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  1. marlene says:

    Dear Gerard
    I just want to say the music of the night is very beatiful, but I enjoy that song you also sing No one would listen It is so deep and sad but so so beatiful cant stop lisining it. my english speling made be bit akward sorrie I am afrikaans speaking. thanks for reading if you ever come around reading this.

  2. marlene says:

    Dear Gerard
    mybe every compliment that can be discripe the way your acting is been said in so many ways there is nothing new that I can say that will sound different. you are briljiant and I love your hardwork that you do and the way you do it. but one thing I can say we do share the same birhtsign and I read a lot about you and I are sometime amise at how you feel the same about little things as I do. my farourite movie is the phantom. but I busy collecting them all. and you are a wonderful person. love you lots!

  3. Elizabeth Hutton says:

    Did you live for a short time as a baby in San Jose, Ca. I knew a baby – same name, same age with an older brother and sister from Scotland and Canada who lived on the same street. I gave that baby a bracelet similar to the one you wear frequently. Sweet baby, then babies usually are. Used to play mostly with older brother and sister. Older brother and I had issues – he would not follow my advice regarding being a better older brother and we stopped speaking to each other. If this is same Gerard Butler, please tell older brother that it was nothing personal – my older sister guilt-ed and badgered me into sending him that stupid valentine that he through into the gutter with the con that it was my responsibility being female to make “peace” (Like she ever does – she only manipulates – and it was actually his since he was in the wrong – he really hated me after that and I never understood why) in hopes I would get into trouble for having it given to him from me, which I did. If same Butlers, hope he has been a better older brother than he was in those days.

  4. Line Leclair says:

    Dear Gerard,

    My name is Line Leclair, I live in Montreal, Canada. I am a huge fan and have seen your last film (Olympus has fallen) 7 times. I have all of your movies. Let’s just say I definitely find that you are a very handsome man and a very good actor. I had a question: are there any plans for you to perhaps play a part in a movie with Harrison Ford or George Clooney?

    More questions: Are you a fan of football (soccer)? Do you do your own stunts in your movies?

    I was also wondering if it was possible to send me an autographed picture or if I need to write elsewhere for that?

    I do hope that this message is read and to hear from you very soon.


  5. erin norrie says:

    Dear gerry,

    Can I just start off by saying you have enspired me so much. I have watched every single one of your films and they are all fansatic. I’m from glasgow to, such a beautiful city, but they weather isn’t so good. I’m one of you fans and was to see if it could be possible if you could send me your autograph, it would be much appriciated.

    Lots of love, erin :).

  6. Skyler Blair says:

    Gerry awesome face,

    A little bird told me that you are interested in a project involving Robert the Bruce!
    If such a project is starting to grow legs, can you sweet talk a few writers to reference the Blair’s of Aryshire for me? Blair has been my families surname since the first Blairs in the year 1150s. They supported Robert and one of my Blair ancestors fought along side him. In 1750 or so the barony was absorbed by the Hunter clan. That’s all fine and dandy I suppose to be absorbed by what is now known as the Hunter Blair’s but if you make this movie and reference the Blair’s or have a small Blair diolog part, I will gladly wear a kilt for an entire year.

    P.S. I live in Oregon so 9 months of rain in a kilt would not exactly be a scottish fairytale. Commando baby!

    Willing to embarrass myself for recognition,

    Skyler Blair

  7. Hi Gerard, our names are Serena and Lucia and we’re 21 years old. WE live in Italy and we are your biggest fans from the movie “The Phantom of the Opera”, and we followed you since then.
    You are a fantastic actor and we love your performances. Your movies are the best ever, above all we were struck by your last film “Olympus has fallen”: you made us excite from start to finish! How did you play a character so realistic and well built like Mike?
    We admire how you’re able to get in touch with your have done well not to pursue a career as a lawyer.
    Did you ever come to Italy? If so, did you like? And when will you be back again?
    We have never been in America or in England because we can’t afford it, but sooner or later we’ll go there.
    We would love to meet you, even we know not to be the first to ask you..but is one of our dreams.
    Making you compliments for your beautiful singing voice and your career, we say goodbye to you and..see you soon to the cinema, Gerard!
    With love,
    Serena and Lucia

  8. Hello, Mr. Butler.
    I am a student of Japanese.
    I watched the Phantom of the Opera recently. And I became a big fan of you.
    I can not forget the phantom that you played.
    I am not good at English, but I wanted to tell you that this means.
    If you have me read this message, I’m so happy.

    I love you.

  9. Darin Rohatinsky says:

    I just wanted to thank you for playing your role in ‘Chasing Mavericks’ because it really touched me in ways. I showed it to my wife, then my kids last night which was my 5th time watching, and I balled my eyes out even more, because I related to some of the characters from my own life experiences. But with my heart, I wanted to just say thank you for making that movie. It was SO incredibly powerful.

    Darin Rohatinsky

  10. Ana Pintané says:

    Gerry, i can’t even believe i can get in contact with you, i supose you’ll never read this even the hard effort i have to do because of my language (i am from Spain), but let me tell you that i am probably your first fan, i fell passion about your works, your talent, your irish charm which i can see in every film you do. Reading this or not, i just want to tell you nothing you don’t want to hear, all i want is for you to say. Why don’t you just take me where I’ve never been before, I know you want to hear me catch my breath.. I love you till the end :'( I hope these lyrics sound you, because it’s from Ps; i love you,one of my favourite films ever, and it’s not because i am corny or something like this. I love this film because the script, the realization, everything is absolutely brilliant. But my favourite film above all is Law Abiding Citizen. It’s just the BEST film i’ve ever seen, and your interpretation was… oh godddd, i really love you and i hope you read this because you are my idol. I admire you a lot. You are the best. Good luck in future, Ana .xx

  11. Christine says:

    Hello ..
    A few days mentally imagined that I would write a great letter) But by going to your page, all the words have evaporated)))
    Let’s just say, thank you for your work, in difficult times, the movies with your participation really supported me ^ _ ^
    Sincerely, Christine.
    (ps sorry for my english, grammar my problem :))

  12. I think you are the hostest man alive…. …. My next husband ..but that you dont know yet!!..LOL

    I do so hope you will come to South Africa and that i would be able to meet you in person!!

    Love all your work!!


  13. tamara stata says:

    dear gerard how are u mate,hows the movie bussiness treating u ya i knw hectic at time im writing to u to let u know to keep your head up u know what u want desptes everything that goes on,, u have not come this far for nothing. for that im telling u with your own advice.. quote if u sit around hopeing for something to come and your not happy were u are..then that is not the life for your heart u always know so go do it,good or bad.. and gerry dont rush things my friend.. u will know when your ready.for marrage,kids ect n i know time is not on yr side.. but it will happen when u feel n know it will…anyhow dont forget your mom on mothers day. for she real special like all moms are.. i wish i still had time to share with mine..but she passed for cancer like yr dad..well love ya yr biggest fan here in minden ontario canadaxoxoxoxoxo.

  14. christina iwanitza says:

    I wonder if Gerry ever gets to read these..I live in the Uk, Eastbourne East Sussex, near Brighton.I am one of those many fans that has never been lucky enough to of met Gerry, not been in the right place at the right time..Gerry has a profile on Faceboook and Twitter yet he hardly ever uploads new get kinda deflated..waiting for some kind of news..yet he had time to go to that ball..tutt tutt!! Gerry…I understand that he is very busy..and his private life is just that..personal and private..but having seen the stuff fans upload he is adored..loved..liked..admired…and every female wants a piede of him..I would just love to meet him, to see what the man is like in the flesh..the very first time i fell for him was the dracula film..god he looked so sexy. I loved the long curly hair..but then in PS I LOVE he was just so adorable..

  15. Marisol F says:

    Good evening, I am Spanish and I wanted to send you a greeting because I love your movies, what topical no? I think you’re a great actor. I just wonder if you know Spain.



    P.S. I am studying your language so I do not speak and write it very well, I hope you forgive my mistakes

  16. tamara stata says:

    hey gerard im not going to bore u but us fans in canada wanna see u too come on u dont want us to give up..oh and yr the greatest by the way .i hope one day to meet u and yr mom shes a very special most moms are.. oh and one day i hope to see u and get an autograph oh he hope… love u yr big fan xoxoxoxo tam from minden ontario canada k0m2k0

  17. gerard hello I would love to receive any message from you
    make a good friendship with you, I fascinaste in dracula 2000 is my favorite
    in all your movies really fascinate me
    honrraria nothing more that I’d write, receives a kiss and a greeting from puebla mexico, I’ll wait like a nice dream to write me your admirer gaby you soon …….

  18. Marianna Grizzle says:

    You are sooooo awesome Gerard Butler. i love all the movies you are in.

  19. sorry all of iranan have problem in aother languech it,s very bad i know i have many mistake but i know you have great heart

  20. hi handsome guy, if you know where is my contury maybe you scared becaus i,m from iran when ever i love i hope to see you, when we see 300 film we were upset we are not bad people just we have bad govermant, all the flowers in world for you if you ask for me whith your eyes i will be happy. dont be worry b i haven,t enough time to send you every day lovely make my dream real if you read my mail .

  21. Hi

    Just wanted to say I FINALLY got hold of Coriolanus – and it is quite good. Butler is superb (but then, he always is) although his character is not as well developed as I would like (but then that’s Shakespeare’s limitation, I do believe). Highly recommended!


  22. Elisabeth says:



  23. Cathy Fordham says:

    Highly intelligent,talented individual!

  24. Carolyne Patterson says:

    When r u coming to the Land Down Under (aka Australia)?

  25. Glencoe Lassie(Sue) says:

    Hi. How are things? In the States now? Still in Mexico? It’s been crazy here in Massachusetts this past week. What with the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Things have finally settled down since they caught the bad guy. Crazy world! Hope all’s well. How’s puppy? I have a 1 year old black lab. He’s a fireplug! A powerful boy with a current weight of about 90 lbs. Looking forward to taking him for a swim in the ocean, which is at the end of my street. Take care!

  26. Hello Gerard,
    May I wish you and your lovely girlfriend all the happiness and contentment in the future for you both.
    It seems your life is changing now, and you deserve to be happy.
    Keep on keeping on in your acting as you bring a great deal of pleasure to so many of us.
    Aye awe ra best Gerard. Lotsa love fae me tae you. xx

  27. nermin mohamed nabil sheta says:

    I’ m not crazy or obsessed or after you , that I better die before hurting you and before being such woman..It is just , In the name of ”God” : I love you Gerard Edward James Butler for all time..I love you more than life..I love you more than love and only ”God” I love more than you..All other men no matter how perfect they are even those who asked me to marry them are nothing to me but ghosts , they talk , walk and sit next to me but to me they are not even here..And you..You are in another universe so different of mine some how you are in me inside my mind and heart..You are next to my soul and I don’t even know you but I do believe in you , I believe that you are good & beloved and I believe in all of that and in so much more that this love in my mind and heart for you is endless and limitless , I’ m not ”God” to be sure of something or someone without a prove but I still have the right to believe and you have the right to know that there is such love and that there is someone who love you that much..If don’t belong to me that is your mind and heart and your free well but love you and that is my mind and heart and free well..PLEAS BE HAPPY FOR ALL TIME GERARD THAT ALL I ASK OF YOU ..
    nermin ,

  28. Hi, Gerard. When I see a good movie, I’m so energized that I want to write and thank you for all the effort and love you put in your playing. The film ” the ugly truth ” is wonderful . Your dance and play is amazing and charming . Your singing in the film ” P.S. I love you ” is so surprising , powerful that I’ve rarely seen of other famous Hollywood actors. I also love your characters and performances in heroic movies . In other words , a man for all seasons, a powerful actor, keep on good work . Wish to see you in more different roles and movies so soon .

    Thank you and wish you the best .

  29. Hi, Gerard. Glad to write for you . I love and see most of your movies . As my most favorite actor , thank you and wish you the best .

  30. Just saw Olympus! It was great and you were amazing. Been a fan of yours since the Phantom, you get better with age. Quit smoking if you haven’t already. I started smoking when I was 12 and quit for good when I was 26! That was 4 years ago now so I think it’s safe to say that I will never go back, but I will tell you that I still think about it all the time. At first I missed it and now I think about how much happier I am without. Best of luck!!

  31. Hi , Gerard . You are my favorite actor. I’ve seen most of your plays . I specially love ” bounty hunter” and your under-skin play in ” the ugly truth” . I also love your play in hero-historical movies . It’s wonderful. Appreciate your hard work and consideration . WISH YOU THE BEST.

  32. PDUB GUITAR says:

    Hello , This is not a public post .
    After seeing the expression on your face in this media photo today on 4/12/13 , I am inclined to share some secrets , yet open up that of a truth . You have my email , Rather not post this , however , What I’m offering is the mother of all secrets . Want to know more ? I think you handle it . In fact, I think you’re ready for more . At least I hope so . You have my email Gerard , – Pdub Guitar .

  33. Hello dear Gerard,
    I am Brazilian, Florianópolis / SC, my hometown is located in the south .. Do you know? I think you know only Rio de Janeiro, huh? .. Florianopolis is a very beautiful city, lots of beach and nature.

    I met you watching the movie PS I love you, I think all of us women, fell in love with you in this movie .. I have watched almost all your movies and admire as a person and for his career.

    I apologize for my English, because I’m still learning this language and know I need to improve a lot.

    Gerard .. I wish God continue to bless your life and your career. I felt like in my heart to say this to you .. You are very special to God .. May God fulfill all your dreams.
    Check back soon to theaters, we are missing a lot of their smiles.

    Kiss and a big hug. Stay with God!

    Silvana .. 🙂

  34. You were amazing in Phantom of the Opera!

  35. Tammy stata says:

    Gerry I know yr a busy man so I will keep it short
    U r like the best actor I know smart,funny,sexy,
    N don’t take no crap n tell how things r I’m glad
    U too charge of yr life wish most men were like u
    I’ve seen all yr movie I’m a big fan never met u
    Or got n autograph live to far away n Ontario Canada k0m2k0
    N I’m affaid to fly heights lol anyway keep it up
    Cause I know u will why cause the butler did it?u????big fan Tamara

  36. LYnn Leclaire says:

    Dear Mr Gerard Butler.I am big fan of you I come from Montreal, Quebec Canada.I have watched five times your moive ( the white house) and also i have watched the phantom of the opera.

  37. gisella pino fuentes says:

    ere a
    gallant handsome
    and I loveyou
    fans gisella

  38. D. Retno Iswari says:

    Hi I’m a big fan of yours, I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. I will be pleased if you reply my email, I’m begging youuu:*

  39. Shirley muir says:

    Dear Gerard,
    Just want to say, watched your appearance on the Graham Norton show tonight and I cannot believe you have now adopted a semi American accent…what’s that all about ?? Cannot believe you have went down this road !! Dead disappointed and so are all my friends. Canny stand folk that start speaking wae an adopted twang !! Don’t say it’s yer job cos my 90 year old auntie has live in new York for nearly 40 years and still talks with her broad Scottish accent and proud of it. Think yer a bit of a fud now 🙁 … 🙂

  40. Silvana says:

    Have you never been in love?

  41. gerard you have the most wonderful and heartfelt laugh It enchanted me again thank you!!!

  42. GLENCOE LASSIE says:

    Hi Gerry! How’s it going? looking forward to seeing OHF (hopefully this weekend). What’s new now? What’s the latest project? What new countries would you like to visit and what new skills would you like to learn for a film?

    As part of my bucket list I’d like to learn to fly, surf, hot air balloon and zip line …. and of course, to sound like a complete sap, meet you!

    I know you’ve surfed (Chasing Mavericks) and hot air ballooned (Ugly Truth), but have you taken any flying lessons and/or ziplined as yet?

    As my clan says (my last name is Scottish!), “Gang Warily”. What is your clan’s motto?

    By the way, I don’t go with horoscopes, but I read that Scorpios (you) and Cancers(me) are the best of

  43. Your movies are great, keep up the great work that you do!

  44. sara szikora says:

    I just believe u will read that…well have to say that u have something that makes me think ur special person, I could only wish that 1 day I would be able to talk 2 u…I have this feeling that u could help me in certain thoughts!!!
    It Sara from Dubai …

  45. Karen Schmidt says:

    Hey Gerald~ you’re looking well…hope your neck is better! Just saw your new film
    almost walked out until it hooked me- good job. Can’t wait to see Chasing Mavericks
    it’s my favorite beach to take my dog, then go drink at the Half Moon Bay Brewery!!

  46. The GREAT leader & TRUSTED advisor ! says:

    Dear MR Butler, you sir have been chosen to obey, serve and protect the great sim in the sky
    Our meeting is in 2 weeks in the Red Rooster Store room,
    Look forward to seeing you, im sure you will enjoy the Australian french kiss 😉 x

  47. Hey Handsome,
    The reason you’re not married…. we haven’t met yet! : )


  48. I dream to meet you one day Gerry… unfortunately I am too far:) Best wishes! I love wtching you:)

  49. Janet Dollar says:

    Ever thought about dating a Southern Belle? Maybe you should, nothing like Alabama hospitality, and my name is really $. Your the best looking thing I’ve seen.

  50. Janet Dollar says:

    Ever thought about what it would be like to date a Southern Belle from Alabama? If not, you should. Nothing like Southern hospitality. Yes, my real name is $