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03-31-09: Game Becomes ‘Citizen Game’

Gerard Butler in Game
Lionsgate Movies has announced, via their Twitter page, that Game has been renamed “Citizen Game” and the release date is September 4, 2009.  Thanks to Sharon for the heads up!


Thanks to Scarlett and Elyse for more fan photos from the Jameson Empire Awards and Philadelphia.  Additional photos from the awards have been added to the gallery as well.  Click the images to view more.

Thanks to mjbooklady for the heads up on the video interview below by the Evening Standard from the Jameson Empire Awards.  Screencaps are in the gallery.

03-30-09: Jameson Empire Awards Video

The Jameson Empire Award website has uploaded their videos from last night’s awards program.  Click the images below to view the videos:


Gerard Butler and Guy Ritchie at Empire Awards



Thanks to Sharon for adding screencaps of the above to the gallery.

03-29-09: Gerard Attends the Jameson Empire Awards

Gerard attended the 2009 Jameson Empire Awards in London this evening (March 29), where RockNRolla took home the prize for Best British Film! Director Guy Ritchie, along with Mark Strong and Gerry, accepted the award on behalf of the cast and crew of the film.  Below is an excerpt of their remarks which were posted on the Empire Awards blog:

Guy Ritchie: “Thank you very much. I won’t say much more because Gerry Butler is the eloquent one among us. But thank you very much for this.”

Butler: “This was supposed to be Guy speaking but as usual he dumped it on me. Listen, I want to thank Guy who really wrote all the words and directed all the stuff and did a great job and it’s about time he got SOMETHING right…”

Ritchie: (chases Butler away from the mike)”That’s quite enough out of you Gerry.”

Mark Strong: “It’s great that people who know about movies and love movies decided to vote this Best British Film; thank you very much.”

Watch the Empire Awards website tomorrow for videos of the speeches, the red carpet and all the winners!  Congratulations to RockNRolla!!   Visit the gallery for more pictures…


Many thanks to Billy Lee, Ashley Marie Photography, Lauri Kent and Teenabaa for sharing their photos of Gerard with us!!

Animatoons posts a first look at How to Train Your Dragon from Dreamworks.   Click the image above for a larger view.

03-19-09: Translated Interview from Life & Style Germany

Thanks to Life & Style Germany for a copy of their interiew with Gerard in the March 19 issue.  For a translation of the article read more here.

Many thanks to Marion and Kerstin for the translation of the intro to the article and to Blueeye at GBGF for the complete article translation. Thanks as well to DaisyMay and Sharon.

Quiet Earth hosts more clips of directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor discussing Game at last weekend’s CUT! Film Festival.  Read more and view the videos here…


Thanks to B.A. Wilson for sharing his pic of him and Gerard on the set of Shooters in 1999.  Thanks to PreppyGuy and Sony Pictures for a larger, and slightly different, version of the second poster for The Ugly Truth.