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  1. Hi, I just finished watching the movie P.S I Love You—-It was amazing the love that you acted out in that movie, and it was amazing the way it made me feel. I for that moment wanted to be her in the movie, you made me dream and most of all smile. Thank-you for showing me that love really is a beautiful thing when you find it. Karen

  2. özge kalyoncu says:

    oh gerry, I am Özge. I am writing from Turkey. Now, I will tell that what I feel to you. In the night, just i am thinking about you. what are you doing? are you single or not? in fact, who are you? why am i love you, so much? why just i am thinking about you? sometimes, i believe that i will never reach to you. but then i am saying to me: why not? because of living Turkey, maybe it is impossible. But I am stable and brave. I will reach to you.! I will touch to your skin, I will hug!!!!! I can not endure that! I can not being Özge without you. Please don’t understand me wrong! I am not wacky! Just I am enamored.

  3. Gerard, hi..I have just watched the film “Ugly true”.. How do I like how you and Katherine play there.. It is so romantic.. You are the best, so sexy, so funny, so charming)))) Elena from Russia

  4. Janelle Calvert Striplin says:

    Biglots? What? You a funny lady. Here is the joke of the day Gerry: A blonde man is in the bathroom and his wife shouts: Did you find the shampoo? He answers, “Yes, but I’m not sure what to do…it’s for dry hair, and I’ve Just wet mine. Ha hahaHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Ok one more I know you liked that one. A blond man shouts frantically into the phone ” My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!” “Is this her first child?” asks the Doctor. “No!” he shouts, “this is her husband!” Ha Ha! I hope you had a good laugh today.

  5. mellissa gomez says:

    I heard that u were in NC this weekend. I just missed u at Biglots by 1 hour. I wish tgat I couod have met u and gotten a picture with you. I think u r a really good actor. Your fan, Mellissa Gomez

  6. anastasiyaRussia says:

    hello!!))) you very talented handsome and kind man!! Keep in there

  7. kristen anthony says:

    Okay well I never thought I would ever dedicate any time to actually writing a post or comment to a celebrity as I have always thought hey they are just people putting their pants on one leg at a time just like me and everyone else, but I must say Gerry or Gerard Butler whichever I may use without offending, has truly changed my mind and opinion of said statement. He is the quintessential actor. He is beautiful, accomplished in so many ways, brilliantly funny and witty, terribly charming, and on top of all that is has the voice of, well a sex god. I have never had a man make me feel more emotion or stir up more intense desire than gerard butler. His voice and his devilishly good looks are too much to handle. I cannot say enough I love him I love him I love him, and in the words of a crazy fan I wish I could marry him or at least spend one day with the man who warms me from this inside out. thank you so much Gerry Butler for your fantastic movies, especially Phantom of the Opera my all time favorite, 300 and the incredibly sexy Ugly Truth. Thank You so much!!!!!

  8. Freebeegirl says:

    Hi Gerry!

    I read that you were with the Soccer Aid team and you’re playing in the team with some fine dutch soccerplayers! As a dutch girl I really appreciate that fact.. haha!
    Almost 5 million for Unicef!! Good job guys!

    I really admire your spirit to go for this and take this time! You are an inspiration for me so thanx4bU and wishing you lotsoflove…

  9. Taylor Stewart says:

    I loved your performance in the 2004 production of “Phantom of the Opera” among many others you have done. There is a broadway production that follows entitled “Love Never Dies.” My question is would there be any consideration from you of returning to your part as the Phantom of the Opera and be in a production of this play in a movie form? It would be an amazing continuation to the amazing love story. Thank you. Taylor

  10. You’re working too hard, but i know that you’re enjoying every minute of it..;)) Again, please do take good care of yourself, visit your Mom as often as u can, and every time u walk on the streets of Beverly Hills or in NY, remember to give your wonderful fans a big smile, and please have patience with us, if we ever get to scream your name, because its the only time that we can show u how much we adore you.:)

    love lots, pia

  11. Freebeegirl says:

    For years there was Tom Selleck as my alltimefavorite and most admirable man in the world.. I was a happy fan, I do’nt need much haha…

    I looked PS I love you and thought..hmmm Gerard Butler… handsome… charming… I saw 300 and again: Gerry is handsome, goodlooking… and then it hiiiiiiiiiiit me……. the dancescene in The Ugly Truth….. wow…. those eyes… the way you moved…. Nooooooooow I am a great fan as well!!!

    So I just wanne thank you here for just being you and whenever you think you’r on your one… you’re not! You give at least 1 girl in the world a happy feeling… so thanx.. lovyou4it!!!
    And whenever you cross border with Holland… givmecall.. I show you around…from North to South, from East to West… Holland is doable in1day haha…. no strings attached ofcours!

  12. hi Jerry i like you as actor and as person too,everything i read about you make me sure that you are very clever handsome love animals and sport ,we burn in same day:))))wish you luck many many roles and other good thikgs:)))

  13. Janelle Striplin says:

    Don’t know when you will read this message but thanks for new movies for us to watch, I dig the chick movies but shakespeare and 300 or more your type. Find a role of that sort, you know fantasy or fiction or science fiction, anything but chick movies. Thanks.

  14. Well I really don’t know if this message reaches you Mr. Butler, as I believe in fact there is only 0.1 percent you’ll read this. However, I only knew you when I just watched The Phantom of the Opera just this moment. After that, I searched who is the character behind the phantom just curious and found out that he goes by the name of Gerard Butler. This maybe senseless I think, but you are the first movie star that I totally applauded and caught me interested, I am no critic and no fond of actors and actresses that much. All this appraisal I have for you was because I watched you in the phantom, I was totally moved with it. I will be checking more on your progress and latest movies or perhaps past movies but your portrayal on The Phantom of the Opera will always be the best for me. Anyway, I have read from some article that you never get engage or married, well perhaps you’re still waiting for Christine Day:-)

  15. pacala andreia says:

    Hello…i am verry glad to write this message to you,who knows maybe you will read it, I am one of your most biggest fans and i want to say that you are special…the way you play your part in your movies makes you verry special, i don t know you but i belive you are a good guy ( the light on your face express everything). I love you Gerry and i hope you will read this message one day.

  16. Just love Gerard Butler!!! He’s so handsome, and would love to hear his voice either in person or on the phone. That would be a great birthday surprise since my Bday is the 7th of next month!! Hopefully, one day I will run across him!! LOL!!

  17. connie Hayden says:

    Gerry Hi love you. I think a lot of you. I love your movies, got a lot of them. I am the dirty ole lady. I am to old for you but what the heck anyway. I am in your fan club. Get your pictures on my facebook. I think your a wild man just love it. Keep up the good work babe.

  18. Gerard anything you do is wonderful. I know you travel a lot but you need to stop and smell the roses. Take care of you and family and lolitta of course. Have fun doing the things you like best. I listened to your interview on Howard Sterns radio show you were good and very informative about a lot of stuff, I injoyed it a lot. You were very good in Machine Gun Preacher,and Coriolanus I think the critics are out of their minds,you knoe that they are back in the stone ages. Your are reaily,reaily,reaily good. see ya Bonnie

  19. andrielle says:

    oi gerry. Voce é muito lindo,talentoso e este sorriso entao meio sem vergonha é para deixar qualquer mulher louca por voce pena que voce nao morra no brasil e tenho que me contentar com os seus filmes voce e lindo de mais e te ver nu em 300 e o codigo de conduta confeço que foi maravilhoso te adimiro muito beijos sua fa andrielle

  20. Denise Darnielle says:

    My daughter was an extra in your most recent movie in Shreveport. She says your amazing in person. Keep up the good work and the great looks.. lol I must say my favorite movie is PS I love you!!! This movie was every woman’s dream of love even if it means only having if for a short time.

  21. andrielle says:

    oi gosto muito do seu trabalho, assisti quase todos seus filmes adoro o codigo de conduta,gamer e a verdade nua e crua parabens que voce cotinue fazendo muito sucesso.gostaria de poder te conhecer um dia pois te admiro muito beijos

  22. Just wanted to say that you are an AMAZING actor. I am sure you get alot of women hitting on you so I won’t bore you with that LOL.. I love your movies and you did an absolutely wonderfull job in all of them just watched P.S.I love You again with my neices and of course I cried :).. thank you for sharing your talent with us. I wish you the the best of luck in all you do :). And I will remain a fan of your work for eternity.. how ever long that turns out to be LOL

    Best wishes,

  23. penso che Gerard e attore molto capace, interesante,piacevole .guardare suo film sempre fa sentimenti ricordabili.
    ma dire la verita ho pensavo che lui sia una persona un po sevevra,con un caratere ho letto che mi sbaglio. piacere 🙂

  24. I don’t know why I’m doing this. I still don’t want to believe it… I woke up and… it was just… I was unconcious all this time. I’ll try to cross your path just to prove myself.


  26. heather hayward says:

    I saw u in Phantom Of The Opera and you have a good singing voice

  27. browneyedxena says:

    If you read your fan mail, will you answer to any messages?
    ..just sayin’

  28. lucia mesquita says:

    Oi Gerard!Todo dia tenho que ver voce um pouco,seria algo unico na minha vida ver voce pessoalmente!beijo te quero muito.lucia.

  29. Mary Lou Becker says:

    I just rented Machine Gun Preacher and I wanted to let Gerry know how much I enjoyed it. Sam Childers should be proud of how you mirrored him in the film. This is one of your bests. Thanks for a good film to watch.

  30. Emma, please please please read. says:

    Hi Gerard Butler Im Emma and Im 11 years old and you are my favorite actor of all time! I cant tell you how much times I have had a dream with you in it. I first heard of you in The Phantom Of The Opera wich Im so very obsessed with! But thats a differnt story. Anyways so as soon as I figured out you played the Phantom you were my FAVORITE actor of all time!!!!!! Along with Emmy Rossum(my favorite actress.) But you of most. Its my dream to meet you! But I dont think thats possible. Anyways back to what I was saying. After I watched Phantom I started watching other movies of yours,:300, Nims Island, How To Train Your Drangon, Dracula, I saw a bit of P.S I Love You, and Im going to see Dear Frankie, Chasing Mavericks, and Playing For Keeps. Ive wanted to see more of your movies but Im not old enough. Please Please Please respond to this It will fulfill my dream LOL.
    Well Bye

  31. Will you be doing anymore sing, like you did in The Phatom of the Opera. I have seen the play in Canada many years ago, and fell in love with it. Had hoped that you would have played the Phatom in Love Never Dies. But understanding that you had other things planned. Looking forward to your new movie Chasing Mavericks.

  32. nantje balborda says:

    good morning gerry,
    hi how are you i am a fan who adores you but will i effer be able to see you in person i wonder i am in this ladies club onface book and every day thepost your pic and happy that they invited me to their clan (as i lik to call it )I know you are a verybusy man. I was born in the carribean but i have been libving in the netherlands(amsterdam) for many years now i would love to meet you ever in my life why? forget your handsome talented an all tha t bla bla bla I sufferd a massive stroke three years a go that left paralyzed on my left side i am good i am a very strong young viberant woman who still enjoys life and try not to give up i live alone in a n apartment specially for the paraplaegig they have a great health care system in europe thank god too bad i cannot work any more and because i was always a n active woman this is rather frustrating i would love if you can ever visit amsterdam when you are in europe or scotland to com e to me so i can atleast give you a hug and talk to you i do not want to sound pathetic but i wonder how long will it take before i get better i cannot come to you easily dso pretty please gerry you have a beautifull soul and i f you do this for me you have with other fans to impossible i know but i think yoiu and i have a special connection do not ask me why i cannot undrstand it’ds your beautifull soul and being. lots of hugs and kisses, sincerely nantje bal borda

  33. Janelle Calvert Striplin says:

    Spanky sometimes you can be a real bummer. Why can’t we propose marriage to him. He is single is he not? Hello? Ha! ha! ha!

  34. Janelle Calvert Striplin says:

    It is refreshing to have an actor who is willing to try anything different just to keep things interesting. I am a huge fan of yours and I hope you keep up the good work. You have brought alot of joy in my life with your humor and of course your fabulous Scottsman looks. You are a girl’s dream come true. Thanks for all that you have done and don’t go away. I am an English woman and believe me there not to many goodlookin Scotts out there these days. Ha! Ha! Let me know when you are in the Dallas Texas area I’ll show you around. Thanks.

  35. Randa Gedeon says:

    Dear G,

    Refreshing these days to see a movie persona impervious to the hype which comes hand in hand with fame.
    I get the impression from reading your profile that you are a man who knows what he wants and is unwilling to ‘dable’ in mistakes along his way to self discovery. An admirable and rare quality these days if I may say so dear G 🙂
    Sometimes one can tell quite a lot from a photo and even remotely one can get the impression of depth in another person (the eyes are truly the windows to the soul).
    Certainly your witty, sassy side comes through but behind it I sense a depth which you perhaps prefer to keep hidden at times. Nice to have a part of oneself private and shared only with a select few. I agree dear G.

    So from a kindred spirit to another or perhaps just a friendly soul to another, please continue being yourself it sets an example for the rest of us mere mortals 🙂

    Should we by some very happy twsit of fate happen to meet one day, I will be reminded of these words: when all else fades, the soul shines through.


  36. hi , just checking out your web..for more information about u…..i saw ur movie -tomb raider and simply luv ur contagious smile.. n im thinking of watching more movies starring u…
    ur new fan,

  37. Barbara J. Campbell says:

    Like Gerry will ever have time to read or write anything. i do hope he knows how much he is a thrill, a hunk, and i truely put him up their with my dear ELVIS who i dear love and cherish so much.

    BJ Campbell

  38. Barbara J. Campbell says:

    i second that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BJ Campbell

  39. Linda Sikora says:


  40. Hi Gerry,
    The Phantom ran on Ovation tonight. It is always a pleasure to watch this film.
    Hope you are up to more like this. This one really worked for you.
    God Bless.

  41. Tina Gravlin says:

    Dear Gerry,

    I finally got the last two movies and watched them this weekend. This is what I have to say. I am still proud of you. But some advise alittle note you from one human to another. It is ok to be human make yourself happy do jobs that cultivate your better side. We your people are watching and love you. Your very talented in what you do. So take time to love yourself be kind to you. Challenging roles do you good but don’t lose your self in the process. Hope your well and happy. I will always be watching and always be there when you need a pick me up.

  42. hey gerry hope everything is good with you, I just found this site and i have to say it’s very interesting. i’ve also read afew of these emails to you from your fans.. some of the emails are abit scarey actually and i can see where celebrities could use alittle security. i want to say i have great respect for you and enjoy your movies. you have a strange and great sense of humor and i love the twinkle in your eyes. keep healty and happy look forward to seeing more of your movies in the future.. much respect B

  43. Barbara J. Campbell says:


    Now i have watched the Ugly Truth, yes funny, but i still sticking with P.S. I Love You. I also have seen Machine Gun Preacher, Honestly say with almost 24 years clean and sober i didnt enjoy the first 15 minutes. But the rest was wonderful. I can’t believe how much i feel in love with your charater in P.S. I love you, your moth exspressions to your dance, to walk man i wish i had someone like that in my life. Yes i Have the Bounty Hunter too. I dont have 300 or the one where your get revenge on everyone who let the man go who killed your family. I could relate to that one because my sister was killed and chopped up by her hussband…he got 20 years because his family is rich. But i let the hate go. Well that’s a little too much, just stay in the romatic comedys cause your awesome. and your hair is perfect, keep that wonderful accent, and when you do fall in love you just make sure she loves you and not your money, do a prenump! So much love


  44. Hi Gerry, i am writtening to you right now from Armenia, i love your moves very much, and i think that you must know, that you have very good fan in Armenia, if you read this, please come to see my country, it is amazing and thank you for that amazing film xoxo TAGI

  45. Jeanette V. says:

    When your feeling alone in the “world” you live in, your not. In a time of need, just fly back home to your mum’s house. Visit your family. They are the one’s who really know you and love you. You have fame, fortune, crazy obsessed fans(lol) sorry fans…and those are all blessings from your hard work. Always remember who you are and where you came from. Stay humble and blessed….Jeanette

  46. Hi GB,
    Think my last message didn’t arrive due to yesterday’s stormy weather. Just a quick note to let you know I saw Lara Croft (so that makes 5 of yours) and quite honestly wasn’t exactly overwhelmed with your performance (no offence – I’m hardly a film critic). You had the tendency to ‘overact’ a bit. So taking into account the Phantom and this one, well…. I think you belong on a stage 🙂 See you later alligator! Take care

  47. Barbara J. Campbell says:

    Mr. Gerry, i hear your are looking sad, go to Ireland and do another film ps i love you too!
    God if i could only have a man like that, you have it all in that movie, my wish for you is that you are in real life pretty much like that Gerry!

    Totally in love,


  48. Stephanie says:

    Dear Mr. Butler,

    I just want to thank you for the wonderful films you made, especially “Beowulf & Grendel” (a sad but very good story, always topical, interesting characters and a fantastic scenery – Island must be great), “The Phantom of the Opera” (very romantic) and “Dear Frankie” (a beautiful story). You are a brilliant actor and you can show emotions in such a way that it’s very easy to feel and to suffer with you. You can also be very funny – no matter which role you play, you are always credible. I am impatiently looking forward to see “Burns”.
    No doubt, that your job is very hard and you have to pay a high price for it but I’m sure, that it’s your calling.
    You seem always very friendly, naturally and without affectations, that’s certainly not easy. I like your humour and your laugh. You are an extraordinary person with a very positive charisma.
    Keep on being the way you are and take care of you.

    Best wishes – from scorpion to scorpion

  49. jewellzz says:

    Just a note to say I think you are an amazing actor, my favorite is p.s. i love you, Phantom of the Opera. and Bounty Hunter is my daughters favorite.
    From a Utah fan

  50. Pia Phil says:

    Gerry love, saw your photos taken from Cannes Festival. You look sooo tired, don’t work too damn hard. Take time to pacify yourself with massage, good music, a good walk, anything to relax your mind and body.