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08-12-08: Gerry Attends Cine Fest Petrobras Brasil in Central Park

Gerry attended the Cine Fest Petrobras Brasil in New York City’s Central Park on August 10 with his 300 co-star Rodrigo Santoro.  More pics in the gallery.

Angeleno continues to bless us with her fabulous pictures from the RockNRolla panel at Comic Con.  Visit her Comic Con gallery for more.

Thanks to mjbooklady for another poster from RockNRolla.  View larger…

08-11-08: 2009 Convention Poll Now Open

The cities have been submitted and the 2009 Convention poll is now open!  You may vote in the sidebar or on the poll page.

Please keep in mind when voting that the top five US cities will be chosen to hold simultaneous events to coincide with the our Glasgow event the weekend of October 24-25, 2009Please DO NOT vote for a city if you are planning to attend the Glasgow event. We want the event planners to have a good idea of the number of attendees they should include in their planning if their city is one of the top five.

If more than 5 cities receive over 100 votes, we will consider upping the total number of cities.  PLEASE DO NOT VOTE IF YOU DON’T REASONABLY BELIEVE YOU CAN ATTEND THE EVENT IN THAT CITY.

Also, if you are planning to attend the event in Tokyo, please vote so those organizers can also use the number to assist in their planning.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to be a part of this special event!!  Voting ends on August 21.

08-08-08: New RockNRolla Stills and Release Date News

New stills from Dark Castle Entertainment’s action film “RocknRolla,” distributed by Warner Bros are now available in the gallery.

Additional production photos, not featuring Gerard, can be viewed below:

North American release dates are currently October 8 (NY/LA/Toronto) and October 31 (wide US release).  The release date for the UK remains September 5.  Dates are still subject to change.

08-08-08: Gerry and The Police

Gerry attends The Police Reunion Concert at Madison Square Garden.  Visit the gallery for more pictures.

The August 2008 newsletter has been sent out.  Many, many thanks to Julianna for putting it all together.  If you are not currently a newsletter subscriber, the online version will be available on August 10.

There are still three days left before we close the suggestion box for possible locations to compliment the 2009 Glasgow event scheduled for October 24-25.  Currently we have volunteers/suggestions for the following cities: Los Angeles, Kansas City, New York City, Chicago, Tokyo, Alaska and Little Rock.  Get more information…


Many thanks to webberphan for more screencaps from Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married.  More…