Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I join?

    Gerard Butler Dot Net itself does not have "members", but recognizing that not all fans are comfortable with being "online", there are several options for individuals to show your support for Gerard and/or support GerardButler.Net:

    • Add your name to our fan club list. Regional event planners can use your contact information to let you know when an event is planned for your area. We also use this list to periodically email about breaking news and updates. Create a separate e-mail for the list if you don't feel comfortable using your real e-mail.
    • Regularly comment on our updates blog. We have opened up our front page blog to comments and welcome fans to let us know what you are thinking about the news of the day. We also sponsor polls, fan review links and contests to encourage fan participation.
    • Sign up to receive our newsletter. Issued monthly, this gives you an overview of all that happened the previous month in the world of GerardButler.Net and Gerard's career. This is a great option for those who aren't online all the time.
    • Sign up to receive our daily website updates and/or news updates. These are hosted by Feedburner and are sent right to your email once daily when any news or updates are added to our site.
    • Join us at Twitter! All our website updates are fed to our Twitter page and we also answer fan questions periodically.
    • Even though it is no longer our forum, we still encourage fans to join the Gerard Butler Global Fan Haven Forum if you really want to interact on a daily basis with other fans. Post your reviews of film, chat with others about future projects, vote in polls, and much, much more! This message board is moderated by fans, for the fans. GB.Net DOES NOT moderate this forum and you are not a "member" of our site if you join the forum. We only contribute our news, updates and gallery feeds to the site. We also use part of it for multimedia contributions.
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    Do you have a message forum?

    No, we do not have a message forum. We do however allow comments on our updates blog on our front page.

    Our former forum is now called Gerard Butler Global Fans and can be found at This forum has been independent from GBNet since March 2008 and we no longer participate in the moderation of its activities.

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    Is there an official fan club?

    No. Although by registering with the fan club forum at - - you are technically a member of the UNOFFICIAL Gerard Butler Fan Club. Events planned by Gerard Butler Dot Net, other websites/organizations and forum members are posted on this forum, so feel free to join in the fun to connect with other fans!

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    Why do you put "Hosted by GerardButler.Net" on some of your images?

    It is simply a way to identify those who are hot linking to our site. We claim no copyrights to the works of others by use of these watermarks and they rarely appear on the enlarged original sizes of the pictures.

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    Do you know Gerard?

    Over the past eight+ years, we are honored to say that Gerard has been friendly and very supportive of our efforts, but with that comes the responsibility of keeping our communications with him, or his representatives, private unless they give us permission to share information. We value this friendship and ask that fans respect our need to maintain some level of discretion with regards to our communications with them.

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    What is your policy on gossip and thinks I find on other Gerard websites?

    After some careful thought and consideration, we have come to the conclusion that GB.Net will not entertain gossip on this website about Gerard Butler's personal life or what is being said on other sites with regards to Gerard and this site. Please don't send us questions and/or links asking us to verify anything that appears on other fan sites or that does not directly relate to a Gerard career question or public appearance.

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    Why don't you post paparazzi pictures?

    We have a STRICT policy of not posting paparazzi photos of an intrusive nature. This applies to pictures of Gerard out and about living his life. This does not include those pictures that are in connection to an event where photographers are expected (parties, premieres, fundraisers etc.). This policy is out of respect for Gerard, his family and friends who deserve a little bit of privacy and personal space.

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    Do you get paid to maintain this website?

    No, we don't. We freely donate our time and efforts to the website. This is why we have so many volunteers helping in all aspects of the website. It does cost money to host this website and donations are accepted to offset those costs. We accept only the actual amount of maintaining the site. If there are any extra funds, they are donated to charity in the name of GerardButler.Net.