10-12-10: L’Oreal Commercial Ad Photos, HTTYD on DVD, Support GBNET

Gerard got to work on the ad campaign for L’Oreal in New York City over the weekend.  View more…

Thanks to 1 Front Street for pics of Gerard from October 10 in New York City.  View more…

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HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON will be released on DVD on October 15.  Order your copy from Amazon.com below!

It’s that time of year again!!  Time to head to New York City for the 6th Annual Birthday Bash.  This year’s bash is sponsored by the Gerard Butler Dot Charity Group and organized by the ladies at the Gerard Butler Global Fan Forum.  Click here for all the details, costs and contact information.


  1. sue grint (greatest london fan) says:

    this morning i saw gerrys l oreal ad. on the tv for the first time and all the shots put together look great. very professionally done. i also saw pictures in our local boots chemist selling and advertising the product. i asked if i could have one and was reluctantly told no. i suppose they want everybody else to admire him as i do.

  2. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    i just wanted to add a bit more to how to train your dragon. they seem to have caught gerrys mannerisms perfectly and also when you look into stoick eyes, you can imagine gerry looking back at you. its so creatively done and gorgeous. throughout the film i kept seeing bit of gerrys other films. the part when he is the viking ship and sails it up onto the beach when hes looking for the dragons nest, that reminded me of the bit in beowulf when he lands the ship on the beach. the ways he charges about everywhere pushing his weight around reminded me of 300. this is probably because im obsessed with him and his films, i can see different parts of him.

  3. Oh, that is so exciting!
    Gerard to produce a series on a detective of historical significance!
    Let us know as soon as you find out who will be playing Pinkerton.


  4. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    i have just received my copy of how to train your dragon, and at long last have watched it. i didnt see it at the cinema this time, and usually i seen gerrys new films twice within two weeks of each other, so this has been a long anticipated wait. it was well worth it, it was bloody brilliant, excuse my french, and kept you enthralled throughout. the scenery was breathtaking especially when flying through the air with toothless, that first time astrid goes flying with hiccup. the action was none stop and i especially loved the dragon school training which i thought was the funniest part of the film. hearing the voices from the characters, especially gerrys and craigs was brilliant. i have gerry on the black freighter dvd where he also does voiceover, but this is much more to it and i kept finding myself shutting my eyes occasionally and just listening to that scottish brogue, its mindblowing. i thought craigs character was brilliant and probably my favourite, but all the main cast were good. well done dreamworks no wonder it took 3 years to make there is so much to it.

  5. I find that what ever he wears, but i find that with shorter hair he looks more manly. I hope to see more photos of Gerry!!!

  6. julie myers says:

    GB looks so different with his hair longer again. Takes me back to his younger days, but he does look a bit haggard. Actually, I have gotten used to his short hair and really like it. Of course, still handsome as ever! Looks like he needs a good rest from being in Africa so long. I must say that I am a little bit annoyed with the L’Oreal shoot being done in NYC when the ads will not even be shown in the US. The earlier press release said that they would only be shown in Europe. I figured the shoots would be done in Paris as well or somewhere in Europe. So not fair to all of us American fans who would love to see his gorgeous face on a poster or on TV! What a treat that would be to see him on TV as you are eating your evening meal!

  7. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    gerry looked very nice in the shoots, but i thought they would have cut his hair just a little bit, but i am glad they kept the stubble, as i have always loved that on him.. in some of the shots he looks really worried about climbing up, i would be also as i dont like heights, but if gerry was up there waiting for me that would be different i would pluck up the courage to climb.

    his recent photo shoots where hes playing rugby are funny, but i dont know what was going on with the shorts, they were a bit baggy, nothing like the close fitting ones in game of their lives.