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  1. Hola Gerry, my name is Shirley, Im from Costa Rica, I`m an English teacher, I love to work with tennegers. I just want to say that i really admire you as an actor, and as a man, because the things you do for many different people around the world. Wish you the best. I want to buy your 2014 agenda, planning book, and the calender, but Idont know where or how? 🙁


  2. violeta jevtovic says:

    Dear Mr. Butler,
    I live in Serbia, I have a PhD in chemistry from Oxford University, UK. Now I’ve got teaching university jobs in Dubai and I have no money to buy a ticket to travel there. Just do not believe it, but there it is…. You are not only a good and likable actor, but also a good man. And I do not know why you write this, but somehow it is easier, will be OK …I wish you all the best in your career and personal happiness.

  3. Juliana Dalla Torre Martins says:

    Gerad, ola tudo bem?
    Acabei de assistir o filme P.S Eu te amo. Adorei, Amei. Sua atuação foi espetacular.
    Apaixonei!!! Obrigado.
    Beijos, Juliana D. T. Martins.

  4. I love this website! Always have the latest news and pictures of Gerry and his movies.
    Greetings from Hungary!

  5. Hi Gerard!
    I love you!

  6. good morning ILOVE YOU BRAZIL

  7. You’re charming and a great actor!From all my heart I wish You personal and creative happiness)))))Raduyte and on all his professional ???????????.?? all your heart,the Ukrainian girl)))

  8. Marissa Heaps says:

    Gerard, You are simply amazing. You are an amazing actor, I love all the movies you are in. I would love to hear back from you an also meet you. It would be a dream!!

  9. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan says:

    can you confirm that gerard butler is going to be promoting his new film playing for keeps at a premiere in leicester square, london on friday 14 december. i keep hearing little rumours, but there is nothing advertised on forthcoming events. please could you let me know asap, as i am always at gerrys premieres in london and have to rearrange my work around it.

    thank you.

    • Gerard Butler Dot Net says:

      Gerard, Jessica Biel and Dennis Quaid are all tentatively scheduled to attend the UK premiere of Playing for Keeps on December 13 at the Apollo Picadilly Circus. Celeb arrivals are scheduled for between 5:15 and 6:15pm.

  10. It would be nice to meet you in person))

  11. Hi Gerald!! All I can say you are amazing and very handsome looking LOVE it!! xoxo

  12. I’d like to meet you before you became a celebrity..

  13. titan haired mona says:

    Hey GB.Net,

    Are you going to finish out the 2012 calender with Mr. Butler’s picture insert?
    Was June the last one you’re going to do? Waah. I LOVE me some download-able Gerry.

    Cheers, :)thm

    • Gerard Butler Dot Net says:

      Sorry about that! We’ve added the calendars for the remainder of the year. Thanks for the reminder!!! 🙂

  14. Ana Lucia de Sousa Machado says:


    Pense no futuro, somos frágeis e precisamos estar perto de quem nos ama e nos quer bem.

    A vida de artista é cheia de armadilhas e, se não estamos atentos, as aparências nos enganam.

    Traga seus familiares para perto de você, ou, então, fique mais tempo perto deles.


  15. Musiclady, Mina says:

    Dear Gerard ! Thankyou for tremendous acting in films ..and singing,bye the way,in The Fantom of the Opera a’specially! This is surprizing , and very positiv .
    I am sorry, but i think ,and really mean..YOU are the next James Bond as 007 .
    I do think the filmmakers are blind…and Mr Bond’ this days is nothing compared to You.
    I have a manuscript for you in this case.
    Interested ?
    I am a face-reader ..I know all your smiles,wrinkels,and expressiones and feelings ,
    talk about 1000- faces..that’s you. Interesting.
    You are allmost the only one who can look evil without cosmetics..
    you just put your eyes on a
    You also are the first sexy Dracula.That’s good.
    (Bram Stoker ,with this beautiful Dracula’s atmosphere ..and All others: Step aside !)
    I want to see you in my country.I am myself a musician ,singer and writer .
    But..when will you take a trip ?
    I’ll tell you later if you respond on this.
    I wish you the nicest summer in the world.GO ON !
    Many hugs from Musiclady

  16. I just wanted to congratulate you on your moral standards with regards to GB’s private life…ie…

    After some careful thought and consideration, we have come to the conclusion that GB.Net will not entertain gossip on this website about Gerard Butler’s personal life or what is being said on other sites with regards to Gerard and this site. Please don’t send us questions and/or links asking us to verify anything that appears on other fan sites or that does not directly relate to a Gerard career question or public appearance.

    I find it truly refreshing to read things where the conversation doesn’t degenerate into what I consider degrading comments about the man’s anatomy.

    Keep up the good work, and well done!

  17. sue grint (greatest london fan) says:

    well, in my reckoning, gbutts going to be a very busy boy this year. i have counted 5 films he has an interest in, and a lot of them are around the same time of year. unless we clone him, which i personally think is a terrific idea, then we can all have our own gbutt, he has a problem.
    whats going on, and which ones is he going to star in.

  18. Hi GBDN team , thanks for the website n all your works , I would love to volunteer/help be apart of what your doing , because this site is an inspiration to many . Hope to hear from you .

  19. Tina Gravlin says:

    I am in love with this site. I know that you have volunteers I would like to be one of them. Please contact me at the address above and I will work with you on any thing thanks so much.

  20. Has looked at “Coriolanus”. My eyes were filled with tears. Greatli. And it is terrible that some centuries have passed, and the world hasn’t changed. Good fellows.

  21. Dear Gerard. Today, 23rd February, we celebrated in Belarus, Defender of the Fatherland Day. And if you just – Day of the real men. And I congratulate you. Because you’re a real man. Love, health and many happy days.
    PS: Take care of yourself.

  22. Marina Rice says:

    What a beautiful site dedicated to such a beautiful man.

  23. amna bhatti says:

    hi mr butler,i love ur movies.u r simply supurb
    bt i want to know r u realy that sweat in ur orignal life?????????????

  24. Such handsome man
    I Would like to give birth to the child from him

    I wish to send my photos

  25. dear site,
    please let gerry know that he means everything to me, a small, meek, east-coat, girl named emma, tell him i love him and that i write to him everytime i’m upset, i hope to send that notebook to him sometime, tell gerry that without him i would have never told my parents “i want to sing,” tell him that because of him i would have never held my head up to the world and say “i’m not scared of you” tell him sometimes i wish he would love me as much as i do him

  26. Christine London says:

    FYI – Blog about Saturday Night Arc Light panel and screening of MGP:

    I invite you to subscribe if you wish similar future reporting at your fingertips. 🙂

  27. yeter pelin says:

    hiiiiiii Gerard ! will u marry me?

  28. Emily Sonders says:

    He looks good- lovely. But then I really like rumpled rustic elegance in most things, like my
    decorating or garden but certainly in gentlemen. We think we like Gerard in Phantom because of
    the “tall, dark, handsome” quality. But (imho) it was when a man has big shoulders and is slender
    as well and the face is slender then the eyes become a focal point. Like in Dear Frankie
    Anyway, I was afraid suddenly we would be looking at Orsen Wells or Elvis Presley- who changed
    into oafishness so quickly in just a few years.
    Hope he stays slender, he owes it to his shoulders.


  29. eliza brentworth says:

    Dearest Gerry,You are amazing,the best actor in the world,certainly the most beautiful.

  30. eliza brentworth says:

    Dear Gerard Butler,
    Shish,be quiet and listen to me,I am the Phantom and you will agree,I’m trecherous,cunning,and something to see.I am the Phantom I live here down below,if they only knew I would give them a show.One girl loved me that was her mistake.I wrapped my cape around her,no pity will I pertake,Come to me if your foolish,laugh with me if you dare,soon you will learn that I really don’t care.For I am the Phantom and this is my lair.I live here and this is not for the fair.My days are in darkness,my nights are dark too,you wouldn’t want me if you only knew.Leave me my peace and I will leave you yours.Don’t come here walking on my dark shores.Stay where your at ,safe you will be,I will never concieve what you want from me.For I am the Phantom,I am on my own,leave me now I want to be alone. Sincerely,
    Eliza Brentworth

  31. julie myers says:

    First of all, thank you for your prompt reply to my earlier posting. Maybe you can help me with another inquiry. Someone had said that they saw GB on a show called “The Role That Changed My Life” (BIO Channel), but I don’t know when. If he was on such a show which could have been several years ago, was he on it with someone else and not just by himself? When I did a search for him on BIO, nothing came up for him. I am curious because I have been checking the “Biography” programs on BIO but I have found nothing so far. Can you help? Gerry is always such a good interview and I always come away with a smile on my face!

  32. Zsuzsanna Tör? says:

    Congratulations to the movies, more good luck
    Art is a lie which makes us realize the truth. 🙂

    Susanna HUN.

  33. GLENCOE LASSIE says:

    With your new set up for virtual fan mail, will Gerry see my message to him that I left?

  34. Julie Myers says:

    First of all, thanks for all that you do at the website to give all of us fans updates on Mr. Butler. Secondly, I was wondering if you could clarify the Guilty Hearts dvd that is being released as of 6/28. It is advertised with Gerry on the cover, but some fans have stated that his short “Please” is not included in the dvd. There are some frustrated fans out there that can’t seem to find an answer. I saw the short on YouTube some time ago and saw what a riveting performance he gave, but it was such a tragic one as well. I so much enjoy his early dramatic roles. Keep up your great work on the website!

    • Apparently a foreign DVD of the same name that was previously released did not contain Please!, but we have been told that this American/Canadian version does indeed contain the Paul Black directed short Please! starring Gerard.

  35. anonymous says:

    Your the most beautiful man that has ever been born,Gerard Butler.What a beautiful face.I almost fainted when I seen the photos of you modeling.I love your hair long and pulled off that beautiful face of yours.You have a beautiful hairline and should never cover it up.You look better with your hair long and pulled back off that incredable face of yours.Those photos of you giving away a award to some designer are quite extroardinary.You have never looked better.

  36. Can you update your “how to contact Gerry fan mail address” please thanks

  37. Lindsey Blaschke says:

    Love the website a whole bunch keeps well up to date on things keep up the hard work

  38. Patricia Brasher (4tunate) says:

    I was just reading your history and how 3 women started this site. Incredible change you have made in so many lives but Incredible is the change you have made in GB’s life and the various charities!! It boggles my wee mind to think of the difference you have made in so many lives. Thank you so much! Have you archived any of the early days etc. You need to write a book! 🙂 Anyway, thank all of you for your work and dedication. Sincerely, Pat

  39. O.k. I know this is crazy, but I will try anyway!
    Gerard Butler please play my brother-in-law who passed away five years ago!!!!!!!! You would not blieve how much you look like him, and he would have wanted you to play him in a movie. Del is worthy of making a movie about him!

    Paige…… I know “crazy”!

  40. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    this new film of pinkerton gerry is helping produce sounds interesting. the name pinkerton sounds familiar was he the man in the white hat that kept following butch cassidy and the sundance kid. if anyone knows let us know.

  41. Carolyn McManama says:

    I was flipping channels around 1am and all of a sudden I see Gerard in the locker
    room of the Michigan States Spartans.I think I missed part of the show.It
    also showed him with the coach and the coach talking about him.It is on FSN/Detroit
    which is Fox News.It says it will be rerun at 7am Friday the 22nd.I live in Michigan and
    have comcast and it is channel 30.The show was Spartan Access TV.What I got
    to see was great.Don’t know if anyone there has access to it.Just thought I would let you
    know it is out there.

  42. I love Gerard and this is a great website! He’s a terrific actor. As someone else here stated already we have got to get Gerard in the movie UNCHARTED to play Nathan Drake. Uncharted is an action adventure video game. Please consider this Gerry and Columbia pictures.

  43. miss appleton says:

    you r doing a good job but no matter how good lookin he is r how famous he is and i bet people have thought about how much money he earns to but at the end of the day he works hard at what he does and enjoys every minute of it and underneath it all hes a real person and i hope this was ok

  44. Great web page! And Gerry is such a wonderful actor! Thumbs up!

  45. sue grint(greatest london fan) says:

    i dont know where this article would go, but here i go, i met barbara at the ugly truth premiere in london last year, and have kept in touch by emails every since. she is just as mad over gerry as me, well not quite, but she has just got herself a puppy and has called it after one of gerrys characters in his films. i said, was it attila, because i could imagine her in the park shouting out attila, attila, where are you or come here. that would be brilliant. she did infact call him milo, which i think is great. how devoted to gerry is that. has anyone else got some brilliant stories to tell, while its so quiet on the gerry front.

  46. Hello,

    I just wanted to say that the only thing that bothers me about Gerry in movies is that is doesn’t contract for BETTER SUITS! He is a sexy hunk and somehow someway the movies put him in horrible clothes and the suits don’t even fit this gorgeous hunk of man. GERRY – please make sure it is in your contract that you have tailored suits from now on!!!

  47. After seeing a few of Mr. Butler’s movies, I wanted to find out more about the actor. I must say, this is a wonderful website. I like the FAQ’s and your respect for his privacy. You give straight-forward information and the layouts are clean and crisp – very pleasing! Good job.

  48. Gerard B. is extremely handsome! I knew he could act – but he really showed his talent in Lawful Citizen. You are awesome Gerry!

  49. Donna Carmichael says:

    AWESOME site!!! Loved “The Ugly Truth”.


  50. Great website,Didn’t know there was a Gerard Came across it.Great website and actor