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02-06-09: New The Ugly Truth Poster!

Gerard Butler in The Ugly TruthWalt Disney Pictures Norway offers up a new version of The Ugly Truth poster!  Click the image for a larger view!

Thanks to everyone who have been reviewing and rating Gerard’s films in our new and improved career database.  We are almost done transferring all the films, with only about 13 left to go.  We appreciate everyone’s participation!

02-03-09: Black Freighter Pic, RockNRolla Video

Thanks to for a new image from the Tales of the Black Freighter DVD, to be released March 24 in connection with the theatrical release of Watchmen on March 6, 2009. Visit for other images. Thanks to mjbooklady for the heads up!

Have you got your RockNRolla DVD?   If you still haven’t seen the film, take a peek below at what you are missing!

For more videos and interviews with The Blokes (Gerard, Idris and Company), visit our RockNRolla Video Clip page. In addition, thanks to DottyinCA for the screencaps that have been added to the gallery.

And if you haven’t yet rated the film, we have made it even easier! Every film can be rated and a fan review can be submitted right on the film pages themselves! The top five fan-rated films will appear on the front page of the website as a guide to new fans. Review and rate RockNRolla now!

Check out the new Nim’s Island screencaps. We know, we know! We are behind in the screencap department, but a big round of applause for our new gallery managers who are finally getting us back on track!

02-02-09: Burns Film News

Gerard Butler in BurnsGerard Butler Dot Net received a lovely email from director Vadim Jean today about the fan interest in collectively becoming one of the 250 contributors for Burns as announced in their January 25 press release.  After review and discussion with Gerry and Alan Siegel, he is thrilled to report that the film is on sound financial ground and all that is required from fans is their “wonderful spirit of generosity”.

Mr. Jean expressed that he is very excited to finally begin work on this project now that both he and Gerry have time in their schedules to move forward and get the film to the big screen and thanks everyone for their support.   Now the fans can do what they do best –  spread the word by promoting the film among family, friends, colleagues and online – and continue their unwavering support of Gerry’s career.  Thanks to everyone who wrote to us to express interest in helping the film in all ways possible. 😀