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  1. Hello dear gerard, I’m melika from Iran and one of your fans . I think that you’re the best actor in Hollywood !!! I love all of your films specially ( Olympus has fallen and Gamer ) .
    I hope that you achieve more success in your life 😀 🙂 !!! AND I just wanna say that you are handsome too (LOL) … LOVE you ^_^

  2. Hello, Gerard!
    Thank you for film “chasing Mavericks”. I have seen it a lot of times. I usually watch it when need to make a decision and to overcome my fear…

  3. I love watching pretty much any Gerard Butler film, amazing actor, I was wondering though, does he do any charity work? I was also wondering if he answers fan mail received by actual mail and not email lol. thanks.


  4. Hi Gerard!
    I think you are an amazing actor with many gifts. I appreciate
    your love for helping the people of Africa too. This shows you have
    a pure and giving heart. I admire that love and selflessness in your heart.
    I appreciate and respect you. I admire you and enjoy seeing your smile.
    I hope to meet you and talk with you some day in this lifetime. God bless you.
    Sincerely and with love,

  5. I think you are an extraordinarily amazing actor with incredible depth. I wish you the best and hope to meet you some day!

  6. May the peace and blessings
    of Christmas be yours;
    And may the coming year
    be filled with happiness.

  7. Suzana Shopova says:

    Dear Gerry,

    Wishing you all the best in the New Year to come, may you always be in excellent health, radiated by Love from your family, friends and fans and follow your inner guide, who will always lead you to happiness, success and prosperity. God bless you! Warm regards from Macedonia

  8. Dear Gerard

    Just want to say a very merry christmas and a happy new year for you. And a thousants thanx to all your hardwork. You are one just the man. lots of love. I am a fan of you from South Africa. Hope to see more movies from you. You are just the best. <3<3

  9. Nermin Sheta says:

    Happy birthday Gerard..
    Most time Hollywood lifestyle doesn’t help anyone to be healthy , please Gerard always checkup from your toenail to bone & Brain ,, please Gerard don’t you drown in misery in this life or the next one I want you truly happy for all time by ”God” , I love you ,
    My gift is my song..& This one is for you and you can tell every body that this is your song……..Hope you don’t mind , I hope you don’t mind , that I put down in words .. How wonderful life is now you’re in the world ,
    & I sing for you any way and wright poems & Letters and play music for you my beloved phantom ,, for you Gerard Edward James Butler as long as I love you & I love you for all time ,, for you my love even if I am not your love ,
    Yours 4 all time even if you are not mine .. Well .. I am not obsessed , I only love you & I only want you happy and By ”God” you will be happy for all time because you are a good man and I can’t lose you that kind of lost & ”God” is merciful , ”He” will never do that to me & I pray to ”Him” for you .. I love you .. I love you .. I love you ,, I promise you and I will never let go of that promise ,, I will never let go ,
    P.S I love you so Gerard & I say it all to all a lot ,
    Happy birthday my love ,
    Nermin ,

  10. My dream came true…you were here in Romania…thank you!

  11. Jessica Hall says:

    I Freaking LOVEEEE you and the fact that you are single is killing me! i really, really want to meet you! I love Irish men woot! please please let me meet you!

  12. Hello Jerry, my name is Yana I am from Ukraine, your work is very liked, I very like your appearance, you are my ideal of man, I dont know you read it or no, but I would be very thankful if you that was written to me. I Love you so much. kiss you

  13. Sharon R. Weber says:

    Hi Gerry, I am an undying fan. I have seen every movie that you have made to date. I can’t help but noticing how much you have grown with each new project you have taken on. Although I have seen all your films, I certainly have my favorites. You have made a tremendous impact on the movie industry and you should be very proud. You have great potential and it grows every time you take on a new script. I am very anxious to see what you have in store next. Olympus was, in my opinion, a block buster. The press on that film was fantastic. I have seen Olympus at least ten times and I’ll will continue watching it along with the rest of my most favorites. Are you still singing, I sure hope you are because you’re awesome. I know that your Mum is so very proud, I know I would be. You have most definitely been blessed with talent that not everybody has or uses. Love ya. Oh the new haircut is very handsome.

  14. Hello there

    Great movies man

    Take care

  15. I don’t know why I sent this I just felt you would get it. I don’t want a relationship at all but maybe I could show a part of Australia you haven’t seen. Take it easy. Alli

  16. I am probably your oldest fan. I’ve been following your career since I first saw Phantom. I think I’ve seen just about every one of your movies. I am as proud and pleased as a Mom. I am so happy to see how far you’ve come. I hope your success has brought you happiness as well as fortune. You have worked so hard and I think you really deserve it.
    Love, love, love you!

  17. Hello Gerry, recent months I have seen almost all your movies, and are great. Especially “Playing for Keeps” – I am speechless. I loved that movie. I cant wait to see the new once are coming 🙂

    Warm wishes,

  18. Dear Jerry , I really want to meet you … I want you to look at me … But I live in Russia … I hope my dream will come true.

  19. Diana Gilmore says:

    Recently I purchased a copy of Phanton of the Opera, Gerard is mesmerizingin this film, I didn’t know he existed before. Now that I’ve seen current pics of him I’ll just keep watching the Old film. Gerard, you aren’t that hot to trot now. Sorry Diama

  20. Gerard,

    Okay so I am not gonna tell you your handsome or a good actor or that I am madly in love with you. I figure you hear that enough and really when I see you in a movie or interview I see so much more than your looks or acting ability. I am attracted to your vulnerableness. You so remind me of a big kid filled with a passion to please to be loved. Your tv/movie star persona thinly veils what I believe is a core of kindness, gentleness, simple taste and a great big heart for others. I was adopted and recently found out my birth family was from Ireland. I know you are from Scotland but too a “dumb” American…lol…they are almost the same. Anyway if you ever have a desire to be a tour guide to someone who would give anything to see what your part of the world is like let me know. I will keep your rabid female fans at bay and you can show me your world and I promise I won’t hit on you even though I think you are very handsome 🙂

  21. Linda Cottle says:

    Hello Gerard,
    I wanted to tell you I see you have a wonderful spirit and have great potential as a director. I loved the movie Chasing Mavericks! Thank you so much for this and based on true story! I believe talents we have here we developed them in the pre-existence before coming. Look forward to more good works coming from you. 🙂 As many you’ve done!
    Sincerely, Linda

  22. good evening to you mr. butler

    i am such a big fan my all time favorite movies with you in them are dracula 2000 and phantom of the opera you totally touched my heart in phantom of the opera and might i say you have an amazing voice i love hearing you singing if i was giving a choice to meet anyone i would pick you i do hope one day my dream will come true

    have a wonderful night

    Angie Alvarado

  23. worawan suntikul says:

    I like everything about Dear Frankie. It is wonderful.
    You have influenced on the good side of human’s mind.
    Bless you .

  24. If I can send a message to Gerard Butler I would say… If God gave me a pencil and paper and told me to draw the most beautiful man I can ever imagine. To draw the man of my dreams. I would draw Gerard Butler. I wouldn’t change a thing about him. I would never want to meet him though because my heart would literally break because I know I couldn’t have him. Plus celebrities don’t believe in marriage forever. As a Roman Catholic, I do. It is such a tragedy that he doesn’t have children. I will literally pay him 1 million dollars for his sperm. No, not for money. I have money and have no need for any financial support. It would just be to have children that are a part of the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on. Gerard is magnificent. No one even compares, that sometimes I think God allowed one of the angels to roam the Earth… God bless you Gerard, and I truly hope you find the woman of your dreams and live a happy, long, healthy life. And for God’s sake… Have children!! The world needs your genes.

  25. Hi Gerry, just wanted to say that all your movies are great especially PS I LOVE YOU.

    Love you, Carole

  26. Hi, Gerry. Of course all girls and boys love you, it is not disputed, but i must say, that it’s real catastrophe with your hair. Bye)

  27. Mrinal Pandey says:

    hello gerard!!
    i am from of your huge fans!! i don’t know how to make my mail different from others so that you notice it..but there is something i wanna tell you..that i have a huge crush on you..huge means huge ! crush is not the word maybe…it is far deeper than the feeling of crush…i just can’t get you out of my mind and heart both ! whatever i’ll say will be insignificant so i will not say anything.god bless you..keep coming on screen..keep being the sexiest…i hope you reply….bye bye

  28. Good evening Gerry,

    Don´t know if it´s one of your favourites as well, but I love “P.S. I love you”. Wonderful bittersweet story, very handsome leading actor! Another reason why i love it is the fact that it plays in Ireland. I´ve been there twice now and just fell in love with it. Next year my husband and i want to visit Scotland. Maybe you could give us a few secret tips what to do, what to discover…… ;o) That would be awesome!

    Take care!

  29. Cristina Blasco says:

    Hi GErry!!! Just wanna tell that im watching ugly ttruth right now once again…and i decided to tell you an ugly truth to u!! U awsome in any of your carachters!!! Can i ask for u for christmas!!?? Haha 🙂 i know that u not reading that but it makes feel real good to express yourseld sometimes… xx

  30. Hello, Gerard 🙂
    I’m wondering what should I write so I can make this post authentical and interesting for you… Probably not very much 🙂 Anyway, I felt that I should write something and here I am.
    I noticed you in “Dracula 2000” and since then I’m your huge fan… Well it’s kinda embarrassing, but I often say that you are the best actor and hottest man EVER. I really think that. Hope you liked Belgrade and Serbia and it would be amazing if you visit us again…

  31. Lou Juliana says:

    Casting for a new TV series based on Jussi Adler-Olsen “Department Q” novels has asked for suggestions who to play Carl Morock, the main character. My suggestion has been Gerard Butler. Could you please consider this role? The request for suggestions is through Jussi Adler-Olsen facebook page. Some have suggested Clooney and Hanks… Please don’t let that happen. Gerard Butler IS Carl Morock.

    Lou Juliana

  32. Hi! (Don’t like to call U Gerry bcause U don’t know me as I dont knw U!!!) I’ve only one qwestion for U: What showld I do to get a personal answer of U personally??? Thats my very true wish in life at this moment. “Say U will”. ThkU

  33. marlene pienaar says:

    Dear Gerard

    I was browsing and I read about your hometown in Scotland. So I google and saw the pics of the mountains wicht you discribe so well. I can only say I could only say I can understand your love for the place it is beatiful. It look like a place what dream’s are made of. love you lots.

  34. Hi Gerry ,
    You have a wonderful love you, I truly wish to meet you and see you with my own eyes , to know what you’re human and experience the fun with you , because everywhere I read that you like humor , I also , there is nothing better than to experience some fun . Meeting you is my dream and secret wishes. I do not know if I write correctly , but I would be glad if you answered , even though I know that you have many fans ! ! I know you were close to in my country , but unfortunately I was not lucky enough to bump into you . Maybe just p?ehlídneš this mail , but I’ll be lucky enough to answer , nothing more I did not want . Love, S.

  35. Hi Gerard,
    I just want to thank you.
    After losing my husband from brain cancer in March I was devestated.
    And then I watched PS I love you……cried my eyes out, but somehow it made me feel better.
    And after watching the movie I knew that my husband would have wanted me to carry on.
    I got up and put on 300 (my husbands favourite movie ever).
    The following evening me and my friend went to the movies, and guess what we saw……Olympus has Fallen.
    I can honestly say you are the best actor ever and I love all your movies.

  36. Šárka says:

    Gerry Drage ,
    I’m your big fan , you totally fooled me :-))) , but in all fairness . I’m 38 years old and I’m from Chomutov and I learned that you were his girlfriend ( Romanian model who will be next film series ) in Chomutov, where you supposedly met . I never believed that you could be so close and I am very sorry that I could meet you and take a picture with you . Do you think you come to us yet ? I’d love to.

    Otherwise, good luck in life , lots of jobs and whether you are happy , even though now the moment you’ve probably 🙂 . I send a big hug from so far away and I would like it if you read it and perhaps even contacted me , I also send my picture 🙂 . Friends is never enough ……

    Columbine ( that’s my nickname)

  37. Anca Tudorachi says:

    Hi I’m from Romania, Bucharest. I simply love the way you act in the movies and I believe you’re one of the best. Just keep it that way. Best Regards

  38. Martina says:

    Hello Gerard, i have to admit, that i actually just watched one movie you perform in…. But for me that one has it all…’cause it’s a man’s business… Take care!

  39. Nermin Mohamed Nabil Sheta says:

    I think it is wrong to tell I love you because what if the one you love doesn’t belong to you ? So I love you & I ll stop telling & Tweeting & Sending letters about it & If you are not happy in this life or not going to be happy in the next one “God” forbid it , than it is literally the end of life as I know it , so you have to be truly happy for all time by working on it in a good beloved way by ” God” , if you want to give me mercy ,
    And I am right here for all time beside you by asking “God” to protect you & Enlighten your way ,
    Nermin ,

  40. Mr. Butler….Gerard Butler 🙂
    What should i say to a perfect man…something perfect i guess…maybe my writting is not perfect because i am from Romania, but who cares…i just want to thank you for being such a great actor and to thank your mother for giving birth to such a handsome man !i`m sure you are really tired reading the same messages regarding your beauty but if i don`t say it i won`t sleep at night so here comes the boom: YOU ARE AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND CHARMING! Maybe someday you will make a short visit to Romania and visit Brasov city. it`s a fairy tail here…i`m just dreaming yeah…
    We never get what we want, we never want what we get, we never have what we like, we never like what we have and still we live.. THAT’S LIFE…..
    In case you will ever read this message Mr. Butler , i wish you a happy life, many movies to come and if i will ever have a response to this message that means that God really is up there smiling at me 🙂
    kisses, Adele

  41. If you ever, sometime, get a chance to read this, please just.. take it to heart. And if at all possible, remember it.
    You, as the Phantom of the Opera absolutely melted my heart. You were brilliant. The little roughness in your voice, your actions, the way you held Christine..
    I just want you to know that it changed me, somewhere, and you were absolutely captivating, enchanting, mysterious and desirable in every single detail.
    Thank you.

    • i totally agree with you brianna thats one of my most favorite movies his voice is just mezmorizing and it made my heart melt too ive watched it so much i know it all by heart he was incredible

  42. marlene pienaar says:

    Dear Gerard
    Just want to say I love your hair now that it is growing a bit longer and you look good with your beard it is a look that suit you just fine. love you lots.

  43. Kathryn says:

    Loved your reaction to Murray’s win at Wimbledon. Fabulous

  44. chantel thompson says:

    Dear Gerry, My husband and I are big fans of yours. Your an awesome actor and we like your movies can’t wait for Olympus has fallen to come out on Dvd. You are a big inspiration to us whether its comedy or drama the stuff you do we can relate with in life. We have been fans of yours since we first saw the bounty hunter you and Jennifer Anniston made a great team in that movie. What are the movies that will be coming out? Your big fans from Colorado

  45. Nermin Mohamed Nabil Sheta says:

    I’ m not crazy , obsessed or after you , that I better die before hurting you and before being such woman..
    It is just , In the name of ”God” : I love you Gerard Edward James Butler for all time..I love you more than life..I love you more than love and only ”God” I love more than you..
    All other men no matter how perfect and real they supposed to be , are nothing to me but ghosts , they talk , walk , sit next to me and they are not even here..And you..You are in another universe so different of mine some how you are in me inside my mind & Heart..
    ..You are next to my soul and I don’t even know you but I do believe in you , I believe that you are good & Beloved & I believe in all of that and in so much more because that love in my mind & Heart for you is endless and limitless , I’ m not ”God” to be sure of something or someone without a prove but I still have the right to believe and you have the right to know that there is such love and that there is someone who love you that much..
    If you don’t belong to me than that is your mind & Heart & Your free will but I love you and that is my mind & Heart & Free will..
    True love makes good people , ask ”God” to keep their beloveds truly happy and makes them work on it in a good beloved way , yes they wish if they were with their beloveds but what they care about the most is what would make their beloveds happy , therefore..
    I will always ask ”God” to keep you truly happy & I will work on it in a good beloved way by being there for you when you truly need some one beside you , yes by ”God” I will always be there for you & I will always love you..I promise you that all..
    Nermin ,

  46. Maria Belén says:

    Hello Gerard! My name is Belen and I love you! Your movies are great and from what I saw in your bio you’re pretty hyper! Congratulations for all the effort and achievement and I must say I am surprised to know or at least what I found out that you are single, with such beauty! I would love to answer whatever. I’m from Argentina and help me with a translator to write. Again I wish you much success and happiness! Greetings 🙂
    P.D.: Will you come to Argentina? Haha ?
    And i have 22 years old 😉 Answer me please!

  47. vadihana says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I have the hope that you will read my letters, and not one of your collaborators although realistically, I know that many people will read them and that you know you will not.
    For now just tell you I’m your other half, your add, and you, too are my complement and my other half.

    * PS: sorry I do not speak well in English (I am South American) live in Uruguay.

  48. Kveta Klein says:

    Hello Gerard, how are you?
    …just stopping by to say hi…

    Have a great monday…is not my favorite day..
    All the best.

    🙂 Kveta Klein

  49. Elisabeth says:

    hello my love.
    I follow you on the internet and learned that you are alone.
    I’m here waiting for my gorgeous Scotsman with open arms and with great love for entregar.Voce is the man of my life, and I would be very happy to be the woman of his live forget it. I’m here and I love you.
    I am a very passionate fan and admirer.
    my love is true and sincere.
    I’m your number one fa Brazil, live in Ourimbah / SP
    kisses my love, and do not forget, I am here waiting for you.

  50. Dear Gerard, i saw you in the german Show “Wetten dass” in Mallorca latest. You were wearing a leather jacket with a small “M” on the left arm. Could you tell me what kind of brand (label) this leather jacket is ? You would helb me a lot with this information 🙂