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  1. Tina Gravlin says:


    I haven’t written in a while just sending you a little message of encouragement. I am going to buy the last two movies that you have out hope they are good and not scary. Well I am still proud of you and wish you the best. Tina

  2. Dear Gerry,
    From the very beginning I would like to let You know that this is not another fan-letter, as frankly speaking I am not Your fan.

    I most definitely respect Your works and there are some films I really enjoy watching, – one of them is the film I have seen 22 times in the cinema without even knowing Your name, – that is the film I have discovered You in. The film has quite literally changed my life and I will elaborated upon this a bit further on. But I favor other actors as I come from a different culture and am used to different set of cinematographical values, I guess.

    I have got quite a story to tell You, and if I could ask the Universe and God for one wish for myself and never to ask for anything again, I would ask for one thing only – for You to read this letter.
    And then it will be entirely up to You whether to act upon this or not. I trust Your judgment completely.

    In year 2004 my life was divided in before and after “The Phantom of the Opera” as that film has changed the way I was feeling, the way I was thinking for good. From day 1 until the very last time it was shown in the local cinema, I have spent every night watching it – and every time I was seeing new things, hearing new phrases… Your pain mesmerized me, Your ability to love overwhelmed me, Your voiced pierced me right through – getting to the deepest secret corners of my soul… of course it was nothing to do with real life – it was just a piece of an excellent acting and yet You seemed so sincere, so true, so perfectly understandable to me. It almost seemed that all of the emotions that were portrayed on the screen were a direct reflection of my own inner world at that time. I am not referring to darkness and obsession… but to truthful unconditional love on the verge of desperation, dedication and kindness… amongst a million other bits and pieces of feelings I have withdrawn from that masterpiece. All of them came together in a perfect wholesome image of me. I felt a connection to the world You were portraying. And to You in particular.

    I knew nothing of the cast, not a single actor was familiar to me, I have not seen You or heard of You before. So after the film was out of the cinemas, I went online to find out who was that actor who seemed so indescribably familiar, as if I have known him always. And as soon I have opened Your profile, an insane thought struck me – “you belong with Him”. Please do not get me wrong – I am far from being crazy – and at that moment I have actually started questioning my sense of reality, I mean huh!? Belong with him?! He is a major star – untouchable, unreachable, and most probably taken. As how could You not have been? You were perfect. Every single line of Your face, every tone in Your voice… all of You. Not Your fame or fortune – yes, You deserve respect for making this wonderful someone out of Yourself – and it must have taken strengths and courage and determination… But it is what You do, and not who You are. And to me You are this one and only person in the whole world who I feel something towards. I would not wish to explain my feeling further here… but I will say this – I am not the girl who is lacking male attention, ad yet I have not felt anything towards anyone who I have ever met or been with.

    Since 2004 I have not been with anyone for 4 years as I was waiting for… a miracle I guess. Hoping that somehow someday we may meet and see for ourselves if we have something in-between us that can hardly be described with bluntness of words. And then I stopped… and it was the biggest mistake of my life. As everything that happened after makes no sense at all. It was a complete and utter nonsense.

    Somehow You are the only one I feel a connection to… don’t ask how or why – the fact that You are so unreachable does not make it easier for me. If You were a man of an ordinary job – we probably could have found each other much easier. It is little things that made me wonder… that made me understand that there just might be a sense of sanity in my insanity of feelings: my favorite color is green, and my birthday is 7 days apart from Yours – we both are Scorpios, I have never tried alcohol and have never smoked or taken drugs, I love animals and take every opportunity to do charity work. I have never had a proper father… and my eyes are also green. Amongst other things that make no sense to anyone else, and yet make perfect sense to me.

    And yet You are who You are – and I would not wish to change anything about this. You seem complete and happy – and that is all that matters to me. Even if we never meet and I will remain on my own – I still wish You all the happiness in the world. And if You chose a woman to be with, I hope she loves You for everything You are and ever will be, without trying to impose anything, without pushing any alterations upon You. You are perfect to me. And in Your eyes I see a reflection of the whole world and of my own soul. It feels like these feelings were not obtained, it feels like I was born with them. And who knows, maybe we do have other lives before and after… maybe we had a chance to be together before. And as for me, I chose to wait for as long as it takes for us to meet again. No matter how long.

    Maybe there is a reason why You have stayed single for all these years. Maybe You are looking for someone very particular.

    I just want You to know that in this enormous world that seems quite indifferent most of the time, there is at least one person who always has, Gerry, and always will…

    My name is Kristina and if I may, I’d like to ask You for one favor: please, make sure You are happy every single moment of Your life!

    I am sending this letter to the address mention on this web-site – hoping and praying You will get a chance to read it.

    KL, Yours.

  3. Amanda Ainsworth says:

    Hi Gerard!
    I wondered if u had read the book I sent u and listened 2 the disks I sent too.
    I’ve had a tough week this week.
    I suddenly felt useless, that all I do and have done is wrong and I feel in the way of every1.
    I’m scared of having a repeat of feb when I attempted suicide.
    Though I know God is always watching and can b a rock and support for us, it’s not the same as having a real person to talk too.
    I know your very busy, but it would b nice to here from you.
    I wish u peace and happiness.

    P.s I love u x x

  4. Barbara J. Campbell says:

    I have found the man of my dreams. It’s you in P.S. I love you. It took me a few day to realize you aren’t real,
    but i am in the middle of my 9th time over 3 days. Scene 1 and 16, and when she sings to you, and you are just watching. i did adore The Bounty Hunter, but i never felt like this…even with my dear Elvis. I am not sure why you apologized for your Irish accent, it made you more charming. I am dissabled so alot of what i do is watch movies. You have surpased Mathew M., Richard G. and any other hottie. Truth is never have i watched a movie and wanted so badly for that man to be mine, from head to toe, personality to singing, and the way you loved her. Please make a part 2 where you come back and are mad at Mr. Morgan for taking her. I hope you can read this and know what a difference you gave me in pleasure (in a very Lady like way)
    Yes i cry every single time i watch it. The other thing is personally, God bless you for helping all the children you do.

    Sincerely, BJ Campbell

  5. kerrie richards says:

    dear Gerard hello my name is kerrie and im 24 and i’am from Australia im also a fan and i just wanted to say that i think you are a vary awesome person with a great passion and u really made a fantastic phantom of the opera well done n u have a grate voice would like to wish you all the vary best for the near future ahead and keep up with the good work

    all the best kerrie

  6. Katrina Marie Miller says:

    You are absolutely breathtakingly sexy!! I love “P.S. I love you”………watched it over and over. You are one gorgeous man! Smile…………..Katrina

  7. Tatyana says:

    Hello, Gerard!
    My name is Tanya. I’m from Russia. I’m loving your movies! You’re have a great talent! I want see you anywhere just one more time in my life.
    i wish you a good luck!

  8. Christine from Canada says:

    I haven’t been to your site in awhile…just dropped in today to see all the projects you’re doing etc. Wow….that’s a lot. You don’t have a hyperactivity disorder do ya….LOL. Anyway, you always look good dear, but might I say that you’re looking sad to me. I don’t mean to be personal just making an observation–sorry. Don’t work too hard, take time to enjoy…..and remember you’re never alone darling….never ever. I’m not trying to be creepy but I can’t imagine the lonliness of hollywood sometimes……remember there’s more to life than work….much, much more……take care of you, don’t just give all the time. Be good……



  9. Laura P says:

    Hi 😀
    I’m Colombian so my english isn’t enough good, however i want to say than i pretty admire to Gerard, he’s awesome, i really like him ;), he is too handsome.

    Best wishes.
    huge and kiss

  10. Your power is in your voice and the expressiveness of your performances.
    It may be fun to do some kind of movies, but some such as Dracula 2000 are to forget.
    I want to thank you for using your popularity also for the benefit of people who go through difficult times. Trying to support children and especially sick children not only affects their mood, but everyone around them. You can touch as many lifes by doing that, as when acting. Suffering needs hope.
    I assure you it’s worth the time or the good intentions you can offer.
    Be in good health, serenity and common sense. Regards






  12. Hannah and Rachel says:

    My name is Hannah and I am 14 years old. My sister, Rachel who is 13, recorded Phantom of the Opera a few days ago and we can not stop watching it! We loooove your voice and we love the cape action that goes on during the movie! We can’t get the songs out of our heads! We just bought the movie on itunes and we plan to watch it soon! We hope you see this and we hope you know that Phantom of the Opera made us realize not to judge people by the way they look! 🙂 We will always remember your awesome acting skills!!!!!

    -Hannah and Rachel

  13. Mercedes H. says:

    I just brought Maching Gun Preacher this weekend and saw it. It was so great. I’m so glad to see Gerry back to doing his more serious roles instead of his romantic comedies. Don’t get me wrong. I loved PS I Love You and The Ugly Truth but was not too happy with Bounty Hunter. I like Gerry doing this intense pieces. I also brought Coriolanus and have not had a change to watch it yet. I will this weekend. Keep up the good work Gerry.

  14. Hello Gerard,
    I know you may never read this, but I am a big fan of your work. I have seen alot of your movies, the latest being Machine Gun Preacher,(Saint or Mercenary) it does not matter much to me. I love the fact that you took a stand against something so horrible as genocide. I wish you well in all your efforts, and, in my family history, I have roots that run back to Scotland as well from my real father; whose last name is McGillvary. Thank You for all your hard work Gerry! Good Luck Man!

  15. Gerard…. I love you…. You have a big talent…. sorry, but i’m learning english, i’m from Brazil…
    I’m crazy for you

    Vilma Strazza
    City Osasco – São Paulo Brazil…. to World…….

    kisses kisses foryou

  16. Nathalie says:

    Just a few words to let you know that I love you

  17. Mercedes H. says:

    Hello Gerry,
    As everyone else here I just wanted to say that I am a fan. I’ve been a fan for about 2 years. I’ve seen other movies before this but never really knew who you were. I first saw you in Dracula 2000 and thought, wow, that boy can bite me anytime. Corny I know. Then I saw you in Attila and fell fo your blue eyes and then in Phantom. It wasn’t till I rented Law Abiding Citizen that I took serious notice. I love how un-hollywood you are. You don’t play that prima-donna BS. You are very real. Anyway, I would love to meet you but I know that would never happen but if you do respond to these emails I’d love a response, maybe even a little video email. I heard you say in an interview that you really like latina girls well here I am papi. Anyway, I just purchased Coriolanus and can’t wait to see it this weekend.
    Take care and I can’t wait to see MGP. Good luck in all of your future film projects. And if you are every in Florida I’d love to treat you to a day in Disney.
    Have a great day and a wonderful life.

  18. Jeanette Vega says:

    Just passing by for the second time to say hello. I pray that you are happy, healthy, and complete. May you keep receiving blessings….yours truly….JV

  19. Ashley Simons says:

    Dear Gerry,

    Lately I’ve been watching your version of Phantom of the Opera when it comes on HBO and every time I watch it I love it even more! I’m hoping soon to finally see both Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher since I didn’t get to see those movies in theaters. I love you so much Gerry and I really do hope we cross paths one day soon, so that I can thank you for every thing you’ve done for me! Also, PLEASE try and get a part in the sequel to 300 (if there is one)! Love from your biggest fan in Atlanta, Georgia

    Ashley Simons <3

  20. Margaret Ward says:

    Wow I was just checking you out and felt the love 🙂 I could come out with lots of lines but think it has all been said before lol Anyway keep doing what you do handsome xx

  21. Hi GB
    How have you been ? Busy charming everyone whilst in Cannes I suppose ? Went to see the Untouchables (the French movie) and have to admit I really enjoyed it – the French language is so ‘sexy’. I’m still waiting for one of yours to come along. Seems I’ve missed ‘Machine Gun Preacher’, which I think would be one of your better ones. Oh – sun is out – got to go grab a book and throw myself in my hammock ! Talk to you soon – take care !

  22. Amanda Ainsworth says:

    Hi Gerard! I was out in the english countryside today and I thought of u. Have u ever considered doing a music album. U got a great voice and I loved hearing it in phantom of the opera and p.s I love u. What u been up to today? I did some voluntary work earlier which was nice, the weather for one has been gorges here in the uk. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Amanda x x x

  23. Amanda Ainsworth says:

    Hi Gerard! Just wanted to say I think your a fab actor your defnatly my fav. I’m sending your mannager alan a letter for you. I believe strongly in true love and in soul mates and I feel you are mine. Sorry for the next line couldn’t risit. P.s I love you. Lol. By the way this hagis bloke who has showed u up is a nob wouldn’t worry about him if I was u. Look forward to herein from u soon babe. X x

  24. I just want to say I love all your movies but, the one I love the most is Dracula 2000. You look s sexy with a long hair. I just love it 🙂

  25. Alexandra says:

    Dear Gerry,

    I just wanted to pass by here to tell you how amazing I think you are. I just saw Machine Gun Preacher and I felt you did an amazing job in that movie. You’re so talented and I really wish you all the best in the world. I hope you’re doing great!! Don’t listen to all those urging you to be something you are not, or to settle down too fast if you’re not ready. Take your time and love will come your way (How cheesy is that? haha 🙂 ). Take care love, come visit us in Malta someday yeah? 🙂 xoxo

    Yours always.

    PS. I hope I find a man like you someday, lots of love care and a big cuddly bear hug!

  26. Leticia says:

    Hola Gerard! We met in a party in Punta del Este…morning Laith party jajaj…keep in touch. kisses

  27. Sylviana says:


    You are amazing. You are very talented and very much a hunk, That smile and other facial expressions are the best. I can’t believe at my age 55 and a grandma I have a song in my heart for you. (my way of saying this old broad has a crush on you) My all time favorite is Phantom of the Opera, OMG!!. Please keep up the great work..Thanks for keeping your fans happy.

    Love from the Jersey Shore NJ

  28. Uhm.. hey.

    When I was 13-15 I loved some singers, actors,.. like much girls around the world. I growed up, so I learned: I will never speak with these famous people, will never visit them or something like that. It’s not my world, they live in their own world – and there is no space for someone like me. Now I’m 18 – and for sure, I still know this things, but.. When I saw some of youre movies I fall in love with them and a little bit with u, too. You are indescribable. I don’t know something about u, just watched youre movies. So I have one question: Are u this nice man I think or do u just act like this? I’m not sure if I want an answer, because sometimes the truth is very hard.. so I keep dreaming about a man who is nearly perfect – I keep dreaming about u 🙂

    Lots of love, Jana

    P.S.: I’m sorry for the mistakes :/ I’m from Germany.. for sure we learn English.. but I was never good in this language..

  29. Bianca Felipe says:

    Hi Gerry,
    i dont even know if this site still working …
    but i still loving you.


  30. Dear Gerard. I come from a small country of Belarus( which borders Poland).I am writing to say how much I appreciate your work, your dedication and how much I adore your kind smile, your brilliant sense of humour and your unforgettable voice while interpreting Phantom. Please, take care of yourself. You are loved all over the world but I wish you to be loved by The Only Woman in your life, your Soulmate=Friend=Sensitive Lover=Supporter. May Lord protect you.Love and best wishes to you. Helen

  31. prachi says:

    Hello and namaste from India! I didn’t really know much about you as an actor but you brought in a breath of fresh acting in PS: I Love you! and simply floored me in The Ugly Truth! Where have you been before this? I know India is the last thing on your mind, but don’t forget your fans here too! Do drop us a line too and make us feel elated that Gerard actually replied. Hope to see you in person one day… some day, until then phir milenge ( will meet again).
    ps – l love you!

  32. Bianca Felipe says:

    Hi Gerry,
    I hope you be happy right now.
    At this moment.
    That’s what matter to me.
    Every day, i hope you be happy.
    Because your smile is the most beautiful thing that i know.

    Ps: I love you. A lot
    (more than chocolate)

  33. Hi Gerard! You are so cute! I just wanted to say that! 😀 You are my hero! By the way, I also love your accent. Very sexy! 😉

  34. Foxy Clark says:

    I’m not your biggest fan but you sure are one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen.

  35. Simon Flarerington says:

    I don’t think that my whole life I will ever meet you in flesh. I don’t know much about you aside from the portraits you showed on the movies I have seen. I like the persons that you are in those movies, a lot. I like your eyes, they are beautiful.

    All that I want to say is, I truly wish that you are happy, very much happy. Now, then, and always.

    From a person who know so little about Gerard Butler,


  36. Erin Young says:

    Gerard, Thanks for writing back to my first post office letter, so that I know celebrities and I could have post office converstions if we want to. I hate that celebrities and I were torn apart for twenty years. Erin

  37. Carolina says:

    He is an excellent actor, my favorite movie…The Phantom of the Opera, actors, music, sets… excellent!.

  38. Anastasia says:

    Dear Gerard Butler

    My name is Anastasia and I am fifteen years old. I love many things books, horses and musicals being my top few. This brings me to the point of my message. I just watched ‘The Phantom of the Opera (2004)’ and it is now up on my top five favorite movies. If you are reading this I would really appreciate it if you honestly consider what I am about to say.

    I really love the way you played the part of The Phantom and your voice is so wonderful. I especially like your version of “Music of the Night.” It is an amazing movie, book and play. I firmly believe you are the best for the part in the movie and should be in the next one. So I am trying now trying to get you to do just that, and probably doing a poor job.

    If the sequel to The Phantom (Love Never Dies) comes out in movie form, will you please do your best to get the part of the Phantom again? I know that you can’t just take a part because some lowly fan asked you to, but I hope that if you are reading this, the idea will at least cross your mind and make you think. This is the first time I have gone through the trouble of trying to contact an actor. I truly want to see you in ‘Love Never Dies’ (if it comes out as a movie.) I would hate to see a different phantom, it would not be right. I don’t like it when the actors change from one to another; it makes the story lose its touch because it’s not the same person.

    If you have read this and have some spare time, I would love it if you emailed me. Even if it’s just to say “thanks, but I can’t, or do not want to, get the part.” I would just want to know that you read this.

    Thank you very much for your time, you seem like a really cool and kind person wish I could know you for real.

    Anastasia 🙂

  39. Happy Easter to you! May you always have more than enough – to give and receive – (peace, joy, love, grace, mercy, etc, etc). Thank you for sharing a small part of yourself. 🙂

  40. Enjoy the Easter holidays ! Don’t know about you but we’ll be roaming the lawn and nearby bushes in search for chocolate eggs 🙂 Wonder whether you do that in Scotland as well ? Talk to you soon – take care
    PS: I can add ‘How to train your dragon’ to my list but there’s not much I can say about it apart from the fact that it exposes your best feature, i.e. your voice!

  41. Dear Gerard,

    Love all your movies!
    especially: 300 & the ugly truth…
    Can’t wait to see another movie…

    I always wanted to go to scotland….
    It’s so beautifull…
    Where should i go to??

    Lots of love…








  43. Haven’t had the time to check this website..but although I’m quite busy at’re always with me, right here with me, because you’re part of me..Sound corny.. it is corny..but true! Working, living and fulfilling all my duties and responsibilities everyday is much easier, knowing you’re also doing the same..

    Take care always, Gerry.. Enjoy life and all the wonderful things this world has to offer..Your movie Machine Gun Preacher will be shown soon here in the Phils. Can’t wait to see it!!

    Love lots,
    Pia Phil

  44. Brandon Baker says:

    What’s up Geratd? My name is SFC Brandon Baker. I am Active Duty Military. My mother is, let’s just say very interested in meeting with you in some facet; not in any kind of weird way, she is just an enthusiast of your film making. The thing is Gerard, my dad died several years ago and my mother has not had any male companionship in over a decade and I believe she would get a real kick out of, at a minimum, having some kind of communication with another male counterpart. I am not a spaz or anything, I just realize that my mother does everything for everyone else and she never gets anything for herself. I think if she just got the smallest bit of recoginition from you, it would make a true difference in her life!!! I realize that we are all just human beings in this crazy world but I ask this one small thing from one man to another. Thank you for all the entertainment you bring to millions across the world and God Bless You Gerard!!!


  45. Dear Gerard,

    My family and I love your films very much. My husband loves your action movies, I like your comedies and melodramas and my son loves How to train your dragon very much.

    Just want to say thank you. Your Performing Arts bring so much joy to so many people and save from misfortune and injustice of this world.

    I can bet you will get Oscar for MGP. I wish you all the best.

    Best wishes to your friend Mr. Craig Ferguson, you both are very funny in his show but no doubts you should have your own TV show:)

    From Russia with love,

    Best regards,


    Julia Hiemer

  46. Carolina says:

    Hello, my name is Carolina, I am from Spain.I only wise of Gerard Butler for his movie 300, but yesterday I saw The Phantom of the Opera, I knew the history, but this version has managed to show the teen love and the sexual adult love, my heart and my soul have vibrated of emotion at my forty years old. Fantastic actors and fantastic music, congratulations!!, sorry for my english..

  47. Hey handsome, how is it going?
    Just passing by to say hi and to say thank you for being you, an exceptional human being, a gorgeous and charming man who dazzles me every time you appear on the screen.
    I dream that someday we will have a fun conversation and we will laugh at silly things and have a special complicity.
    I don’t know, maybe I’m a little crazy but sometimes I call your name out loud hoping you can listen…it’s impossible because we live in different continents
    Anyway you are always on my mind.

    Loye you


  48. Ashley Simons says:

    Dear Gerry,

    I would really love to meet you in person!! Is there any possible way that you might be able to come to Georgia when you are not too busy? It would make me very happy if I got to meet you and tell you how thankful I am to you for getting me into Phantom of the Opera! Love you so much and I will always support you in whatever you do!!

  49. Hi,

    I know you are probably thinking, Oh Gosh, not another one. But let me just let you know right off the bat, that I am no ordinary person that is writing to you. Yes, I think your movies are great, and Yes, you might be good looking, but that is not the only reason why I am writing to you. Maybe I want to see if you really reply back to these so called virtual fan-mail letters? or Maybe I just want to see if this is really you? Well this is besides the point, just want to let you know that there is someone in the world, that does wish to check up on you, even if it is a fan, that you will never ever ever in your life meet… or so I hope… Please take care of yourself, and best of luck in all your films and career.

    Till you respond,


  50. Camille T. says:

    Hi Gerard!! I’m a HUGE fan of Phantom of the Opera! My mom and I watch it A LOT together!! Oh, by the way, I’m 10 years old! My mom said she would have never thought I would appreciate that movie as much as I do. Ive seen The Phantom of the Opera live but I wish it had you in it! You even look good with the mask on!! Love,
    Camille T. Kansas City, KS