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  1. hey gerry,
    me again i dnt no if u r ever going to read this but i at least have to say this to u..i hope anyways… i am ur biggest fan…i no alot of ppl say that but i truley am.. i would try to go to NYC or Los Angelous just to get a glimps of u or maybe talk but my family doesnt have the money….. i no this sounds horibel and u probably feel rlly ad for me…but let me tell you..u have inspired me to be bigger than anything and i will try to meet you someday….try to visit michigan anytime…i will be waiting and i can show u around if you want…plzz email me if u get the chance…i would die from just one word from you…as im writting this the possiblility of u maybe reading this just brings tears to my eyes

    your number one fan forever and always,
    nicole/ nikki
    p.s. i love you gerry keep up the good work and im not an old fart 16 yrs yaa!! plzz email me and try to come to rlly is a beautiful place 🙂 hope to hear from you soon…

  2. hey gerry,
    will you please visit michigan? its rlly beautiful her..and i could show u around if you want(: plzz it would make my life complete….plz comment or do something to let me no u got this…i no im just another bothering fan saying how much i adore u..but im rlly sorry…ur probably not even reading this anymore.. and if u r i hope i just got a little chuckle out of u lol..gerryif u wrote back to me it would fill my life with joy that i have been missing…well happy holidays plzzz answer can even justbe one letter to let me no u got this and u care…i love ya gerry..keep up the AMAZING work..and i will always think ur sexy hehe 😉

    love yaa
    nicole/ nikki<3

  3. Would you like to visit Transylvania-the land of Dracula- one day?…If so, I’ll be waiting…Im just another fan of yours who adores you…:)


  5. Hey handsome!!
    Passing by just to wish you Merry Christmas!!

    love you


  6. Gale Miller says:

    Dear Gerry
    I think you are fantastic i love your acting ,you are amazing you really put your heart and soul into everything you do.Youre also an amazing singer i wish you do more roles where you sang you have a great voice.I also love who you are as a person after seeing you in several interviews i fall in love with you even are the most humble and sweet and funny man .I hope you stay that way becasue it makes you even more attractive Oh and your sexy as hell what a beautiful man you are inside and out

  7. Dear Gerry,
    this is my probably my only chance to speak to you and say hello ;there are chances that you will or will not receive this letter. I have one request.. I wish that you make a sequal to Phantom of the Opera.. Love Never Dies. please! I cannot afford to see it I across the way to London and want to see it in the worst way..( romantic )
    Please note that i am not “whining” for you do this.. it is your choice of course.
    or make a movie of the book Ishmael by daniel quinn( good book)

    Happy Christmas to you and your family!
    P.s. Do you love/ hate publicity from fans
    wish you well .. maybe we will convirse..
    Don’t let Hollywood suck you in!

  8. Hello Gerard,

    If you happen to read this, I hope you and your sweet pug are enjoying the gift I sent you. It was created by my friend.

    Happy Holidays!


  9. Gerry!

    I hope you are fine! I just read the news about your accident and get so worried! I suppose you have to continue preparing the film, but please, BE CAREFUL!!
    Get well “Super Surfer” and take care!

    A LOT of KISSES from Spain,


  10. Emmie Rose says:

    Merry Christmas Mr Butler. May it be a peace filled and happy time. If you get bored I’ll be in Dublin for New Year’s. Planning on lots of Kilkenny and dancing. Cross your fingers for me as am meant to meet the man of my dreams there. I have the dress, the pub chosen and hopefully a seat by the fire. He’s meant to be a curly haired Celt that plays music. 4 Spiritualists have told me. I have come over from New Zealand for this. It’s taken me 4 years to pluck up the courage to go over. In Scotland at the moment. What a beauty of a place. Have a wonderful festive season with your pug. My beagle Arthur is back in NZ and I miss him dearly. Big fan of yours..keep up the good work. Love Emmie Rose

  11. Hey, I’m not your fan. Just one day I’ll probably want you to be shot in one of my films. Be careful with what u did on Sunday, December 18,2011. Yeah and one more, something tells me that in 2012 you will eventually fall in love and get married. So think twice before to risk, people might still need you.

    P.S. Do not get it as a crazy idea. I’m serious.

  12. Janette Smith says:

    Hi Gerard,

    I have just heard about your accident whilst filming.
    My thought are with you and pray that you get well soon.

    Take it easy, sending you big hugs.
    Janette xx

  13. Gerry,
    I hope you recover from your accident. I realize you are receiving many messages telling you how much they love you etc.
    I think you are a fantastic actor, and by far the most hansom in the field by far. I too dream of meeting you one day, just to tell you in person this message; and to just look at you up close and give you a kiss on the cheek.

    Take care,
    lots of love
    Tracey P, Middlesex U.K

  14. Mr. Butler
    I just want to tell you that you are the best!!
    If we meet someday, my life would end as I know it. I hope and dream about that moment. Maybe, who knows!
    Keep being the way you are, kind and gentle and with a great heart.
    Love your smile and your sweet and deep green eyes.

    this is not goodbye, just good night!

    Hugs and kisses


  15. I have been sitting here reading all your adoring fans praising everything about you. I always thought being famous is what i wanted. As life is pasing me by and my life is very ordinary i hapened to watch one of your movies and realized that life is not passing me by i am lettng it pass without making a difference. i do not know why this movie of yours made me take notice and why i am even writing this here except this is somehting i would never do and to make a start in changing my life i have to step out of the box. This is my start.

    Thank You

  16. Viola Nagy says:

    Hi Gerry! This is not the first time that I write this page section … I am a sixteen year old girl from Hungary, Budapest … I am very happy that you all had the opportunity to see the film you! Every one was a real experience … Incredible talent is in thee! I respect you because you’re not just looking good is not only charming and you are, but you’re a real human being, a real man and a true soul … I do I like thee, that sincerity, that there is also thine eyes … So, you’re my big favorite! Ever, with a little exaggeration, of course … Yet I must say also that you are actually measured is an “important person” for me … I did not grew up without a father, but unfortunately my father is sick of, persecution mania… (Skrizofrenia) This is my very worn, but when not so long ago I read an interview with you, which you spoke about your father … I was a little definition … There is something unto me (someone) to hug now! Very high strength you give me! The fact that all in all and everyone, even you yourself can you laugh, the laugh I was always … I wish that you stay still, and ever so nice, cheerful and happy! As long as you endure it, I will persevere! Lots of love, with gratitude, respect and will never go away: I remain Yours sincerely! PS: I’m sorry if I made a mistake! I hope you understand my message is …

    Just a Little kiss

  17. Dear Gerard,

    first of all, it’s still November… am I still in time to wish you happy birthday? 😉

    I hope you will continue to delight us with your performances and films for many and many years because there will always be a sleeping (I was about to write “beauty”, uhm, it’s not the case) like me that, almost five year after seeing “300” sees by chance other of your works (in my case “A Law Abiding Citizen”) and wonders… “what the *** have I been doing all these years? Was I living in Mars?” so, please continue making movies, delighting us all with your performances, your kindness, your charm, and in the meantime I will commit myself to recover the time I lost.

    I look forward to see you here in Italy for Muccino’s film.

    Kisses from Rome

  18. Janette Smith says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Just thought I would drop you a note to say hi and to let you know that I think you are an absolute genius!!!!

    You can act out any role. My personal favourite is Andrew Lloyd Webbers The Phantom of the Opera, coming from a musical background it would be but your other p0erformances are so good.

    I am loving the new look but I still thought you looked great before 😉

    All my love and probably the rest of the UK as well

  19. Linzi Gillespie says:

    Hey just wanted to leave a quick note, I actually come from Paisley and just wanted to say congratulations on your achievements, Its good that some good things actually come from Paisley im sure you know what I mean, not that it’s all bad though at uni on my last year wish me good luck lol x

  20. heather pendergast says:

    May something, 2011, note of gratitude–shy and alittle unsure like most. Slightly apologetic. Forgive my transparency. Foolish trust.

    28th of September, virtual touch, virtual smile.

    3rd week of October, letter by post–is it possible these words have far-reachng wings?

    November 23rd, this is the last place I might think to look too. But I have been singing alone for so long–realizing now that he is always where I last thought possible.

    I am not a fan. I am just a woman.

    heather pendergast, Ojai, CA

  21. Mandy Lassen says:

    Dear Gerry,
    You’re the most fantastic actor I have ever seen. Nobody can beat your talent, because you’re always on top! I love your sense of humour and adore your personality. You’re amazing and out of all the movies I have seen, you have never failed to impress me.
    Thanks for everything!!! We love you! 🙂


  22. dear gerard,

    i know it’s the 18 of november, but sorry, i wisch you today a happy birthday !!!! and all good things i wisch you too…
    i’m a scorpio too ( my birthday its the 29 of oktober) we are the best !!!! 😉

    i ve seen for 2 days ago, attila the hun, you’re so beautiful !!! you’re eyes so beautiful too, i’ve blue-green-grey eyes. i love this movie and dracula 2001 too, bite me, i permit you 😉

    come to switzerland and i will cook you dishes speciality !

    i kiss you so much


  23. Always been a fan…I just wish he was just a normal guy in this average town of mine and I met him and had a nice slow romantic dance. Fame is good at times but not so good at other times. I know, I have some famous people in my family. They don’t have lives and sometimes really miss out on the “right” relationships…plus their privacy is non-existant…anyway, love his acting and his accent…and if it were another time and place…I have no doubt…we’d have hit it off…too bad..he’ll never know… = )

  24. Billi Jo McQueen says:

    Hello Gerard Butler,

    I am a huge fan of your work. The most amazing role that i saw you in was the phantom of the opera. If I was the woman in that movie i would have loved you either way. Your roles are very inspiring in every aspect. My husband is also a fan of yours. The movie 300 and Beowulf & Grendul were is favorites. If you ever Decide to come to iowa Let me know. That would be a real experience for me to meet one of my favorite actors.

  25. Megan McHone says:

    Hey Gerry, Happy Birthday sorry i was late telling you i got cought up in school and a production, HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish you a happy bday! 🙂 wish you could see the play its ” phantom of the opera and i got the part of christine and my friend got the roll of phantom i really wish you could see it we got a standing applause last time, i think we nailed it! i was going to write you a letter but i cant seem to work up the nerve to write and knowing that you would read it. Yes i do realize you are incredibly busy so i know the chances of you coming to see it are slim to nothing but i thought, at least ill ask if you read this thanks for reading it at least ill try to write you a letter but i proably wont because i tried and i got to nervous and didnt know what to say to you actually knowing you will get it. Bye wish me luck for the next playing . Scincerely, Megan McHone 🙂

  26. Amazing ACTOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. When will you come to Brazil ? In fact , to my city Curitiba ? Everybody think that Brazil is divided in 3 parts: Rio de Janeiro , São Paulo and Amazonian forest . It is so unfair … Make the difference ! Come to my city , it is very beautiful . You will like it . Ah , and make me a visit , its cost nothing , consider it a birthday gift – my birthday gift !

  28. When will you come to Brazil ? In fact , to my city Curitiba ? Everybody think that Brazil is divided in 3 parts: Rio de Janeiro , São Paulo and Amazonian forest . It is so unfair … Make the difference ! Come to my city , it is very beautiful . You will like it . Ah , and make me a visit , its cost nothing , consider it a birthday gift – my birthday gift !

  29. Hi Gerry,

    It’s me again…just in case you check this site, I know your birthday is on the 13 Nov, but I forgot about time difference so my message dated 12 Nov..It was past midnight here in Australia when I sent it. 🙁

    Anyway, I hope you had a great birthday and had a chance to do whatever you had planned.

    Much Love

  30. Happy birthday unreachable man!!
    I’m a scorpio too! It seems that we are definitly the best ever:) !
    I’m a young sculptor, living in the south of France. I would have been pleased to do something for you.. (specially, i’ve done a few warriors and angels) but now that i’m looking your fan website, i feel so embarassed!!lol it seems that i’m not the only one ;-), proposing that or présents and i guess there’s no hope to reach you even with good and decent intentions 🙂
    Well! i congratulate you for your succes and playing so well. You definitely have a great presence and “puissance” (power?) beautiful eyes i guess reflecting a beautiful look like being a good man inside with a great heart..
    (it must be strange to “turn the head”(captivate) of so many women..)
    i wish you wouldn’t be famous, just a man i would have met someday on my path…
    but then you seem to be so unapproachable!
    So i wish you for your birthday to find your soulmate!! Because that is the real succes!!! what i wish to myself either for my next birthday in a few days..(i should ask a genius wizardry if a found one!!)
    Happy Birthday Gerry!!!
    PS(your name is so frenchie, i wonder if you have french origins? in anyhow if you feel like having a sculpture original for you..i was serious when proposing can ask to visit one day what i’m doing; I have good feebacks about my job. And i apologize for all the mistakes that i probably have done!)

  31. James… Gerard… Gerry!!!

    I wish you to find flow of happiness.
    Good luck!

    Happy Burthday!

    Nadezhda, Minsk


  33. Dear Gerry,


    Just remember this on your special day, “You’re not getting older, you’re getting HOTTER!!!!”.

    When are you coming to Australia?? If you do, make sure you stay in my hometown, Sydney.

    See you soon..

    Much love,

  34. Rosemarie (Roe) says:

    Hi Gerard. Hope you got my birthday wishes, I did not see all your birthday virtual greetings on the site, I hope you got them. Just wondering when your next movie will be out. I love your performances and you really should help the public by being a role model to all the young ones who are crushing on you. I am your age so a little more refined here.. You touch souls more than any other actor. Would love to see more of you in the public… Hope your life is going well and much love and happiness in your future…. and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY~

  35. Angela, Romania says:

    Exceptional, Gerard Butler.

  36. Hello Gerry!
    I’m impressed with your person… really! I love all movies with You. God, why in Poland no guys like you ? I’m curious do you read these messages… I hope! That would be honor if you wrote back to me personally but it is probably…a dream 🙂 All the best and See you in Poland! 🙂

  37. Happy Birthday Darlin from Texas !!!

    Have fun “Kickin up your dust” celebrating this Sunday, with your family and friends, on your very special day. Stay true to thyself and your roots and don’t’ let the fast life change who you are or your warmhearted free spirit. You are blessed and your talent “rocks” our world. Let your Eagle soar Ger Bear, you only get better!!! Hope you have time to visit Texas in the future. B. card is in the mail.

    Happy trails with Blessed wishes for many more,
    Ms. D

  38. Hello Mr Butler,
    your acting is magnificent, phantom of the Opera is one of the best movies I have ever had the pleasure of watching. May your career be long and prosperous. I moved to U.S 9 years ago. When I watch your movies you always remind me of home. Many thanks for that. May the road rise to meet you where you walk.

  39. Teresa E Santiago says:

    Hello sexi, I need to see you in between my sheets. give me a chance. teresa…i’ll give my home number baby let me know…

  40. Leslie Dillard says:

    Saw Phantom of the Opera for the first time Nov. 1, 2011. What a wonderful performance by Gerry
    I felt the passion of the music and cried my eyes out for the lonliness of the Phantom. You are my favorite leading actor 🙂

  41. Gerry, in case I don’t get back before then Happy Birthday. You are the greatest. Love ya Bonnie

  42. gerry, i have seen all your movies over and over again.they are that great. i’m kind of out of sorts because i haven’t seen machine gun preacher yet. but i really want to see it what is it with the way it is getting distributed it kind of sucks.please do something about it. i’m in central illinois pekin to be exact. and we are looking forward to seeing it. i also can’t wait to see Coriolanus, you should get an award for supporting actor all the way. keep up the good ya Bonnie

  43. Amanda Paige says:

    Dear Gerry,

    Happy Halloween! C: Goodnight!


  44. Hi Gerry,

    just saw the movie “The Phantom of the Opera” and was deeply touched and impressed by your performance.. I never did anything like writing on fan websites, but now I just feel like saying thank you for the talent and positive emotions you give to people. I understand that you get thousands of messages every day and all of them are basically the same, but I hope this make you feel happier.

    With warmest wishes,


    PS – in case you ever go to Russia or Thailand, welcome with any questions, Russia is my native country and as for Thailand – i ve stayed there for 7 years and know the place well. Would be happy to help you.

  45. Nice to see u at the cover of LA Confidential Magazine. Love the article about u too, “the last Hollywood’s Bad Boy” I think no actor can feat for that title…although, I must say the “bad boy” is only evident in your exuding charm and appeal but deep inside, we, your fans believe that you’re a person with a good, good heart…. (^~^) Love lots!!!!!

  46. Megan McHone says:

    Hey Gerry,
    YEAH! i got the part of Christine in my play, i already told you about my auditions in a previous message, YEAH! im so excited… I need to get working on emproving on my voice and the lines .just wanted to let you know that i did get the part :D!!!

    Megan McHone 🙂

  47. I know that you receive a large quantity of letters, unfortunately don’t answer. Nevertheless I understand, one person demands from you attention, but you cant give it to everybody. Believe me that everybody dreams about meeting with you, i know that you wont read this, but hope someday we will see each other, Not important how many kilometers between our the countries.Thank you.

  48. Megan McHone says:

    Hey Gerry,
    I just recently saw your movie “the phantom of the opera”, your singing was so good, I thought that my televison screen was going to crack. i was also very inspired by it. i am currently working on the phantom of the opera play for my church. I was put in charge of writing the script and designing the cosutmes, we held auditions for the play a couple days ago and i auditioned for Christine i am waiting for the resulst i hope i got the part, i was hoping that you would come and see it but i realize that you are very very busy so i decided not to send you a letter. also i am going into theater at my highschool. so if you read this i appriciate it, thank you.:)
    Megan 🙂

  49. Tasha Simpson says:

    Great work Mr Butler. Hope to see you soon in more films with swords you seem to like them. You seem to have good craic in comedies too I hope you get to do more of them. Thanks for the laughs dude and I hope you have fun in whatever project you do.