09-20-10: Glamour UK Poll, MGP and Leprechaun Gerry

Glamour UK is hosting a Best Dressed Brit poll. Head on over there and vote for your favorite Scot!!

View pics from the Untitled Peter Farrelly Project (possibly named “Movie 43”).  Photos courtesy of Bob Bekian, Loyal Studios. Do not repost without permission.

Machine Gun Preacher moved production to South Africa earlier this month.  Not much in the way of news from that location, which is all good.  Nothing like getting work done being paparazzi free!  Meanwhile, browse the set pics from Michigan to get your MGP fix!

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is coming to DVD on October 15!  Pre-order your copy from Amazon.com and help support GBNET!

It’s that time of year again!!  Time to head to New York City for the 6th Annual Birthday Bash.  This year’s bash is sponsored by the Gerard Butler Dot Charity Group and organized by the ladies at the Gerard Butler Global Fan Forum.  Click here for all the details, costs and contact information.


  1. This fan loves you Gerard Butler, you good looking, exciting Scotsman, have a terrific South
    African Safari making MGP, and always the best of everything for you, honey. I am waiting for this movie

  2. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    gerry looks horrible in his leprechaun disguise, but i imagine the roles going to be awesome. i cant believe gerrys birthday is upon us again, the year has gone so quickly, but again, he has accomplished so much this year, with two movies at the cinema and on dvd, and filmed and produced more as well. it only gets better and better, and of course, i met him again this year, fourth time in london. what could be better then that. i am anxiously awaiting my dvd copy of how to train your dragon as that is the only film of gerrys i havent seen yet. i hope he is enjoying himself in south africa, as that is somewhere i want to go in the not too distant future, and i am glad he is paparazzi free while hes filming, as i know it was a great problem when he and jen were filming the bounty hunter.