your support and we can send the message to Warner Bros. that this film deserves a wide release and a little marketing money!  Let them know that we love “English films”!  Use any or all of the links below!

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We know Gerry’s fans support his films, but we also know there are more people out there who want to see the latest from Guy Ritchie!


  1. I am a huge fan of Gerard Butler and English films. I have seen Guy Richie’s films and have enjoyed all of them. Some of Gerry Butler’s films are not appreciated by the industry and make it very difficult to see them in WIDE RELEASE. It is very disappointing to MOVIE FANS to have to wait for films they want to see and are WILLING to spend the money to go to the theatres to see them and have to wait for DVD’s It is WB who faulters on releasing films they have agreed to show. So, fans should let there feelings be know. You make the movies so lets see them

  2. A note to our readers. We understand the fiscal decision by Mr. Horn and Warner Bros. with regards to RockNRolla. That being said, we 100% believe that fans have the right to have the opportunity to voice their disappointment at a limited release in a constructive way, and in this case, an organized way. We also believe that they have the right to argue when it is said by anyone that a particular genre of film might not be widely appealing. We remind our readers that we 100% appreciate Warner Bros. support of fans and fan sites, but we also KNOW that fans will speak their minds when faced with disappointing news. If those voices are loud enough, sometimes that can change things, sometimes not, but that does not lessen their right to be heard.

    This is a Gerry Butler FAN site. We are here FOR the fans to learn about Gerry’s career and support his career. That can be hard to do for fans who don’t always get the pleasure of seeing his films upon their release and have to wait for the DVD. We have always and will always give fans a place to express frustration when faced with yet another film they can’t see on the big screen. We know WB, and any studio/distributor, knows and understands this and they would expect nothing less from fans to speak up. Let’s be real, it’s not like they don’t expect to hear when fans are unhappy. 😀

  3. Gerald Butler is an awesome actor, He has proved himself time and time again. Please pick up the movie for all of us gerry fans. We won’t let you down there’s tons of us all over the world.Gerry ROCKS!!!!

  4. I find it insulting that the distributors think the film is “too English” for American audiences. We Yanks are therefore relegated to “blockbusters” and toker movies. Geez. Bring on the Brits. Bring on Gerry!

  5. Laura Newton says:

    I watch all of Gerry Butler’s movies at the theater several times, taking as many people with me as possible! I have waited for this movie to come out in wide American release, and pray that it will! In my opinion, all the greatest movies have British casts, stories, settings or are made in England. So, for me, a movie can never be “too English”. Yes, I am an American, born and bred. One more thing- If I need to choose between a movie from Warner Brothers or another studio, I have been choosing the film from Warner Brothers out of gratitude for Phantom of the Opera and 300. I would hate to see that change because it became difficult to see the movies I have waited for. Please put Rock N Rolla in wide American release!

  6. I respectfully ask that the “powers that be” please reconsider their decision of a limited release for “Rocknrolla”. The success of “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” has shown that there is a large fanbase for these “english films”. Friends who have seen the trailer have shown a great interest in the film, and the experience of seeing this film on the big screen would be so much better than waiting for the DVD version. However, with gas priced at almost $4.00 a gallon our ability to go to a larger city (3 hours away!!) to see the film is limited. It is my sincere hope that the distributors of the film will give more thought to thier decision. Thank you.

  7. I think it is ashame that Warner Bros. doesn’t think that Rock N Rolla deserves a wide release. What about Harry Potter? Apparently they didn’t think that film was too english.
    Rock N Rolla has something for everyone and it would be ashame not to give this film a chance.

  8. Joanna Gilby says:

    Oh, why are they delaying this movie?! It looks so good and funny too, it would be great if everywhere had it. I’m a massive Gerry Butler fan since Phantom Of The Opera and 300, see how successful that was! There are plenty of young women who adore him as he’s the best actor around, he’s charming and very good-looking too. He’s a great actor and this film will boast more fans, money and sequels if successfull at the box office. So please Warner Bros, don’t delay this movie! It will be a hit, I assure you. I can’t go on without a Gerry fix in the cinenia, the last time was Nims Island and that was May! Loads of people liked it in Comic con, you know that and they would be deeply disappointed that this film is not out to show. Like Lucy says, there will be mass protests of all of us. Please change your mind and let it run in the US as well in Britian, you will have a hit I promise you!

  9. There is a huge demographic that will love this movie … the 20-30 year old males who love this kind of edgy humor. Jeremy Piven’s TV show has a huge following as well. Give us Yanks a bit of credit for appreciating good product. Oh … if it is “too English” … would someone explain the incredible following of “English” movies like “Hot Fuzz” in the U.S.? Funny is funny … for crying out loud … we have a summer replacement TV show about Japanese game shows??? Jeremy Piven’s TV show has a huge following as well.

    If the trailer is funny and edgy that the U.S. sees (give it exposure) … there won’t be much competition in October for putting these bottoms in seats.

    Oh … and did I forget to mention how many women go nuts for many of the guys starring in the movie?

    Pish Posh … give ’em a try.



  11. Gloria Robertson says:

    I, and I am sure everyone wants Rock n Rolla in many more moview theaters. Gerard Butler deserves more recognition. Tom Wilkinson is an excellent actor also.

    Why is it not being in more movies. Does Gerard want it limited? Does Warner Brothers.
    I vote that this movie be shown globally.

  12. Dear Warner Bros. “RocknRolla” looks like a great film, and one that I have been looking forward to for quite some time (and not just because I’m a huge fan of Gerard Butler). I am sure you will not be disappointed in it’s performance at the box office if you will reconsider, and give it a wider release. I believe there are plenty more Americans such as myself who enjoy movies that are “too English” all the time. Besides which, the cast looks terrific!!! I think a film that looks as entertaining as this one does, and has so many excellent actors in it deserves a chance to prove itself at the box office. “RocknRolla” might just surprise you…

  13. Gerard has an allure that he gives audiences and makes you feel like you are there moving along with him. The charismatic butt-kicker he seems to play in Rock and Rolla is something I am prepared to see in October! 🙂

  14. Audiences appreciate movies from all other the world. We can handle British cinema. And of course we want to see Gerard Butler. Don’t sell us short.

  15. andrea kuhnel says:

    I really want to see this movie. its a must see movie.

  16. Connie R from Michigan says:

    Please reconsider releasing ROCK N ROLLA into a larger number of theatres when it opens in North America. The audience for Rock n Rolla is larger than the P.T.B. realize. I, for one, enjoy films from around the globe, including the U.K. They are not all “Blockbusters”. For the record I have not gone to many
    “Blockbusers” in the past two years. Much prefer to be entertained by films that are not mainstream, but are a bit different, with an interesting story line, funny,or action filled, or drama and more complex.
    A lot of the smaller films that are entertaining never get
    relased on a wider scale, therefore they do not make as much money at the theatres. Instead these smaller but GOOD films are picked up on DVD or as rentals. I have to rent “English” DVDs or go to
    Windsor or Toronto to see them.
    I would like to see more films like “ROCK N ROLLA”in more theatres
    throughout North America.

  17. R Fagiolino says:

    I really enjoy Jerry Butler films, I have seen everyone of them. I hope Warner Bros. puts it on the big screen. I live in Orlando, Florida, I will be waiting to see it.

  18. Lynnea Davies says:

    It should be release country wide. Guy Richie, when he puts effort in it and leaves his personal life at home (the movie he did with his wife sucked) is an awesome director. This should be released all over the states.

  19. Ironranger says:

    I live in Northern Minnesota (by Virginia, an hour north of Duluth) & I usually have to wait for dvd release – and then order it online since we don’t get all of the dvd releases at our retail stores up here – to see the movie since it will never get this far north on limited release! I wish more of Gerry’s movies would be in wider release so they would come up this far. Most of the time, they do come to the Twin Cities and sometimes Duluth, but I don’t get a chance to get to them when they are that far away. I am fans of most of the actors in this movie & would love to see it on the big screen. Please put a wider release on it so the US fans get a chance to see the film as Guy Ritchie intended it to be seen – you miss out on so much when you have to watch it on a small tv screen. If you aren’t going to do a wide release, please release the dvd quicker so we don’t have to wait as long to see the movie.

  20. Please release Rock N Rolla in more theaters. I am a big fan of Gerard Butler and will watch anything he is in. I also do not beleive the ” Too English” comment, if a film is good the American public will go to see it.

  21. I have really been looking forward to a theater nearby having this film open on Oct. 31, 2008.
    I have planned the whole Halloween evening around this movie with friends. I sincererly hope that Warner Bros. will distribute this film on a nationwide basis on that date. I and many friends have been planning on seeing it on the big screen. We are all Gerard Butler fans and I know this film
    will be well received in the US. Please reconsider and give this film a wide distribution on 10/31/08.

  22. I am a Huge Gerard Butler fan I see films becouse he is in them! I was very upset when they did this same thing to Shatered I have been planning on seeing this film all summer! Me and some of my new friends wore going to make night out of it. So I do hope they show it world wide. For those of us who Want it

  23. I saw the trailer and think WB is making a mistake big time. They underestimate the power
    of Gerard Butler fans. They did not estimate PS I love you was going to do well, but it did
    much better than a George Clooney movie released the same time. (don’t remember the name).
    This is a big blow to us Gerry fans. Even though it’s english, it sounds real good.
    BRING US ROCK N ROLLA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gerard Butler is the hotest guy in the movies now, how can they be so blind and STUPID

  24. I am a Gerard Butler fan and would very much like to see RockNRolla. English movies have more character and are a bit better than movies made here in the US. Don’t let this movie go straight to video or one that can never be located. Give us RockNRolla.

  25. Jennifer Villarreal says:

    I would love to see this movie I was soooo looking forward to it. Anything I can do to help I would love to see this movie on the big screen. No joke about “we can only go so long” that is exactly how I feel. It looks like a great movie and I know a lot of people that can’t wait to see it. Please bring the movie to our cities!!!!

  26. Julie Nichols says:

    I’ve been a fan of Gerry Butler since I first saw him in Attila. I have been to all his films that were released in Canada and have copies of all his DVD’s.

    For some reason the studios want to make this new film with Guy Ritchie a limited release in the USA. That likely translates to it won’t even be released at all in Canada and I really don’t understand the logic to this decision. Every time I’ve been to a release (usually the first day or two) the theatre has been full.

    I’m hoping the people who make these decisions will reconsider and make RockNRolla a wide release. From the trailor I’ve viewed it seems very much like “Snatch” of a few years ago. That was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

    Hope you’ll reconsider your decision

  27. I believe it is a huge mistake to NOT back RocknRolla. Did anyone over there at WB see the reception it received at Comic-Con?! The various trailers are fantastic and it looks to be a GREAT ENGLISH movie. I believe you are not giving the American audience nearly enough credit! We love GREAT movies not matter where the origin and English made movies are some of the best and we do love the humor! Warner Brothers, you will be making a huge mistake if you don’t back this one, Guy Ritchie has made a fabulous movie and it has an outstanding cast! Gerard Butler! Do you not realize the audience this man can draw! Did you see the reception Gerard and the cast received at Comic-Con?! We Love HIM! You need to seriously reconsider your decision on RocknRolla it will go into orbit if you do this right! Yes, I am a fantastically huge Gerard Butler fan but also see a great cast and director in this movie. It is great and I have been looking forward to it’s release since I saw who was in it and the trailers have only reinforced my desire to see this movie!!! This absolutley deserves a major world-wide release and all the publicity you can show it!!! RocknRolla is gonna rock the world….

  28. N Shackelton says:

    I, and many of my friends and co-workers are fans of Gerard Butler’s works. It’s time hollywood noticed his fan base and started releasing his movies here! Now!

  29. Warner Bros. should not assume that RockNRolla is “too English” for us! We have been looking forward to seeing this movie and Warner Bros. brilliant (?) move will almost insure it won’t play here in Jacksonville, FL. For those of us who adore Gerry and his work…..please show this film so all can enjoy it!

  30. Marshadee says:

    I live in Australia but I am a huge fan of Gerry Butler. I feel sorry for the fans who won’t get to
    see this movie on the big screen. There have been many of Gerry’s films that have’nt been
    released in Australia & its very dissapointing if you are a fan & have to wait for a dvd release to
    see a movie. I hope Warner Bros. can get their act together & fix this situation. And what about
    the release in Australia? Does anybody know what that situation will be?

  31. I love Gerard Butler and I definitely want to see RockNRolla. I love Guy Ritchie’s movies and it would be horrible if I can’t see this movie in wide release. Please show this movie in more theaters in New Jersey!

  32. All of Gerard Butler’s fans will need a GB fix in October. We can only go so long. Please don’t delay Rock N Rolla. He has a HUGE fanbase in the United States. Check out his fan sites. There will be mass protests 🙂

  33. My family are big Butler fans and we watch everything he is in several times. We are really looking forward to seeing all of the projects that he is working on. We really got excited when we saw the RockNRolla Trailer and saw the Comic.con panel. This looks like a very entertaining film and we can’t wait to see it. I think it would be a big mistake not to give it a wide-US opening. We loved the Guy Ritchie film – Snatch and this looks even better. Put Gerry Butler in it and you will have a hit.

  34. I was hooked on the trailer right away!! Please reconsider distributing this movie to more theaters. The cast is superb and the movie is different from what is out there right now. Rock N Rolla will attract an audience!! Please give the movie a fighting chance! Gerard Butler is a big draw, Jeremy Piven is a hit on television, and the other members of the case all have a following.

    We want Rock N Rolla in Texas!! It’s not too “english” for us!!!

  35. I agree with Patrick Goldstein that Warner Bros. is much better suited to promote their giant money makers like Batman and Harry Potter. What if that was all they produced? The movie going public would soon get sick and tired of seeing the same hype over and over until they released a single film. Who is to say that RockNRolla is not going to make some enterprising movie studio a vault load of money? Although I am still trying to get my head around a film being too English. Maybe the WB has not noticed that Harry Potter is not from the sunny coast of California, or that many of their Batman stars are also not Yanks. Christian Bale and Micheal Cane are English. Heath Ledger also not American, Australian. A film does not have to be filmed in the United States to be a hit, 300 was not filmed in Sparta, Star Wars was not filmed on the planet Tatuine. If this backwards thinking of Warner Bros. is all that is stopping an exciting looking film from being released, Guy Richie is probably better off finding someone else.

  36. Oh, and another thing….I agree with Kara! The more theaters you play it in means more people can see it and more money is made!!

  37. I’ve seen the trailers for this movie and I think it’s going to be great. What is wrong with English??? Or Scottish??? I love Gerard Butler and along with the rest of the cast, it looks like a smashing film with lots of action. I think Guy Ritchie (Madonna who??) is a great director deserves the best!!!

  38. Peggy Shumway, Anchorage, Alaska says:

    I have been looking forward to seeing RockNRolla ever since I heard Gerard Butler was starring in it. Now I see that it will not have a wide release and only be seen on 800 screens. Please re-consider and wide release this film. How can anyone who saw 300 not want to see Gerard Butler
    in this film. He is one of the best actors we have and I for one want to see every film he is in!!!
    I really like all the other actors in this film as well and I love “English” films.

  39. Marian Bailey says:

    I am a very big fan of Guy Ritchie, and I feel it is a very big mistake to NOT back his latest project. I know he has had some problems with his recent movies, but RocknRolla is a movie that harkens back to his heyday. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch are two movies that I rent all the time! I love Guy Ritchie’s take on London’s underbelly. Having lived in the United Kingdom for a few years, I know how things have changed over there, and from what I have seen of the trailer of this movie, I know it shows how those changes are affecting life in London. I was very excited to see this movie, but since the LA Times article has been posted, I am heartbroken that I (who lives in rural Virginia) may not get the chance to see this movie. Sirs, with all due respect, I am sorely disappointed.

    thank you,
    Marian Bailey

  40. I am a gib fan of Gerry’s – please do not restrick the release of RockNRolla in the US.

  41. I am a big fan of Gerry’s and can’t wait to see RocknRolla- Please don’t restrick the release in the US.

  42. I really don’t understand the comment “too English”. I think that everyone knows that this movie is about the London crime world (with a humorous spin on it) and if they find that “too English”, then they really can choose not to attend the movie. For those of us who do want to see the movie. it would be nice to have that opportunity to see it in the theatre, on DVD just would not give it the same thrill. (Also would be nice to have some releases in Canada) there are fans here of Guy Ritchie and Gerard Butler as well. Thanks.

  43. I’m a huge fan of Guy Ritchie’s films, and I have been eagerly awaiting the release of RockNRolla. I’m a huge fan of Gerard Butler as well, but this is one I’d pay to see on the big screen even if he weren’t in it. I’m lucky. I live in a big city and am pretty much guaranteed that it will play here. (Revolver did. I have no reason to think RockNRolla won’t.) I’m more concerned about about the second tier markets who may have to wait for dvd. Not fair! Give American’s some credit! If we can understand Pikey, we can understand Mockney!

  44. Sarah Bigelow says:

    we LOVE English movies… PLEASE have a wider release. We are close to Orlando and frequently miss the movies we want to see… PLEASE DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE MOVIE-GOING PUBLIC in Central Florida… We do not all just go to Disney.

  45. Patricia Gogel says:

    I was disappointed to read the latest Guy Ritchie film will be released on only a “limited” basis in the U.S.

    He has a unique, if not often seen, take on things. Not to mention, this particular film boasts the very hot Gerard Butler and Entourage star Jeremy Piven.

    Looking forward to your reconsidering your decision so more of us will have the chance to see the film.

    Thank you.

  46. Marilyn Hansen says:

    We look forward to English films and are very disappointed that we might not be able to view Rock”N”Rolla. We enjoy Guy Ritchie films in particular and have “converted” our friends to admiring his work. Having Gerard Butler in this film gives it an added attraction.

    if the film was advertised on TV, I am sure it would attract a very sizeable audience.

  47. Lise Leveillee says:

    I am looking forward to see this movie since I’ve seen the trailer. It seems like a fun gangster movie the only way the British can make it.

    If I don’t know some of the actors like Tom Hardy, I have been an admirer of Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Idris Elba and Thandie Newton for quite sometimes. They all turn up often very unforgettable performances. I can’t get enough of Tom Wilkinson in “The Full Monty” and “Michael Clayton”, Thandie Newton in “Jefferson in Paris” and “Beloved” and Gerard Butler in countless of his movies notably Dracula 2000, Timeline, The Phantom of the Opera, Dear Frankie and of course 300. I have seen one movie of Idris Elba in which he made quite an impression on me and that was “The Reaping” with Hilary Swanks. It would be a pity if this movie didn’t get distributed through the USA and Canada.

  48. I LOVED the trailer, great cast, especially Gerard Butler..I know countless people who are anxiously waiting for the release…British humor is appreciated by MANY MANY Americans.. Please reconsider your limited release.
    I for one will see this movie over and over again.
    Thank you for considering.

  49. Please give this movie a wider release in theaters!!!

  50. Please release this to the Bay Area. I think Gerard Butler’s fan base has proven over the years
    that if you release 1 of his movies you will get the pay back.
    We are the people that that shot 300 and P.S I Love You into the high $$$ mark.
    After watching the panel at Comic Con this year I absolutely want to see this movie
    and you had a hall of people that are of the same opinion.