10-16-10: Gerard Surprises the Michigan State Spartans

Michigan State University Spartan students and fans got a surprise visit from King Leonidas himself during their “Midnight Madness” events Friday night at Breslin Center.  View more pictures… Read more…

View videos below:


  1. Enedina Lenior says:

    Perfect idea…we are planning our trip to Australia. One question…say I don’t get any signal and I have an Android Phone. Can I access all of my trip information on my Android App even if I don’t have any network access?

  2. julie myers says:

    Thanks GerardButler.net for clearing that up for me about the guy next to him not being his brother. I have enjoyed seeing all the additional footage of his MS weekend. It just makes me smile every time I see them. Just to see his smile which shows he was having a great time there. I hope some day I can see him in person and see that beautiful smile of his. Just saw the new pictures of him standing next to another great looking guy, Hugh Jackman in New York. Nice pictures of the two of them together. He sure is a busy man.

  3. julie myers says:

    Watched footage (again!) from the Michigan State vs Illinois game and also looked at some of the pics. One that especially caught my eye was the one with Gerry in the stands where he is turned around talking to the lady with the baby. The guy next to him looks like it could be his brother. He has the same smile, nose and eyes. Just wondering. If it is, GB sure treated him to a great Midwestern weekend! GB has a great time no matter where he is or what he does. You can’t help but love him with all his energy and love of life.

  4. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    ive just seen gerry being interviewed at the football game, and it reminds me of when he was on the jonathan ross show in london on the eve of his 40th birthday. he lost his voice then as jonathan asked him to introduce all the other guests on the show in his leonidies voice, so by the time it was his turn to come on to talk to jonathan he had no voice left, and this is what happened at the match, he was finding it hard to speak clearly especially over the sound of the band

  5. My dad is a huge Spartan’s fan…unfortunately since I went to U of M I’m a Michigan fan…but I’m pretty sure I would have passed out if I would have been at that game! Very cool that he made an appearance at the game like that and showed some support for the team!
    Great job Gerry!

  6. We saw 300 on opening day, just before Michigan State played in the final 4 basketball tournament. What a total rush that was for my two boys and myself! And then Saturday we showed up at Spartan Statium on a beautiful sunny day for homecoming. And there was Gerard Butler in all his Spartan glory. Oh my goodness, it was simply totally electrifying! That was COOL COOL COOL! Thank you Gerard for making that day so special for so many Michigan State Spartan Fans.


  7. What a great moment! Was at the MSU game and to hear the ‘live’ version of ‘Spartans what is your profession?’ was awesome! Gerard Butler, I hope you enjoyed the game as much as this Spartan fan did!

  8. My son graduated from MSU, so we were watching the game. Spending an entire weekend there was incredibly gracious of him. It’s good to know that he never forgets his fans. I sure do like the longer hair!!

  9. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    i think gerry was brilliant getting the crowd going and they came back with their spartan shouts. he looked great trying to instruct the band and looked as though he was having a great time in front of the spotlight. he looks so natural in everything he does, he just blends into his environments and takes it all in his stride. i loved the bit when he was cuddling the spartan mascot. it said it all.

  10. Gerard
    Met u at Dublin’s
    As I said, thanks again for inspiring our Spartans!!
    And I forgot to mention, great role in OLaw Abiding Citizen!!
    Thanks for coming to EL!!

  11. I’m from Michigan and we all think Gerard is the best! What a wonderful thing to do for the students of MSU!!!

  12. julie myers says:

    GB is such a fun happy-go-lucky kind of guy. You can just tell that he lives in each moment of his life. He’s such a down-to-earth guy and has no problem making fun of himself as well. That would have been a sight to see – both the basketball and football games! Never tire of seeing this handsome man wherever he may be. Miss him on the talk show circuit right now. Hurry up and get a movie released!! We need some Gerryisms!

  13. I have always said and believed that Gerry Butler was a good man with a good heart.
    Yet another example to back up my belief. Nice Gerry!

  14. I had the impression that he was a great guy . . . what a cool thing to do. I’m from Michigan and wished I could have been there! 🙂