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  1. Impressive site. I can’t say I’m a Gerard Butler fan, I’ve only seen two of his movies. However, I loved both of them and needed some info. This is definitely the place to come for it other than IMDB.

  2. Kristine says:

    I love this web page! There is so much great stuff about Gerard here. I will just say that there’s a movie going on, Uncharted, its a game they are making into a movie. And really, Gerard Butler is perfect for the role as Nathan Drake! I hope he ore someone sees this and tell him. Thanks

  3. This is an awesome site! It was great to hear the audio of Gerard to his fans in that section. I see there are not many fans from South Africa. Would love to get in touch with those who are from SA so that we can start a ‘movement’ 🙂

    I am very curious as to how often is the virtual fan mail section updated as I see there are no entries after 6th May 2010. I’m pondering as to when my entry is going to appear and what is the ‘waiting’ period before you place the postings? Also if a message is declined do you let us know and the reason why? Only for improvement of course!

  4. Glencoe Lass says:


  5. Congratulations , the site is very interesting for those who live far from there, thanks!.
    One question, Gerard we do read reviews?

  6. I was wondering when this website got made as in the date because I am doing a project. Thank you so much.

  7. inlovewithgerardbutler says:

    does Gerard has a facebook verified account????

  8. Thank you for the quick answer! I only wanted to say to You, I find it great and envy you for the fact that you can hold personally contact with Gerard Butler. If this damages I from here nothing can act to work for Gerard in a way at all, help for him. All the best for You and lots of love from Germany. I am a diligent reader of this side!! THANK YOU!!

  9. A hearty thank-you for this great web page. It is always very topical and to read a lot about Gerard. Thank you to thanks to thanks!! I have been interested a question, however, still what really very much. Does Gerard know, actually, this side? Does he himself call in there now and again and in his visitors’ book entries? Thank you very much!

    • DÖNDÜ: Gerard does know about the site and we do work with him and his team to keep it up-to-date. He may read the messages, but he probably doesn’t have a lot of time to do so. That’s why we limit fans to one entry a week. 😀

  10. Thanks Gerard Butler Dot Net for the information. You all do amazing work. I love this site and the fact that you post Gerry’s interviews and voice mail messages. AWESOME. I think this is the most up to date that I’ve seen yet. Keep up the good work, wish I could do something to help. Tell Gerry hello from all of his fans……You all rock! Looking forward to the future with you all.

  11. Hi, I was wondering how often the virtual fan mail is updated. Great site by the way.

    • Debbie: Once or twice a week depending on the schedules of our volunteers. Since each entry has to be reviewed, sometimes it takes longer than we would like, but we do our best as we donate our spare time to maintaining that section. 😀

  12. I’m sorry, I finally found the right place for this to leave a comment on your site, about your site.

    I’ve been looking at your site for over an hour and I am very very impressed. You have done an amazing job of representing Mr. Butler on the World Wide Web, and I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into your site. I will come back often. Please keep up the hard work.


    Krissy Manning
    Wister, Oklahoma

    • Krissy: Thank you so much! We certainly try to keep everything up-to-date, something not easily accomplished in our spare time, but rewarding nonetheless, so well worth it. Thanks again!! Cheers! 😀

  13. thank you very much for information abouth spanish premier. I only have a question if that hour is spanish or american time. It’s posible? this premier will be at morning?
    Thank you for your atention.

  14. Hello! Thanks you for an excellent site devoted to such known actor Dzherardu Butler! At us in Moscow there has passed a premiere of the film the hunter behind heads and as always makes stunning success. And if it is possible, you could not inform me when plans Dzherard to arrive to us to Moscow?

  15. Hi,
    Ive just found this site and im glad that theirs one for Gerard. Ive loved him in all his films but my pesonal film that i love the best is “PS I Love You”. That film has made me fall in love with him and if i werent married and he asked me out i so would. Even though he’s 40 and im 23 i wouldnt care, he’s such a lovely hunky bloke who i can watch 24/7 7 days a week and not get bored. Who needs them pretty girlie boys? Give me Hunky Manly Gerard any day. Oh and if you happen to read this Gerard i just would like to say…
    …”PS I Love You”…

  16. Hi!!
    Just wanna say great job and for this amazing website!! Thanks

  17. Here is the thing….I really like Gerard Butler as an actor….not to mention his good looks…I think the web site is wonderful!! Very informative and fun website!! I saw Law Abiding Citizen and the Ugly Truth but could not remember his name to save my life so I looked him up and found this site!! Answered my question about his name. I was too late for the DATE….


  18. I am so touched and impressed that the winner of the Date with Gerard Butler is donating that experience to one of the kids with KKC. That was exactly the kind of thing I felt impressed to do if I had been chosen. It is the perfect way to show Gerry how much we really support this cause and value his fine example.

    Kudos to all who organized the fundraiser and helped us become more aware of this amazing program.

    Buffalo NY

  19. Good morning, dear moderator I think your website is awesome!

  20. Madelene M. says:

    Dearest you all at ,
    God bless you all at for because of your hard work and dedication to it, we fans can enjoy it too. We fans really are appreciating and loving it. I wish somehow I could help you all. I wish you had several ways or methods than just Pay-pal, so I could help more often. I am not much of a talking person, so by this I just wanted to tell you all how grateful I am.
    Thank you! For your dedication and hard work making it happen to us all.
    Yours truly,
    Madelene M.

  21. CHERI SNYDER says:

    i would just like to say that i fully support fundraising for children with cancer. my niece just actually kicked cancer herself. she is now about a year and a half old and has been cancer free for about 3 months. i would really like to give a donation, but at this time i do have the money to do so. my niece’s name is macy and she is the happiest little girl i have seen. thankfully she was so young when all the treatments happened that she will have little or no memory of. her eyesight will never fully come back, but she is getting around very well. i would really like the chance to win the dinner date but i am sorry to say i cannot enter at this time. if gerad still would like to go to dinner anyway that would be fine! haha he is the most handsome man i have ever seen in my life. thank you

  22. Good morning, dear moderator! 🙂
    I very much respect creativity Gerard Butler, I have looked many films with its participation. I very much appreciate it as the actor, he is a super actor, very versatile. I very much appreciate it as the person. Garry very strong kind clever and talented person, therefore all its roles sincere and vital.

    Thanks you for support of its site!
    Unfortunately, I have never found on it of the letter.

  23. Bless you all for your hard work and dedication to this wonderful website. We fans really appreciate it. If it wasn’t for this site, I would never have gotten to know the “real” Gerard Butler. p.s. could you put the Hellomagazine – most attractive man of the month poll- back on the website, as Orlando Bloom is about to take over Gerry’s first place status, and I certainly would hate to see that happen. Start voting ladies!!!

  24. Betty Beaver says:

    Thanks for all your up to date data on Gerard. Do hope you will keep up the great work….it is the place I trust to each day provide me with news. pictures and activity of this wonderful, handsome, sweetheart …he is so loved and appreciated and so is this website.

  25. I think your website is awesome!

  26. Elizabeth Guild says:

    I think your website is awesome!

  27. Gretchen Willard says:

    It was a pleasure finding and exploring your site. I enjoy Mr. Butler’s work and it is a pleasure to find a site supported by others who feel the same way that I do. Thank you for keeping it REAL and Clean!

    Have a blessed day, g


  29. yulis-2009 says:

    Dear Gerry!
    Happy birthday you!
    I wish you creative lifting and to receive many awards and an Oscar that your popularity has grown to heavens! That in your beautiful eyes the sparkle which has burnt to me heart did not die away. Health to you and ardent, passionate, mad love!
    I kiss you!
    With love Julia.

  30. Pam Christianson says:

    Hello There, I just wanted the website owners to know how much I have enjoyed all the info you
    provide the fans with. I have learned so much about Gerard through this site. It makes following his career even more fun. Heck, I even posted the man a poem a few weeks ago on the fanmail site and donated to the Kids Kicking Cancer Fund. I usually only give locally, but I felt very secure using the website. I truly find myself checking the progress of his movies and news and pictures almost daily. I first saw Gerard on the big screen years ago in Timeline, and was like “Who Is That?’ I went home researched him and found some movies we had, that I had not seen, and I have to say…wow. I love movies. This man is very special. I can’t wait to see him in Burns and even more in Slide. We are a baseball family, we own a baseball training center in Salem, Va. My dream was Gerard in a baseball movie..who would have thought it could come true. I would not have known anything about it, if not for the website. Thanks sooo much. You all take care and keep the info coming…A fellow Fan…Pam

  31. Dear Gerard!
    At us has already come on November, 13th so I can congratulate You Happy Birthday.
    It is banal, but I wish You to meet Love of All Life and to enjoy happiness many years.
    P.S. On the screen at all so it is a lot of You……..

  32. Thankyou soo much for your help and getting back to me.

  33. i love your site its the only one i use however i have a problem. the ugly truth dvd was released 10th november in the uk. i have searched hi and low for it but the main stores in britain have not got it in store yet its now 2 days after the release date i wonder if the date is right. i am not very good with computers and im just learning things on your site and my e.mail please could you help me find this info so i can treat myself to gerrys great dvd the ugly truth. thankyou soooo much much love and respect for what you and mr butler do xxxx

  34. Hola a todos!! hola Gerry!!. Me da mucho gusto que las fans internacionales puedan donar para los niños , y participar en la cita con Gerry !! Gracias!!!!! 🙂

    Gerry I love you!!!! kiss kiss!!!!! 🙂

    Gerry si me gano la cita contigo te voy a enseñar español!!!!! jijiji

  35. This is a excellent website for the fans. I think who ever is responsible for this has done a amazing job. Good for you

  36. Gerard and how often you happen on the site? And in general you answer letters of the admirers?

  37. Gerry, hello! I your Moscow fan, Drerri to us come to Moscow recently many stars from Gollevuda, not for a long time there was Hju Dzhekman, Mikki Rurg and you plan koga-nibud to arrive to us on a visit? Yours faithfully Olga!

    Come Moscow and all your admirers, believe and them much here, will look forward you!

    If you will be in Moscow, necessarily take part in the program of Prozhektorperishilton. You after all like to act in film in such shows.
    Dolfu Lundgrenu so was pleasant at us in Moscow that on coast Moskvariki apartment has bought! Come, we will be glad you to see!

  38. Wow! Law Abiding Citizen was AMAZING!!
    and HOT

  39. Christine says:

    Team Gerry,

    I admire the talent of each one of you and I would like to keep this site on the web as it is very well organized and prepared.
    I would like to take this opportunity to say that I love writing …. but I must improve my English.
    I wonder, too, if I continue writing, despite having written a lot, these days, but every day I am happy to have contact with you.



  40. I just realized my complete name is here and I don’t like it shown…how can I have my last name removed…? I am really REALLY uncomfortable with it like that.

    • Laurel: Only emails are hidden. What you put in the name field is completely up to you, but whatever you enter there will show on the website. We have edited out your full name on your previous comments.

  41. elis ismail says:

    hi guys! I would lik eto know if occasionaly happens Gerry to respond (which I don`t believe happened to the moment though) ut IF happens, how users know, the response goes to where?my e-mail address which I filled when registered?



  42. Krista Boone says:


    Where is the trailer that they played last night during the sixth season premiere of House?! It about broke my heart (I did get tears in me eyes) when Clyde said, “But they killed my little daughter, Nick.” And I thought I was only going to need a shamwow to mop up me drool over dreamy Gerry, now I will need another Shamwow for me tears as I bawl uncontrolable at the sadness of this story.

    Thanks for the great work you guys do!


  43. Hello!
    I think that Gerard does not read the message on this site;-)
    Gerard possesses that charm and skill which bewitches! Images created by it are realistic. I like its works. With all my heart I wish creative successes and bright victories!!!
    Good luck,
    Viktoriya (Russia, Moscow city)

  44. Boran Zakri says:

    Hello Gerard,

    your voice is an Inspiration ..

    i liked you most in p.s i love you and i would really be proud if you accept my story to perform it in a movie cuz you are really a reall missing love .

    my K/Regards from Saudi Arabia ..

  45. katelouise says:

    I don’t know where I should post this…here is what I just read on
    Photo #12- “300”!!! One of the “Top Manilest Movie Ever Made”!!!

  46. Go back to works like Phantom. That was your greatest work. Do that for your fans and yourself.

  47. I loved him in the The Ugly Truth with Katherine. It was halarious.

  48. Hi Webowners –

    How do you hear about the tv appearances that Gerry will be doing? I live in LA and would LOVE to see him promoting his movies, but they are always sold old when I hear about them. If you know any way, please let me know!

    Also, I want to help with the annual birthday event in Los Angeles. Who can I speak with?

    Thanks! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  49. lev elena says:

    you are so sweet i am teacher in romania and i am born in 1970 i give you my id mess lew.cigoianu kiss you

  50. Diana Pictou says:

    Hi all the way from Truro, Nova Scotia, Just wanted to say im s intrigued with you as an actor and you work i amazing. Keep up the great job, my kids love to watch you work too.
    Diana Pictou