09-29-10: Rev. Sam Childers talks ‘Machine Gun Preacher’

The real Machine Gun Preacher, Rev. Sam Childers, recently did a television interview with Fox 2 in St. Louis, Missouri. He talks about the upcoming film and his work in Africa.

Watch it below:

A bog thanks to MissFeego for sharing her pic with Gerard as he works in South Africa.  Click the image for a larger view.:



    I have met Sam Childers and am so inspired by his transformation and commitment to saving the children of the Sudan. I bought my Husband and several family members personalized and signed copies of Another Man’s War and I tell you..his story reaches the multiudes.
    I lent my husbands copy to a visiting family member last year and they carried it everywhere we went because he did not want to put the book down…so Awesome as this family member is not a “believer.” Sadly though the book was left somewhere along the way and we have never seen it again…. I just pray that it also inspired the heart of the person who was blessed enough to find our lost book.
    Endless Thanks to Sam Childers and his family who miss him when he is in Africa and to all those who sacrifice and put there lives up in service to God!

  2. I just recently bought his book. You really have to admire all the work he has done for the children over there.

  3. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    i have just watched the sam childers interview and thought it was really interesting the work he does, and what a brilliant and loving man. i thought it was funny about him saying gerry is learning to ride a motor bike. i can just picture him like as a kid learning to ride his first bike, wobbling all over the place and trying to keep his balance. this film sounds really great and i bet gerry will be briliant in it. we will see next year. i hope everything to do with this film will bring in a lot of money for sams cause as it is greatly needed to keep the children safe. well done.

  4. I Love that the true story of Childers is being made known. Who better to play this God filled man, this amazing modern day David than Gerard Butler. Sam never turning his back on the brain washed children that God lead him to protect and save. But always keeping a close eye on the enemy who is always ready to steal these kids back. We are so excited for Gerard to bring him to the world on film. We cannot wait for the movie to premier, please let me come to the premier, I will pay my own way. This move is a perfect example from the Bible, “Be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour.” Thank you Sam and Gerard for being an example to young people everywhere to be sober and on guard. Thank you Mr. Childers for saving the little ones, who cannot fend for themselves as in Proverbs. Blessed are you and Gerard for playing you for the world to see. Jill

  5. Thanks for the clip. Childers is an interesting fellow and I’m eager to see how the film goes.

    Glad to see GB.Net awake again.