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565 comments on “Virtual Fan Mail

  1. Kathy Rice on said:

    Happy Birthday, Gerard! I hope it is a happy and blessed day for you!!


  2. Andrea Ryan on said:

    Ha! …a scorpio like me!

    Happy Birthday to you….
    Happy Birthday to you….
    Happy Birthday Dear Gerry…
    Happy Birthday to you…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY!!! …I hope you have a great one! **HUGS**

  3. Judit Nargang on said:

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    Beannachd Dia dhuit.

    Many happy returns of the day! ?:))

  4. I have just seen the end of movie with you tonight in Thailand, in which – as a good French – I understood nothing, but when I wanted to know who you are, I saw that it’s a special day for you. So I just want to give you back the emotion I had, and I wish you ” Un très bel anniversaire”. Muriel

  5. Vicki Verinis on said:

    Happy birthday, handsome! I hope your day is wonderful and you get exactly what you want (don’t you always…?). Love you!

  6. Feliz Cumpleaños Mi Vida!

  7. Florence Rivera on said:

    Happy Birthday Gerry!!

  8. Ashley Simons on said:

    Happy Birthday Gerry!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day today!!!!! And please, when you come to Atlanta to film “Motor City” could you let me know once you are here? I really want to meet you and tell you how much I love your movies (especially 300 and Law Abiding Citizen)! I love you so much Gerry!!

    Love from your #1 fan in Atlanta, Georgia,
    Ashley Simons

  9. Happy birthday, you’re a great actor and a gorgeous man. Get a giant hug from Santigo of Chile. Love, Pamela.


  11. Pia Phil on said:

    Happy Birthday Gerry!!! All the best wishes in all your endeavors, i.e. career, personal life, love life!! Keep doing what you do best!! Happy Birthday:-):-)

  12. Hi Gerard

    I wish you a Happy Birthday. Keep your charisma, thats was people made from inside.

    All the best to you


  13. Michaela on said:

    Happy Birthday Gerry!
    Best wishes, Michaela

  14. Dear Mr. Gerard Butler! Congratulations on your birthday! Health to you and your family, good luck and a lot of roles in the movie. Family Sazonov, Russia, the city of Kurgan.

  15. Have a wonderful day Gerry, Happy Happy Birthday. I wish you the best on your day and everyday. You are a great guys

    Love ya


  16. Dear Gerry,

    Wish you a very happy birthday sweetheart. May all your dreams and wishes come true. I hope this year turns out to be your luckiest year and all your flicks are big hits. And I also hope you find your life partner this year. If not, don’t worry honey. I am always waiting for you. I am a huge fan and would love to meet you at least once in this lifetime.

    I am eagerly waiting for the release of playing the field. You look awesome and in great shape.
    I have seen all your work and wish to see you more in romantic flicks. You are very good in emotional scenes. You simply make me cry. I have seen phantom of the opera and p.s.i love you several times but still end up crying. Cant bare to see you sad when you get hurt. You are so wonderful and you are the dream guy of millions of gals across the globe. I simply cant spend a single day without seeing your handsome face. That is why I have a beautiful poster of yours on my bedroom wall.

    I must also mention that I terribly miss your scottish accent. Please do more and more of British production movies where we get to see you in your true scottish self. Once again Happy Birthday Gerry. I love you very very much. You are my most fav. actor and I will always remain your fan.

    • Jolene Wipf on said:

      I also love P.S. I Love You. It makes me cry too. I like everything he does as he is able to make his work in each role believable. That is what makes a great actor. I do wish he would do more romantic comedies but he probably enjoys trying different types of roles and challenging himself. I like his accent as well. All the best Archana.

  17. lesya Woronzow on said:

    Dear Gerard! I congratulate to wish You and Yours Mommy a coming You Happy Birthday!!! And I wish You a wonderfull life, health, success in all and allways and Angel-Keeper to protect You all Yours ,I need, long life!!!

  18. Jolene Wipf on said:

    Hi Gerard.
    If you see this, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday on November 13. We are only a month apart in age. Your bio says you were born on November 13, 1969 and I was born on December 14, 1969.

    I first saw you in P.S. I Love You. That is an all time favorite movie. All girls would love to have a boyfriend like you or Jeffrey Dean Morgan in their lives. The point is…I hadn’t seen your earlier work yet. Tonight I watched Dracula 2000. Since Dracula is twelve years old already, I had to look hard to see the Gerard of today in the Gerard of twelve years ago. I only saw glimpses of the Gerard I know. I must say, I loved the long curly hair you had in Dracula 2000.

    Anyway, It is always fun to see my favorite actors/actresses from different phases of their career. I look forward to seeing many more of your movies. All the best to you.


  19. Julie Blaylock on said:

    It would be an honor to meet you.


  20. Summer on said:

    Yes I am a huge fan and my aunt and I argue over who is going to marry you all in good fun, I even made a paper doll for a bulletin board I designed one year and made him from Scotland and called him Gerard, the theme was celebrating student’s nationalities since I attended a rather diverse university. I was in charge of designing bulletin boards for the Teacher Ed. Department. Anway, I just want to say, wow, you really have some scary fans. I think you are and excellent actor and am a fan of you and Angelina Jolie and have been for many years. I don’t send fan mail, I don’t normally comment on fan pages but just couldn’t help it. You have some seriously delusional fans out there and some are rather scary in their zest to show you how much they want you even believing they are your perfect mate. Thank God you stay so private about your life as I fear some of them would hunt you down and some probably do. I do like the inspiring stories of fans meeting you though and want to say thank you for your graciousness to those who respect you and see you as a man who has inspired them and not their true love. Whether or not you read this is of no consequence as I am not that deluded but if you do I tip my hat to you. You’ve brought fun to our lives as we’ve enjoyed your many roles. Much luck in your future.

  21. Nyasia Maire on said:


    I saw you on Jan 12, 2012, when you were on The Tonight Show. You were your usual gracious self. You signed my autograph book and posed for a photo with me. At the time, I was 54 years old and weighed 178 pounds. That photo inspired me to go on a healthy diet and exercise program. I’m now 55 years old and weigh 115 pounds. I credit that photo of me with you, my daughter for being my diet coach and me for actually finding the willpower to carry through with the diet. I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you, Gerry, for the original inspiration.

    I’m hoping to see you again on The Tonight Show on Dec 3, 2012.

    Thanks, Gerry, for your movies and your wonderful self. Can’t wait to see your next films that are due to be released in December.

    Best wishes,
    Nyasia Maire

  22. Hola Gerard, solo quería hacerte saber que eres la ilusión más dulce y linda que una chica puede tener. Tus actuaciones son sencillamente maravillosas y las emociones que me regalas son únicas. Es increíble, que solo a través de una pantalla puedas enseñarme y hacerme vivir tanto.
    Eres indiscutiblemente un pedacito de cielo en la tierra.
    Te adoro!

  23. Stefan Grosch on said:

    Hey Gerard,
    just looked at the picture we have made on the boat after a day shooting nim´s island on hinchinbrook island / down under. Was a great time i spent 2007 in oz and meeting you was just amazing!
    Wish u all the best buddy and stay as you are!!! An actor which has still ground under his feet!

    Best Regards Mate


  24. Hello Gerard, I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoied all of your movies. You’re. An incredible actor. I believe P.S. I love has been my favorite. Quite honestly, I adore you’re accent as well. I would love to one day visit Scottland. I was reading your bio and found it quite funny that you share a birthday with my daughter. I also found the rest of your bio interesting. Kudos to your mother for raising you and your siblings by herself. It’s not an easy job. I’m. Looking forward to seeing you new movie. Take care.

  25. Tina Rosengreen Larsen on said:

    Hi Gerard /Gerry Butler :)
    Love your acting, so talented and hardworking.

    I’ve seen a lot of tv-clips/interviews with You, it seems like
    You have so much humor, and you’re so good at telling them ;D
    Big quality. Interwiev from Japan LOL, and the deepfried Marsbar etc.. ;)

    Love your singing voice as well. ( infact, you sang better,
    than Andreas Bocelli, Music of the night) eventhou i love AB

    You also seem like a very down to earth kind a guy, so nice:)
    Also a big quality..

    Looking forward, so see all your films.
    Hope co- fans will keep it down a bit.. And those d…
    Papparazzi’s.. can’t say that I love them! How Can they sleep at night!?

    Thanks to the people working in this fan- site.. :) i know Mr. Butler
    never will get this.. but a nice feeling, to write;)

    Take good care.
    Tina :)

  26. Nicol from Romania on said:

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  27. GLENCOE LASSIE(SUE) on said:



  28. Jane Garland on said:

    Hay Gerry / Gerard

    Im sure you have hundreads of these emails to go through so i promise i wont take much of your time. And sorry i havent introuduced my self well my Name might be a good idea Its Jane Garland. Not very exsitting but its easy to remember which is always good. I wanted to right to you to say a big thank you for all the work you have done but i thought it was a bit stupid as you proberbly get that all day long, So i thought well maybe i would ask for a pic or an autograph but then no i dont want one of those because their just generic so i thought i would just right and see were it ends up, But at the moment it just seems like im babbleing on. To the point. I love your acting and i love the films that you choose to do, I think you play your rolls with everything you have and i love that, i love that i feel like i get pulled into the movie, (Well untill some one pulls me out). I want to ask you about Scotland, i know its an amazing magical place as i did have the chance when i was younger because believe it or not im NOT 17 like it states in my email address Im 22, Any way back to my point, I got the chance to see Lockness and Inverness but no were else, I Was wondering if you could point to some places that i need to see, I want to move up their because i feel in love with the place, the open land, the cold air, the snow/ when it snows, the people and Its me i love big open spaces i love the country. Sad i know but im a country Girl at heart and always will be. Plus I like to smoke but only when i want to not every time i step out the door into the streets of Portsmouth England were i come from.
    Look I said i would keep it short because i know how busy you get but here i am babbling on like a women whos lost her Hair. So if their is any were that you think it would be an amazing place to go then please inform me because i dont know Scotland that well and it would be nice to get to know it through some one who had the luxury f living their.
    P.S Your family must be so proud of you and what you have achieved i know i would be and thank you for being you.

    Hope to hear from you

  29. Janelle Calvert Striplin on said:

    Thanks Gerry for taking such a role in the Machine Gun Preacher. There is alot of us out here trying to help people in bad situations. Thanks for showing the public that Love can move Mountains. You are a wonderful guy who is in touch with humanity. Thanks.

  30. Suzanne Branecki on said:

    Next time your in Florida. It’s you me and karaoke. It will be fun. :o) Love your stuff.


  31. Rita Thomas on said:

    Hey I just found this site and I want to say I think it is great and I also think you are great! I am probably your biggest fan.. One of my fav movies is “The Ugly Truth” Which I have seen oh probably 100 times. Thaanks for being you!

  32. Hi GB,

    It’s been a while (a lot going on with kids starting school again etc etc) but here we are again. Can’t believe I’m still doing this but you seem to have put a spell on this ever so cool and feet firmly on the ground persona :) Saw the ugly truth and actually liked it. And yes it is full of cliches and yes it is predictable but so what ?? Did I already tell you that I took up running ? Yes ! Find it quite relaxing but most definitely need MP4 to go along with it. Will be travelling to Paris next spring (I love Paris in the springtime trala la lala lalaa). Fantisize about meeting you there (silly silly me) and then we would do ‘Paris a velo’ so we could roam the streets of Paris without anyone recognising you. Really would like to learn who’s the person under your skin. So what if you’re and actor (just lucky you get to do what you like – good for you) or good-looking (looks do tend to fade sooner or later) but I would really like to witness the ‘bare’ you; the person you are when amongst family – people you trust wholeheartedly and don’t have to proof anything to. Realise that’s just a dream but they do tend to keep us going …

  33. Michelle on said:

    I” am brasilian and i already saw many films you did. I’am your fan. Two of them i most liked were the “Phantom of the Opera” and “The Ugly truth”. Your interpretation carryover us for what is shown in the films that you do. And your beauty and sensuality enchant.
    Congratulations for your work!

  34. carolyn on said:

    I’ve never done this before, which reminds me of Sleepless in Seattle, when she writes a letter in response to the boy’s call to the radio program and Rosie O’Donnell tells her, that’s what everyone writes when they do this!! But, trust me, I truly have never done this before. I just watched a little clip of someone interviewing you at promo of your surfing movie!! LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear you talk! Funny story … I ordered a movie on line that had like 4 CD – great love stories or something like that. I had seen 3 of them but not the 4th. I got home on a Fri. night and it was in the mail, got all set to see this new movie I had not seen before, and they had the wrong movie. Instead of the one I wanted to see, ws PS I Love You … which I had also not seen. With much grumbling to my mom about how I was going to return this set of movies and let them know I was unhappy at their mistake. I watched PS I Love You three or four times that weekend and watch it several times each year. I have told my daughter I want to take her to Ireland/Scotland … I can imagine going to a pub and having someone like you in a band singing/playing a guitar. I would stay …
    Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy your movies and enjoy YOU in your movies!!
    C’ya …

  35. Varzaru Eduard on said:


  36. Hey Gerry,
    Just saw an interview with you on Extra!
    quick question you are wearing a nice looking leather jacket with a 2 button up collar, who made it? where can I get it?
    Thank you.
    all the best.

  37. Bronwyn Smith on said:

    Gorgeous man brilliant talent.
    Thank you

  38. Julio Verissimo on said:

    Dear Gerard,

    We meet once in LA airport, I like your latest work, but the ones that I really enjoy were, Bounty hunter and previous The Hugly Truth, as for action movies I liked law Abiding Citizen and the previous 300.

    Wish you all the best with your future projects.

    Best regards

  39. Pia Phil on said:

    Thanks for being an inspiration. Keep up your great doing!!!

  40. Gerry, it has been a while since you starred in a medieval period piece. Have you thought about doing a remake of the Charles Heston epic movie the “Warload”. I think this would be an awesome project for you to produce and star in – action for the guys and romance for gals….could be a hit at the box office, another Sparta. I would love to see this movie remade and updated to it’s full potential starring someone of your talent and charisma….

    An enduring fan,

  41. Shelley Brandon on said:

    I want to thank you for P.S. I Love You. My husband died 3 years ago in November after a year long battle with brain cancer. I so wish that he would have written me letters, however by the time we accepted that he wouldn’t recover from it he could no longer speak except for a few words and was completely paralyzed on the right side. My husband was a vibrant, funny, loving man much like your character. Your movie has brought me much peace. Thank you.

  42. Lori Clark on said:

    Dear Friend,
    It’s been a long time. I met you in Bali not knowing who you are. We shared drinks. We saw you on the stage of Jay Leno’s show, you recognized us and took us backstage. I want nothing but your friendship and to know that you have stopped smoking your fags!!!!


  43. Michael Ulrich on said:

    I have just now finished watching “the ugly truth” on channel 4: Gerard, you are a brilliant actor, congratulations, and thanks for a very entertaining, great evening in front of television, Michael

  44. Kaysie on said:

    Gerard Butler, You are very awesome person! I am a huge fan of scotland, hope to go there someday, first movie I ever saw you in was Dear Frankie and it was amazing, love you, love your movie. Cool Guy. Nuff Said.

  45. Kassi Carter on said:

    Hey, I met you at Logan’s in Monroe, LA. I was the blonde with the muscles in my arms, that couldnt stop talking about LSU Football! Just wanted to say thanks for being such a nice guy to talk to! I cannot wait for your movie to come out!!!! XOXO

  46. Gerard Butler is the first actor whom has evoked enough of an emotional response from me to provoke me to check out his official website to learn more about him, which I did some time ago out of curiosity. Since then, I have had the pleasure of viewing each and every one of his movies, both big and small, and have been taken aback by the wide variety of characters he is able to convincingly portray. Not only is he a beautiful specimen of human creation (which he seems not to take notice of himself), he is not just beauty and brawn, that set of curls on his head is more than just a hat rack to have earned a degree in law. He seems to be compassionate and tender in reality, based on the persona he presents in interviews and such as well.
    Being an educated 33 year old woman, this is quite an out of character act for me, but I took the time to do this in hopes that he might stumble across this and be encouraged that there are some in this world appreciate more than his looks, which are devastatingly gorgeous, more than the fact that he is wealthy, more than the fact that his voice is like sweet, melty chocolate. As unlikely as it is and as I am sure many, many people would like it as well, I would feel honored to have a conversation with the man who is so ruggedly handsome, diversely talented, intelligent, but yet seems so down to earth and grounded.
    Stay grounded, Gerard Butler, as you seem to have thus far. I believe that is what keeps me coming back to your films…the reality that you bring to your characters must come from the fact that your feet and ego seem firmly planted and in check.
    From a very silly feeling lady….

  47. Nathalie Ruaux on said:

    Hello Gerard,
    I just came back from Glasgow and Edinburgh (Fantastic Fringe Festival) and I asked the Scots what they thought about you….I think there is great material here for a potential kind of Punked tv show for you. I would name it YOU JUST GOT BUTLERED…I already got some on video if you are interested in this project, I would be glad to come talk to you or your publicist about this.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Nathalie Ruaux

  48. Luissina on said:


  49. HI dear gero
    i want to tell you a story i hope you enjoy it
    night birds
    many years ago there were two sisters lived.they dont have any thing valuable in this world but pride,braveness and alittle bag of memories
    thier father was died. just have their mothers alive but she always thinking about their father
    the two were accepted the heavy duty of life
    they were happy together ,that was not clear why they are friends ,or why they didnt have no other friends .one of them doesnt have such a fast mind ,she should thinking to remind things ,one night like the other nights all of happiness doors were closed and the lights of tomorrow hopes were switched off in front of their eyes
    she decided do something ,they were sat in the car and go outside of the city ,a village,
    it was dark ,and dark but it was so fresh ,their car wasnt so high class but wasnt that antique but the fresh air was wonderful ,perfect .one side of the road was full of shops and the other side was full of houses which sell their own farm flowers ,they turned and buy two beautiful vases ,one Granium and one Wallflower
    all the other cars which passed by them were surprised and people watch them in a great wonder and the police car is passed and look at them suspectfully. even the flowerman is suspected too
    the one who is driving laughing louder and says :we are night birds .all of the darkness of night was gather in their eyes . all of the fervour for fly that night was tear the bands ,she was push the pedal ,dazzled to the road .an ancient bird filled full inside of her was shouting and beating to the sides of cage want to fly ,attack,catch,ruin,but stay behind the hard grates were there,her feet was out of control and her shout power pushing forward due to vallies ,they sing all the back way. wait for mother comeback home and leave flower pots in her window
    they did not dream that night,
    they did not fear that night
    the end,kiss

  50. Jane McCafferty on said:

    hey x i love u in ur films u r amazing and u may be related to my bf his family are the butlers and we r from glasgow x

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