Message from the Administrators

Welcome to the world of GerardButler.Net. If you are a new fan, you may be unaware of the enormous gift Gerard has bestowed upon hundreds of fans by making himself accessible to them at talk show tapings and movie premieres. If you are a fan that goes way back, you probably are well aware of this. His generosity is a testament to who he is as a person and a large reason so many remain devoted and supportive of his career.

Gerard Butler is an exception to the rule of actors, and his fans are eternally grateful for his compassion and pure heart, but in this gift of self by him, it is too easy to lose perspective on what Gerard, and this fan site, are all about. This is our message to everyone who visits GB.Net.

It is absolutely wonderful of Gerard to have spent his time and energies with so many fans through fan mail and personal encounters. It truly is a special person who can recognize the importance of his fans and acknowledge them in those ways. Unfortunately, as his star is rising and his time to do those personal things he did in the past will has decreased. It is not that he has gone “Hollywood” or changed as a person, but the demands of his career, along with the desire to live his own life, DOES affect his ability to do these things.

EQUALLY important however, is his acknowledgment of the masses who visit this site and others. PLEASE know, that we say with confidence that he appreciates the support of EVERY ONE OF YOU. He does not need to shake your hand, hear your voice or know what website you visit to know your importance to his career. Your messages and letters are probably MORE meaningful to him than a few minutes of chit-chat, photographs and autographs. Those that have met him are no more important than you are. They are not lifelong friends of his because of brief encounters, they are still fans….just like you.

We know, we know, easy for us to say, WE have talked to him, WE have met him more than once, but we won’t make apologies for his gift of friendship and have to respect that gift.  We are truly flattered and overwhelmed that he appreciates this site and the efforts that go into it, but this site is what it is because of YOU, THE FANS.  Without the fans, it would just be another page on the internet. We are insignificant in the grand scheme of the sheer number of people who contribute to this site everyday to share with other fans and make a difference in things here and outside of GB.Net.

We wish every last person who visits here could have five minutes with Gerry, but with close to 30,000 people visiting here daily, we can safely say, that will never happen. If it happens, it happens. We know it can hurt to think you will never have the chance to meet him, but know that he will hear your voice in the messages you post online, the efforts that you make to get his films into your local theaters, the efforts to spread your honest reviews of his projects to places where others may sit up and take notice and your compassion and kindness towards each other and new friends who admire this man, his life’s journey and his career.

To those who make plans to attend public events where Gerard is scheduled to appear, we do not know if you will get even two seconds of his time at the premiere along the red carpet or after his talk show appearances, but we know he will try his best to acknowledge your support, even if he is unable to invest a lot of time in it. He knows you are going to be there. HIS BEING ABLE TO STOP FOR FANS AT THESE EVENTS IS NEVER GUARANTEED AND SHOULD NEVER BE FORCED. We fear that some are just coming to “expect” this type of attention and he will be criticized for the times he really, truly, is unable to stop for his fans with little more than a wave to everyone and that is just an entirely unfair expectation of him from any fan. Remember too that there are other fans there, equally important as you, who may want to meet Gerard, but they may have never heard of this website, or visit other sites. They are your equals in Gerard fandom, and you should welcome them as friends always by never being pushy or monopolizing his time when it is clear he is trying to personally acknowledge as many people as possible.

To those who are unable to attend the premieres and talk show appearances, you are not forgotten. He knows not everyone can travel to be there, your support here means just as much.

To those who have had personal contact with Gerard, share your stories, spread the joy, BUT remember as well those who have not had the pleasure. Be sensitive to their heartfelt wishes for the same luck to come their way and to the fact that it will not happen to everyone. You are not any more important than them just because you have met him once or more than once. You are still fans JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Gerard is kind to just about EVERYONE he meets. He knows how to make each individual feel special. Your moment(s) are not any more priceless than anyone else’s.

Gerard, to his credit, works hard to keep up with everything, which is rare, but he deserves his space, especially when a crowd is involved.  Always remember to avoid touching or holding onto him in a crowd unless he does so first.  Respect his personal space as you would expect someone to respect yours.

In addition, it’s heartwarming how so many friendships through this fandom. It’s amazing the support you give each other. It’s amazing the number of common interests there are beyond your admiration for Gerard. Over the past seven years we have raised over $210,000 for a variety of charities!! YOU plan meet and greets with OTHER FANS, all over the world, without promise of ever meeting him. You find friends in countries and states you never would have had without the catalyst of Gerard’s kind heart. THAT is what is REALLY important and in excitement, we sometimes forget that priceless gift and lose our perspective.

Whether you ever get to meet or talk to Gerard, take heart, because you will ALWAYS be appreciated for your contributions here by your fellow fans and by Gerard.

The GB.Net Admin Team