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  1. Gerard, you should come to Bellevue, Michigan. It is a small town but it would be awesome to meet you!

  2. Great love to you, Gerry, from Belarus!

  3. Saurabh says:

    Hello Mr. Butler
    I am a big fan of urs… seriously u have superb physique as well as ur smile… i m from india… we dont watch hollywood movies but i saw ur 300 & The ugly truth… u deserves oscar for 300

  4. Dear Gerry!
    Much your fans live in Ukraine! Come to us for EURO 2012, we will be madly glad to see you!!!

  5. connie r johnson says:

    Hi Gerry,Ill keep this short and sweet , thank u for making such wonderful movies ,for giving back to charities Ill look forward to your work for many years to come!!If u ever want a good steak ,haircut,or in need of surgery god forbid,i can work out a deal with u .You see Im a ,,surgical nurse ,former hairstylists,and a hell of a cook,ok best of luck to you in all future endeavors your friend,Connie

  6. If destiny may allow for you to ever read my words..then may god bless you and keep you safe. I know exatlywhat you are going might have millions of ppl concerned for you and love you to pieces but this is one of the loneliest roads that you will wall through.always know that you have at least one person who prays for you and sends you many blessings.keep your head up and enjoy that special life that you were meant to have.i believe you have a unique spirit and I am blessed to know that you are here.your are not a numpty,lol. You are a very smart person who
    Will be just fine. From a stranger in F.L.who sincerely cares… Jeanette…

  7. A little story for you:
    The first and only time i saw you in person, was in a party last year. I recognize your face, but my friends say that you wasn’t ‘the actor’. I didn’t know your name, but i knew some films of you, so i google you. And I was right, it was you ! (you have some bodywards around you).
    I have to say, you don’t look like in tv. You are the most handsome man in the worlddddd.. jeje
    Tall, blue eyes, macho man!
    In the party, was a moment that you was coming direct to me, so i and thought a lot of thing to say!, but the funny part is you wasn’t coming to talk to me, you was blind for the lights, and pass around me, and I want to say like ‘we are Punta del Este” (for esparta), something to laugh, but I freeze myself and the moment gone. But it was a funny moment i always remember.
    Just a funny story you dind’t know. This things are happening to any people all the time and you don’t know. I’m sure you have a lot to offer, more than a pretty face and body.
    I hope you can find wherever you’re looking for.
    w Love

  8. Dear Gerard,
    I know how it feels to be lonely in a crowd. Hold on. Life is a long journey. I wish you to find someday your safe haven where you will feel yourself happy. I know you have a great and kind heart that deserve to love and to be loved.

  9. I appreciate your actor carreer , but I care most with you , the man Gerard Butler !!! People care with your beautiful ,your masculinity and other stuffs , but they have no idea how amazing man you are …

  10. My beautiful Gerry , I was very happy to know that you are ok now . Please , don’t do this to me again. You are a very handsome man , smart , sensitive , unique… I pray to Lord to keep you safe of all kind evil . You are the most beautiful creation that He made , don’t trough your life away.

    Take care , baby !

  11. Hope you are doing well and will be back to doing amazing work soon! 🙂

  12. Little Joanna from Estonia says:

    Just wanted to wish you all the best with health and I am glad you are ok now 🙂

  13. Dear Gerry – I hope you’re feeling better. You always have my support, forever, really! You’re my #1 favorite artist because you demonstrate the meaning and role of art in our lives. I’m missing your acting; hope I’ll be able to see Coriolanus soon. Love & light, Cynthia

  14. Greetings from Montreal! Just read you lived here for a bit when you were little. This aft is a snowy one in Mtl, something you would have surely loved then… maybe today too 🙂

    Congrats on your many successes; lawyer AND actor! Your mum must be proud.

    Keep up the great work and many more milestone successes to you.


  15. Melissa Parkhurst says:


    I truly love all the movies you have done. Can’t wait until there are more. My all time favorite is Phantom of the Opera. Although I have recently seen gamer and ugly truth which I now own and love both of them. I love the passion you have and show while in character. You are an amazing actor and beautiful singer. I wish you best of luck in the future. I will drop another note sometime. Again you are brilliant and amazing love watching your work.



  16. Ione Araujo Costa Newcomer says:


    I am a Brazilian/Dutch citizen living in United States.
    You are a great actor, and I loved 300.



  17. Dear Mr.Butler,

    My name is Allyson and my highschool is doing Phantom of the Opera as our spring play this year. Our drama department has been slowly going down hill since the collapse of our auditorium 6 or so years ago. But since then our auditorium has been rebuilt and is sooo much better, but we still don’t have much of a drama department. And I fear that our Phantom of the Opera is not going to be as good as it could be if more students were interested in the show. Let me just get to the point of my message. It would be soo great if you could pay a visit to my school. Thank you and I hope you read this message and decide to come.


  18. Marina Rice says:

    I absolutely love your work. You present as a dedicated actor with the ability to transform himself and wear the roles you play – both romantic comedy and action. You must get friendlier with Whitney Cummings, however. You two look perfect together and you both have an incredible sense of lightly self-depreciating humor! People gifted with such grace, humor and beauty have a responsibility to procreate! Think of the beautiful babies you two would make together and the wonderful company you would keep each other…hmmm.

  19. Hi Gerry,

    ‘P.S. I love you’ was on TV – so now I’ve seen 2 of your movies 🙂 It was OK but in my opinion you can do A LOT better than that. Have to admit I read the book some years ago, which might explain the troubles I had with the movie. Ahern just doesn’t work with a nearly all american cast (nothing against Mrs. Bates though – love her) – is it really that difficult to find genuine english actors? It left me kind of hoping ‘Where Rainbows End’ (my CA-favorite) will never make it as a Hollywood project. Hmmm, maybe I should try and watch one of your movies a month. Wonder if I would be allowed to write my opinion on them. They’ll probably take me off-site for daring to criticize you – let’s find out 🙂 Talk to you later – take care.

  20. You will never read this e-mail and my words will be read by some other girls who are looking to meet with you or tell hoe they are in love.
    Im not your fan and not in love. But I do like your movies.
    The reason I write you is the latest list of the most handsome men in the world. With all my respect to David, whose fan i was for many years, i want to say that from long list of 20 or 25 men you shoud be #1. This is my opinion.
    The reason is not in fame, glamour, money, friendship with stars and all those celebrities things to be proud of. It is in a true feeling of a man. We forget that there is nothing better than a real man who is yours and who is always near. For me you are an example of a person who symbolizes: strength, manhood, kindness, truth, faith……all that each woman needs…but doesnt meet in this world.

  21. You’re a terrific actor, and an even better fantasy. Thank you.

  22. I wonder what’s wrong with Hollywood film critics because your movie Machine Gun Preacher was not included in the top 10 or best films for 2011. So sad because your good acting and dedication to your job is not well recognized. Oh well, just continue with what you’re doing and maintain the good work.. your time to shine will come..and i hope it will be soon..

  23. Hi Gerry,

    Hope you’re doing fine. Unlike the rest of your fans I’m not here to tell you how I love you as an actor and a person (would make me feel ridiculous since I’ve seen only 1 of your movies and don’t know you personally at all). However, I am a lost case when it comes to the depths of your speaking instrument. Now a voice like that could get me to bed anytime – to sleep OF COURSE (what did you think you cheeky bastard :). Anyway, I’m trying to pick up my life again from where I left it a few years ago and apparently this includes writing my silly little comments to your fansite. This meaning that 1) He is moving in mysterious ways and in a while the purpose will be clear to me, or 2) I ‘m as nutty as a fruitcake (hope not, frankly). Gonna pack my bags now ‘cause tomorrow we’re off for a mini-ski-break. Yes, some of us do have a wonderful life 🙂 Talk to you later – take care.


  24. Hey honey
    How have you been?
    Just passing by to tell you I loved the interview with Jay Leno. You really are a very special human being, beyond your fantastic “package”.
    You ‘re always on my mind and in my heart.
    Sweet kisses

  25. Dear Gerard!

    Several weeks ago I know happened to of the accident with you and I’m really scared … You can not imagine how many fans here in Hungary,that we fans we worried for you!
    Now we see that you feel better , thank God!
    I join with the requests: Take care of yourself , Gerry!

    Many fans love the rest of Hungary on behalf of those!

  26. hey gerry,
    today is my birthday…and all i can think about is how cool it would be to meet you for my sweet 16th birthday. i know this is impossible to ask, but i wish you would contact me in some way shape or form… i have been dreaming of this for 16 years now.. also i wish you well and a happy career…if i ever do meet you i will be so thankful..thank you for listening! and i will always love you and support you gerard!!
    your number one fan, forever and always,
    ps. i love you for u only, keep up the AMAZING work(:

  27. Lynne Watkins says:

    I just found this little ditty. I just finished watching Phantom of the Opera, I should say I’ve watched it at least 75 times. I love classical music and have developed a taste in Opera. But… your Phantom is totally awsome. “Music of the Night” WOW!!
    Just a bit of fan appreciation. Glad you’re okay from your accident. I’ve been in your situation before and know how frighteneing it can be. Gotta watch those waves. My favorite films of yours are Beowolf, Dear Frannkie, and of course Phantom of the Opera. I’m looking forward to the new titles coming out this year.
    God Bless and Protect you.
    Lynne Watkins

  28. Michelle Larson says:

    My horoscope today said to go ahead and tell my secret crush that I like him so….here goes.
    It cannot be hidden any longer. I like you…a lot.
    It all started with ‘Dear Frankie’ and has escalated to when I saw you on Leno last week.
    I am available so if you feel so inclined I guess I could fit a date in somewhere in my schedule.
    Take care.

  29. Dear those who may tell Gerard just one sentence please… what would he do if he knew that there is one person who waits for a magic, waits for somebody special, somebody who looks for her as well, thinks and admires. Gerard even doesn’t know my country Azerbaijan, but may be he feels that somebody needs him very much. Needs him not for he is a great actor, not for he is famous and almost every woman is his fun. I just want him to know that I am here. And even if we’ll not meet I simply want him to know may be once he will feel me. My eyes in a darkness of a night, my tears in a rainy day, or my smile in a sunshine… Just simply let him know that he is loved, but not the one love that is mad, or a fantasy. Really how a person may love only an imagination. I just simply feel him, his a good man. He is a kind person, with a soft heart and of course he is a good son and brother. That’s all. Thank you for your humanity, understanding and responsiveness.

  30. Hi Gerard,

    I love all your movies, and I especially love the way you sing! I loved you in P.S I Love you, Dracula 2000, The Ugly Truth, and in my very favorite…. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!! You are a great actor and very handsome. Keep making more great movies for us (your fans) to enjoy. =)

    <3<3<3<3 Anabel <3<3<3<3

  31. I know you get a lot of emails from women wanting to meet you. Just thought I’d say, love the crooked smile.

  32. Hi Gerry,

    All I would like to know is, how can I win a date with you? Perhaps tea or lunch? If are ever in DC, I’d love to meet you.


  33. So,first at all i must say…WOOOW… i mean people…common… you all speak only about sleeping with someone..or be intimate…. so,i will just ignore the stupid comments..
    Gerard,you are great actor.. I love all you movies… my favorite is p.s. i love you and the bounty hunter… Keep filming good movies… Greetings from me and my boyfriend Alexander from Serbia …

  34. Scott Horton says:

    Dear Gerry
    My beautiful 8 year old nephew lost his battle with Leukemia eleven year ago. Jacob was such an amazing young boy. So talented and full of life. Everybody he came in contact with loved him with little effort. It just came so naturally. What was more amazing was the way his mother, my big sister Kim, fought along side of him until the absolute last second of his life. I love her strength and spirit. I acknowledge that amazing part of her every chance that i get. However, since the time of Jacob’s passing, a light went out in Kim’s heart. Understandably so. I’ve wanted to tell her story for so long because i know there are so many mothers and fathers and folks in general that can relate to this. I’ve read about the work you do for kids with cancer. I admire you so much for that gift. You are not caught up on the treadmill of fame and fortune. You clearly have compassion for these kids. You are a good man.
    Would my nephew’s story be something your production company might be interested in exploring? I’m trying to get my sister back into the game of life. Thank you for your consideration.


  35. Dear Mr Butler,

    I believe I may have seen you in Trainspotting around 1996/1997 in Northampton – please can you confirm if you were on tour then? I’d be so excited if it was you (means I saw you naked – oops!)
    Love Sonia

  36. Igballe Nici says:

    Hi Gerald! I am perhaps the 6 miliard who have written to you. Think, you are great artist and very nice. Hope you are also a good person, has a good personality to complement you perfectly. Hope I have the opportunity to see you live sometime. Good luck.

  37. Wow… I read all of these messages and am in awe of your fans. You are very fortunate to have such love and devotion. I cannot write or say anything that everyone else on this site has not already mentioned to you. What I can say is one of my dreams came true at TIFF wherein I got to photograph you. It was amazing. See I love photography but I am by far a professional. One day I would love to photograph you but not in aprofessional manner, more of when you are having down time and relaxed. Maybe one day that dream will come true. If you are ever in Toronto and wouldn’t mind my taking some pictures… drop me a line, I would love to scratch that dream off my bucket list. Thanks Gerry. All the best and enjoy your downtime which is well deserved. With love and admiration, Medina

  38. Heather Pendergast says:

    Tender kisses on your eyelids.

    Your cheek,

    Your temples.

    Your brow.

    Heather Pendergast, Mt. Shasta, CA

  39. Hello Gerard,

    I’m sending you love, light, and positive and healing energy for what happened last month.


  40. Anja Paffen says:

    Hey Gerard. I think you are a great actor and a great person.
    I like watching your movies. The other day I watched Phantom of the Opera. Wauw!!!

    Big hugs,

  41. Thank you for that you do, does possible many to rise and walk ahead!!! your laughter inspires and hides the fear , and a sun lights differently and life plays for-other rules!!! your works charge a positive!!! be happy!!! Sometimes to be a star, is simply to be that, who gives in a gift more than gets!!!

  42. really you are amazing!!!.you all with magnificent intrudes.I would love to know more closely.Here is a male!!! every woman’s dream man is mind does nothing,because you are on my mind.

    Greetings from Turkey,seda from kisses 🙂

  43. Hi Gerard , My only love :).can you see this message, I hope.These and other fans would like to say that most of your saying,and i love you.i love you so much.don’t you come to Turkey for many years, I’m waiting for is still my love :). There are lots of things I want to tell you, but to cut short this message,for the time being .already users requires several pages of posts in boring:).A moment ago,Please come to Turkey,I want to hug you tight.I would like to tell you everything I feel against the.where there is extreme as fans ‘…Anyway,become successful in life, always happy, always,I love you very, veryyy..

    the meaning ofmy life gerard..( gerry or I told 🙂 )

    I would love to write users requires several pages..I’ll write again…

  44. Happy New Year sweethart!!! I wish you nothing but THE BEST for this 2012. Good luck with all your new proyects and a lot of happiness in your life!



  45. Dear Jerry. Congratulations to the New Year. I wish you happiness, health, joy each day. Let all desires are fulfilled. May God and the angels you cherish. Happy new year.

  46. Lindsey .E. says:

    Dear Gerard,
    I hate the fact that today i’m really just another fan of yours, nothing bigger then that but one day i’m going to be famous (i know its a bit far fetched but I’m going to work hard for it) I doubt that you are reading this and i know how busy of a life you lead between the making of all your movies and your personal life, but in that small slight chance you are i just want to say every movie ofyours that i have seen has been truly great! for the sake of us fans continue to make the amazing movies you do. I hope you find the girl of your dreams one day because you seem like such a genuine guy and you deserve it!! Thankyou for making the movie parts really come to life you are such an inspiration.
    Best of luck,
    Lindsey E

  47. hey gerry,
    i dnt no if u r ever going to read this but i at least have to say this to u..i hope anyways… i am ur biggest fan…i no alot of ppl say that but i truley am.. i would try to go to NYC or Los Angelou s just to get a glimps of u or maybe talk but my family doesnt have the money….. i no this sounds horrible and u probably feel rlly ad for me…but let me tell you..u have inspired me to be bigger than anything and i will try to meet you someday….try to visit michigan anytime…i will be waiting and i can show u around if you want…plzz email me if u get the chance…i would die from just one word from you…as im writting this the possiblility of u maybe reading this just brings tears to my eyes

    your number one fan forever and always,
    nicole/ nikki
    p.s. i love you gerry keep up the good work and im not an old fart 16 yrs yaa!! plzz email me and try to come to rlly is a beautiful place hope to hear from you soon…

  48. Ashley Simons says:


    I hope you are recovering from the accident. My mom told me about it, but I didn’t believe her until I looked online. I will keep you in my thoughts Gerry! Honestly, I don’t think I would be able to go on with my life if you died. I hope you had a nice Christmas! Take care!

  49. Hey Gerry!

    It seems that you hab a bad accident. Your angel had a lot of work 🙂 by caring for you, you are so intrepid!
    Be careful…life is dangerous, life wears out sometimes….
    You give hope by who you are, so please stay with us!
    This period is hard for everyone, so anyone who gives hopes, and makes dreaming others, is precious and brings a light into darkness…
    Keep faith…
    i wish i would meet you

  50. Dearest
    I just heard about your accident, I really hope it was nothing serious and you are recovering.
    Please take care because there are many people who love you, care about you and always think of you. One of them is me, a nobody who lives in another continent and feels alive and happy every time you appear in the big screen or in interviews.
    I would love to be with you and take care of you and make you laugh while you recover.
    Please get well soon
    Thousands of kisses