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GerardButler.Net is a non-profit unofficial fansite.

Providing Policies For a Better Internet Community

There are several policies that GB.Net, under the guidance of WHOA (Working to Halt Online Abuse) seeks to develop, advance and enforce on our website, chatroom, listserv and forum:

  1. We have a STRICT policy against harassment or intimidation through public or private means (such as email and private messages) towards any individual, website or group.
  2. We have a strict policy against public personal attacks, particularly involving the “outing” of private information about someone or libelous material.
  3. We do not tolerate threats of any kind.
  4. We encourage our users to self-police themselves when using this site for the benefit of all members and visitors.

All of these policies allow us as administrators to control the use of our resources and gives fair warning that we can remove any persons causing offenses to those policies that are either severe or repeated.

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