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  2. Janelle Calvert Striplin says:

    The thought of the day: Gerry you got the look! You should visit this site more often. And just say HI! Love Ya from Dallas Texas!

  3. Dear Gerry, you are my shining star, my hero and my dream : )))

    From Russia with love

  4. dear the best acteur gerard
    hey gerard i hope ur good and …..this is awkward for me to write a msg for my best acteur which he act im my amazing and favorite movie is p.s. i love you and i want to say about that movie it really awsome but i cried a little bit when it end and i never get bored from it and i watched it 100 now cause it the first movie i see you in but it still the best and you ‘ll stay for ever the best too and p.s i love you this is the name of the movie that make me smile always and i really love you so much …………
    p.s.i love you and happy new year
    your big fan scott from tunis

  5. elisabeth says:


  6. Why are you not famous in the Netherlands, don’t you want to be a star in a little country, that is a trendsetter to the whole world.?

  7. Hi Gerry, wish you a happy new year, you’re a marvellous actor, I’m a great fan, I watched all your movies and I’m waiting for “playing for keeps” to be available on the net to watch it.
    Wish you all success and that you’ll find peace and happiness. Wish we meet someday even if it’s a dream but still I’m looking forward to it.
    Nejiba from Tunisia

  8. Dear Gerard,
    First of all, I would like to say you “thank you”. Thank you for everything that you have done, are doing and for everything you are going to do. You are a true master of your favorite deal. I am charmed with your works.
    You are an example of a real man for me. I wish you a lot of happiness and exciting moments. I wish you to meet your true love and to reach all your goals. I wish all your dreams come true.
    I’m only a piece in this huge world, but I am trully amazed with everything you do. Your talent even makes me cry. There are the tears of happiness, of course. An Angel of Music, God bless you.
    I love you, Gerard, please, smile more often! I hope one day I can see you in real life.
    Yours faithfully,

  9. Jolene Wipf says:

    Hey Gerard, Listening to your voice in the Fox special Gift of the Night Fury. I like it when you can use your big rumbing rough Scottish voice. I would rather see your face along with the voice but I will take what I can get. I hope you find more roles in the future where you can let your voice ring out in all its glory. 300 is an example. I know there won’t be another 300 for you, just giving an example. I hope you had a good Christmas and have the best year of your life in 2013.

    Jolene, USA

  10. Christina Terracino says:

    Dear Gerard Butler,
    I hope you had a Merry Christmas. My mom is one of your biggest fans. I know this is a longshot, but it’s the holiday season and I’m hoping that maybe we can help bring my mom a little Christmas miracle. She’s been feeling very lonely this Christmas. My dad passed away a few years ago, and her sister a couple of years after that, and I can tell to her the holidays have never been the same. This particular Christmas, she’s been sappy and teary eyed, but watching you in P.S. I Love You ALWAYS makes her laugh and puts that beautiful smile on her face that is pure gold to a loving daughter’s eyes. She’s watching it as I type this in the other room. I know you must be very busy and have countless fans, but if it’s at all possible, could you give her a visit, a phone call, a personal video message? I would be enormously grateful if you could do something personal that wouldn’t be too much trouble for you, but I know would bring my mother such joy and excitement, which is the best Christmas gift I could hope to give her this holiday. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I wish you and your loved ones a blessed holiday and a wonderful new year.
    Christina T

  11. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan says:

    gbutt, have a brilliant christmas and a fabulous new year for 2013, considering you nearly didnt make it last year. i have met you twice this year and hope to meet you again next year in london. looking forward to seeing your 5 films and to your roles in films for 2013. good luck in everything you do.

  12. Gina Hagedorn says:

    “Love came down at Christmas; Love all lovely, love divine; Love was born at Christmas, Stars and angels gave the sign.” ~ Christina Rossetti

    Sending love to you at Christmas, and always. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world through your work and for making my heart smile.

    Gina Hagedorn

  13. lesya Woronzow says:

    Dear Gerard! Happy New Year and Marry Christmas!!! I wish you a Great Happy and Great LOVE!!! From Russia with love. Lessya Woronzow

  14. Deborah Paler says:

    An ode to most desireable Gerard Butler ..
    Media needs to redefine the sexiest man in the world! It is Gerard Butler! He has the macho-ism necessary to be the hottest, most desirable, sexiest, illustrious, and physically gorgeous man born to Scotland. Like others, such as Christopher Lambert, and many others from Scotland. I never wish to unwrap my mind from his aura, which defines him. I wish in my life I would somehow align with whom I feel drawn to. However, something’s are unreachable, and such so as this aligning of magnetisms, perhaps he and I are strategically placed within we meet. My attraction for all of the things I have never found in a man, found, in Gerard Butler.

  15. Hello Gerry, my love Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year, which in 2013 will be a year of many accomplishments for voce. I love you and will always love you, have a dream to meet you personally expect that to happen in 2013.Much health to you, very much peace and happiness All the best to you.
    I love you, do not forget that your fa loves you.
    My name is Elizabeth and I live in Brazil Ourinhos SP

  16. Ashley Simons says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Tomorrow (December 22nd) Is the 8th anniversary (but I call it my Phantomversary) of the first time I saw you in Phantom of the Opera! Which December 22, 2004 was the first day of it’s release into theaters here in the US!! I will be celebrating all day tomorrow!! Thank you for playing The Phantom Gerry! I love you so much!

  17. Kiley Watters says:

    I love You!! You are my idol! I am in love with you and you are hot! You are my favorite actor and I’ve seen you in Phantom of the Opera and thats my favorite movie! You are so Awesome! I love your voice it is sooo amazing! I turn red whenever I see a picture of you! When I’m older I want to get married to you! You are sooo cute and I will be your Christine Daae!

  18. I understand that you probably get a massive amount of fan mail, whether it is via internet or regular mail. And I normally ould never even think of doing a fan letter, or comment, but for some reason I felt drawn to do so with you. If I may, you have the kindest eyes I have ever seen. And I find myself flustered when I think of you. I am not sure if that is pure crush, or what it is. Seeing as we have never met, I do not know what to think of it. My birthday is coming up(Dec. 28). It will be my 21st. I guess I always imagined my dream birthday guest, but they never had a face. And this will sound all mushy and cliche, but your face appeared when I first saw your face. Yes it was through a screen, but it clicked. I do not expect you to do anything, you’re a busy man. I just thought that I would put it out there. I hope that you get a chance to read this, and that I get a reply. I will always hope, but I understand if you can’t. I hope that you have a lovely holiday.

    Sincerely Yours,

  19. Melissa Williams says:

    Hey,hate I missed your playing for keeps play, sweepstakes. Would love to meet you. Ooff goodbye for now.
    ….stupid phone

  20. Hi GB,
    Saw another one of yours – Law abiding citizen. It started out quite OK, although I was surprised that it took 10 years for him to react (but that was kind of ‘explained’ further on in the movie). However, had to throw my eyes in despair when they started discussing that ‘the people’ should be informed that there is a ‘lunatic on the loose’ so to speak. PLLease! But then again – the end actually surprised me (which rarely happens). Anyway, I was a little disappointed again. You really seem like a nice chap, but somehow I cannot seem to even like your characters; there always seems to be something out of tune (apart from Phantom and I have a hunch that Frankie would also do the trick) – can’t really explain it. Enjoy the Holiday season! Take care

  21. charlotte from nevada says:

    whats up gerry your such a comical actor ive enjoyed your movies for quite some time and hope to here more in the future *charlotte from nevada*(not acctually in nevada)

  22. Ljwhitestar says:

    Well, Gee…’s been a long time since I read so much slush and mush on a site, can you see me patting under my eye’s with a tissue……c’mon girls I like the actor too, but hey he’s just a bloke…………..ok maybe a tiny bit cute….

  23. Hello

    I love the movie phantom of the opera!
    it would be fun to get a message back from you. but i dont think that would ever happen..

  24. Kimberly Moody says:

    Gerard, you are a wonderful acter and I love all your movies to date. If you ever want to hang out just e-mail me. lol

  25. My name is Maria, i’m from Russia from Ekaterinburg (mb you now such a big country but not such a big city))). I’d like to express my admiration by your acting and think you are a gifted actor. Unfortunately i haven’t seen all of your films just a few (only three). I should say that i’m experiencing not the best times of my life at the moment but owing to my friends, music and your films altogether that brought me back to life i’ve started to love to live again (btw writing these lines with Gotye “save me”). I won’t deny that i’d like to meet you to say all i want to say but i’m aware that it’s not quite possible at all. Sorry for my English but i tried my best and remember you are the best actor and person and that helps people to go on … at least me!!!

  26. elisabeth says:

    Good afternoon my love, you were beautiful at the premiere playing for keeps, I hope this movie will come soon to the Brasil.You is a talented actor and most beautiful .Sucesso my love for you
    I love you Gerry.

  27. erin davis says:

    Hello gerard, I am a big fan of yours and of your movies! when my dad’s secatary susie dockwiler told me that she was going to meet you in person , i was excited for her! i couldent believe that you were going to be in albuquerque new mexico shooting a movie! you are such a cool actor. it would be fun to meet you in person!

  28. Hi, Gerard! I’m no fan of yours. Sorry, I’m a great fan of my parents and of my younger sister. But I’d like to say that you’ve got a charming smile and I like the way you act. I wish you happiness and all the best.

  29. can not be more handsome

  30. What kind of lawyer was Gerry going to be before he quit law to act? (good move by the way) I imagine a trial lawyer of some kind as all trial lawyers are actors if you come right down to it. Just wondering. I’ve been a legal assistant for many years for a civil trial law attorney and Love It !

  31. So looking forward to seeing a sneak preview of Playing for Keeps tonight.
    I’ve been a big fan ever since PS I Love You (which they dont mention much …)
    I’ve been reading your bio and watching your interviews.
    As much as I enjoy working for lawyers (I’ve been a legal assistant/legal secretary
    for 35 years!), I’m glad you made the switch to acting. You’re great at your job
    and seem like such a genuine, nice person. And being a fellow Scorpion
    (10/26), now I know why! Looking forward to all you have to offer your fans.

  32. You are in my thoughts since I saw the Phantom of the Opera.
    I felt weird these days because I was suddenly falling for you ,My Phantom.
    Can you be with me for real,My Phantom?

  33. Hi Garry,,,hw r u dng? I’m from India,,,i love ur expressions alot and ur ease of acting is impeccable..i watched uglytruth and had became a huge fan to you..nd P.S I love you..just no words, after watching it and i just fell in love with your acting, i really want to approach and want to knw you that i’m thinking of you …

    As observed your pics all the time,, every thing is at its best,,but there is something hidden in ur eyes..?? whyy..and i really i love u the way u smileeeee…..

  34. elisabeth says:

    Success with your new film my love,love much, do not forget that your fan number one here in Brasil.

  35. I love Gerard, I wish to see you for real

  36. Gerry i am your number one fan,i am Brasilian,i live in Ourinhos,a small city of São Paulo,love you much,much success to you my love.

  37. Dear Gerard Butler,
    You are my favorite actor and my movie star crush. I love The Phantom Of The Opera; it’s my favorite movie that you ever done. I love you!


  38. Just watched Machine Gun Preacher on Netflix. Wow. Great movie, great job. I’ve seen many of your movies, this is a favorite, along with Dear Frankie. Loved it.

  39. hi Gerard!
    just a big big big kiss on your cute sweet cheek!
    P.S. although it’s a little bit too late to say happy birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    hehehehe… ^_^

  40. Jesse A Hillier says:

    Mr Butler, I’v gotta say your movies are great, but even better because you throw in your own dry sense of humour. How did you become an actor from being a lawyer ? Also I like to train most days of the week. What kind of training and nutrition plans to you take on ?

  41. P.S. Just a light poem for some mood I’ve got after movies-films have been watched with Mr. Butler,mmm, would like him to enjoy…

    Listening to the finnebassen
    just a second
    I want more – when doves cry
    I’m in love with you
    So slowly
    If your girl only knew
    That night is mine
    Always smiling me and I
    Drinking lemon tea and no wine
    Playing with the kitchen light
    Should to go and to sleep
    But I want more deep
    Finnebassen’s sound -vip
    Still – when doves cry…
    You and I, you and I

  42. Charles Etter says:

    Mr. Gerard,

    You have to bring Mitch Rapp to life! There is NO other alternative! You are the only guy that can do it, so please do all you can to get the job to create him. It will be a blockbuster movie (series!) and one of the most iconic characters in current history, but only if you do the job!! The attitude of your character in 300 is in the wheel house of Mitch Rapp and what convinces me that you are the only one who can do Mr. Flynn’s character justice and be absolutely believable. Best of luck, counting on you! Can’t wait to stand in line for the opening!!

  43. Lindsey Blaschke says:

    Hey Gerry Its been a very long year for me I have been busy doing all different kinds of things like having time to come home and visit my family and friends.

    Plus living in a group home for three years it has been fun so far trying to become more independent and move out on my own.

    Also, I hope you had a great B- Day I hope you had fun doing what you want to do.

    Plus, I do volunteer at two places I volunteer at a place called Elderhaven it is kind of like a workshop, but it is for the elderly and I love to help the elderly out.

    The other volunteer job that I do is at the Zach Scott theatre it is a very fun volunteer job i sometimes get into the show.

    Well thats what I have been doing for this whole year and I hope you have a great thanksgiving.

    Your Biggest Fan


  44. Hi Gerry!
    I still pronounce Gerard the “American” way. I don’t think I have ever quite figured out how to say your name correctly! I just know that I cringe for you when I hear other people pronounce your name wrong!

    I don’t know why, but I’m strangely fascinated by you. I don’t want to marry you or be your “baby mama”. Lol. I’m just curious about you. I’ve read about you and watched your interviews. I love that you took bold steps in a new direction after you figured out that becoming a lawyer was not going to fulfill you. I guess what I would like to know is…… Are you fulfilled now?

    There is something about you that feels so genuine. Maybe you are just that good at acting? Anyway…. I just think you are authentic and someone that you could have a great conversation with and lots and lots of laughs! You said once in an interview that you try not to take yourself too seriously and remember that you are just passing through. I agree completely!

    I have 2 request for you. :). If someone reads this, maybe they will pass this along to you!

    1. I would love it if you wrote a book about your life.
    2. I love to listen to you sing. I don’t know how, but your little crooked smile comes out in your voice! I would definitely buy your music.

    God Bless you Gerry! May you be fulfilled in life! I think you are neato burrito! Ha ha

    -Lisa in DFW

  45. Cecilia Hart says:

    I don’t know what you believe in life, But I know that in life they say we all have a soulmate
    and we are lucky to find that soulmate well, I know we have never met but to look at you in photo’s in them blue eye I feel as I am looking in a mirror. What I am saying is I believe you my dear,are my soulmate. I just pray our paths will cross someday. God bless u,
    C. Hart

    • Jolene Wipf says:

      Hi Cecilia, Millions of women all over the world would like to think they are Gerard’s soulmate. Being the wife or girlfriend of a celebrity means that the woman has to be strong enough to withstand the man’s long hours, busy schedule, months away from home on movie sets, other women throwing themselves at your man, fans and paparazzi constantly surrounding you, fans wanting autographs. I could go on with the list of challenges regarding a relationship with a celebrity. The celebrity’s woman has to be patient and smile through all of these challenges and trust that their relationship is strong enough. Are you that woman? Not many are. Yes, I agree that Gerard is handsome and talented. Otherwise, what would I be doing on his fansite? Reality is never as good as fantasy. Jolene

  46. Gerard, do you like Italian cooking ? … if you had ever taste something, I don’t know.
    I’d like to just watch you while eating something from our beautifull country, Italy.
    May be you don’t know what you miss.

    Stay young and happy, take care of your soul and mind.
    Best wishes from Rome (Italy)

  47. Happy Birthday, my Dear

    All the best for You, Gerry

    Christine from Germany

  48. Hi Gerry,

    Happy birthday my dear..Love you:-))

    hope hear from you

    take care

  49. Dan Patton says:

    We are inviting you to Hogmanay celebratin, Saturday, December 29th, Fishers IN. We thought of you for First Footing – The first foot of the New Year (the first person to step into the house and sometimes called the first fit) should traditionally be a tall black haired man. This stems back to the 4th – 12th century when unwelcome visitors to this shore were Vikings who were short and fair-haired. It is considered luckier to have the opposite type of person to visit. He or she should be honest, healthy, good tempered and liked by all. My wife would be thrilled, but I realize that this is first unusual and not practical for you. I will be in my kilt and celebrating anyway…… Thanks Dan Patton

    Hogmanay is the Scottish celebration of New Years Eve and can last for days. No-one celebrates the eve quite like the Scots. It is believed the Scots inherited the celebration of Hogmanay from the Vikings and their celebration of the shortest day but many believe that as Christmas was virtually banned and not celebrated in Scotland from the end of the 17th century until the 1950’s, New Years Eve was a good excuse for some revelry and the excuse to drink whisky and eat good food. Hogmanay involves parties and festivals across Scotland with the largest and most famous public party in Edinburgh.”

  50. Happy birthday ,, and I am sorry for what you when through with the rehab , it most it been really hard for you . Well i hope you never have to go there ever again , i believe that everyone had Guardian angel and it could be anyone that past away in you life that watch over you , so everytime you feel like you stress remember that guardian angel ,You are an amazing actor I love you movie , you are funny I give you that , so stay good and try not to get in trouble , sorry about my English ,, well happy happy birthday again and sorry that it 11:09 and I almost miss it 😉