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  1. Alexander says:

    Good afternoon, Gerard! I’ve been following your career, and you get better every year. Sorry I do not know how to write beautifully. You me more interested in the personal, your image deserves respect. Tell me how you manage to constantly vygledet well and confidently move to the top? I will be glad if you read and answer?

  2. I see now the headhunter film which is the father/son drama Gerry was going to do now has been brought forward to end of October this year, instead of next year. also, its strange cos William Dafoe who is now starring in it, was going to be in the submarine film which seems to have been put on the back burner with the heist one. this new father/son drama sounds very interesting and I look forward to seeing it along with London has fallen, cos I really enjoyed Olympus has fallen. im not too sure about god of Egypt and geostorm yet. I just want to see a film with gbutt in as its been ages since httyd 2 and that was him in animated form, so its been since ohf that weve seen him in the flesh, so to speak

  3. I thought Gerry was filming the submarine film end of july and the heist one in January.

    they seem to have been replaced by another film in October and next year the father/son drama he was talking about in one of his interview recently.
    have the first two films got held up and will he do them at some other time.

    also, why are his three films that he has already done, ages ago, taking so long to get to the cinemas, especially in the UK

  4. My dream, Jerry, have you a Cup of coffee and take a walk, talking about anything…