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05-02-09: Hello Magazine Monthly Poll

Gerard Butler in Hello Magazine

Gerard is once again featured in Hello Magazine’s Monthly Most Attractive Man Poll.  The winner of each monthly poll will be placed in the end of the year vote for Most Attractive Man on 2009.  Visit the Hello Magazine website to cast your vote!

The May calendar is now available in the gallery.  Thanks as well to Sharon for adding some more pics from The Ugly Truth!

NOTE TO VISITORS: In response to numerous inquiries we have been receiving, the reports about Gerry, movie scouting in India and Tom Cruise are untrue.  This is why those reports regarding his career have not been posted in our Press Room.   Thanks, as always, for sending articles our way!

05-01-09: New Pic from Law Abiding Citizen


A new production photo of Gerard’s character in Law Abiding Citizen is now online courtesy of photographer John Baer.  Click photo for a larger view.

Photo used with permission from LAC Productions.  Do not repost without permission.


Thanks as well to Ryan Surratt for sharing his picture with Gerard from the set of The Ugly Truth!