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  1. Hola Gerard,
    Simply, Gods made their work with you, what a man!!!!!!!!!, hey, as you can, come to visit my beautiful Chile, in south america, let me know to invite you a glass of famous chilean red wine.
    Send me a smile.
    Un beso grande,

  2. lynda marie cardone says:

    Mr Butler,

    I just wanted to fid some way to express to you how much you and in a few cases your characters have touched me. I have a great admiration for you…and it’s not just physical! lol
    I think you’re a wonderful human being and when I get to Scotland ( it’s been on my list forever ) I hope someone just like you flirts with me and i may never leave.
    That sure would make me happy. Silly, maybe…dont care. We all have to follow our dreams

    Be well and I do hope you actually read these things…

  3. Kimberley says:

    Hey Gerald,

    I’m Kimberley, nice to meet you… and then again not.
    I’m a writer and a singer, and to me the person has never been so much of interest to me because i care about what you put out there. The lyrics in a song… the clue to the story that is important or I need to hear at a certain moment in time. Like last week I had to see the Ugly truth LOL…

    But it’s something in your eyes. I’m not the first I’m shure. There is something there, for a split of a second,… like you come across like open and honest, and you are, but you are tender, and caring, and warm, and passionate in so many ways… You inspire me, because I believe in possibilities, they are endles, and only as limited as when you stop making choices, taking chances… and somehow, you’re the first that struck me as that person, that is that.. make sence?

    ‘Cause I don’t know…
    I like what you do… I haven’t seen all of it… just The phantom of the oprah, didn’t know till yesterday that that was you.. PS I love you and then last week the Ugly truth, And I’ve seen 10 pictures and 4 vids and I’m sick of it already. It doesn’t make me non the wiser (on who you are…). So whatever I write can’t really be about you.. so I want to share something ‘with’ you.

    I am 27 years old, and I have faced a lot of rejection, starting with family, then friends, teachers, colleges, boses,… and the last one is my love, we were together for 6 years give or take. (last break was 16th January 2013) A stormy relationship (80 songs about him ??), because he had the same problem. Only he was never rejected, but people loved puching his bottons, to see how far he’ld go. So I ended up always thinking he was rejecting me, and he always thought that I was pushing his bottens… We split for the last time now. We love eachother so much. So deeply and so passionatly… and we are exactly what we need for each other, but we can’t allow it in the moment… So when we had good moments we knew this and it was good, but somehow… So he knows I miss him, and I know he misses me… but months maybe years have to go by now… because at some point I’ll have to see him… talk a whole week before we can go apart again… at least! You know??

    That’s how I love a lot of people that rejected me, after I felt I could mean something to them it all turned inside out and we split. Family is the worst…

    Why am I telling you this… because of all the strangers I meat, here in my hometown, (I don’t really get around, but planning to, well preparing to ? I’m leaving to walk the world, really walk and sing and work and whatever… setting my mind on that) nobody ever asks me, how are you? and listen… My fault? I don’t care what it is they don’t. And somehow for a second I thougth you would… So that’s that. Its the sad part of my story I’m afraid… but … I don’t know…

    I am proud of you, for what you do, what you put out there… you are beautifull, Eyes mean the world to me, I always look in peoples eyes, not everybody looks back here… you have good eyes.. kind… euhm.. I wish you all the best,..

    I’m not a fan, just another stranger passing by, but I look at you, and smile, and wish you a good day 🙂


  4. Wanda Acevedo says:

    Hello I’ve watched everything you have been in the first time I saw you was in reign of fire I thought you were sexy and still do I just don’t understand how you haven’t found the right one yet. I always look forward to watching you in your movies I especially watch ps I love you favorite by far. I hope to some day meet you or even see you

  5. Heather Robertson says:

    I know you will probably never see this message and a reply will never be received…..but I thought, “What the heck”, and decided to write it anyway!

    Being a person that has NEVER written an actor.. mostly because I think it is a bit creepy : )……this is a bit strange to me!

    I want to say that I think you are truely an incredible actor and, of course, adoreable!

    The very first movie I saw you in was “P.S. I Love You” and I was hooked. My daughter bought me this movie for Mother’s Day when I was going through my divorce…TMI…Yes! I cry every time I see this movie!!!!!

    The other night I rented “Playing for Keeps” and I really enjoyed it.

    Someday I will make it over to Glasgow as that is where my grandparents lived before they came over to Ellis Island.

    I know this is so corney….but… can you not be in a relationship or never married????

    Hopefully I will be able to meet you some day.


    Another admiring fan!!!!!


  6. I became a big fan of yours since phantom, have watched so many films of yours, one of the best, most versatile actors around & you look like you luv what you do, look forward to more of your rolls, am treating myself to my birthday night infront of tv with food, wine & some great eye candy that is you on 28 march, long may you carry on doing what you do best xxxxx

  7. Hello Mr Butler, I am a big fan of yours. From the time i watched P.s. I Love You, i wanted to know more about you. I don’t think you read these messages, but i want you to read this one, so that you come to know that there are people in India also who love you.

  8. Kimberly Dimaiwat says:

    Yep, I am a big fan and have been since Dracula 2000. You may or may not ever see this email but at least I can say I put it out there. I am confident you will continue to keep up the good work. I don’t know which I enjoy more, your action roles or your romantic roles…. I am leaning toward the romantic ones because I am a sucker for mush; but anyway; how are you enjoying the limelight? Is there anything you miss about your life before the “OMG it’s him!” craze came about?

  9. Suzanne Reid says:

    Mr. Butler (if you actually get to read this) –
    I finally got to see Playing for Keeps, and I wanted to tell you that it was a great movie. You were very believable as a not so perfect father who tried to grow up – it touch me deeply. From one scotts person to another a job well don.

    Suzanne Reid

  10. I really like your acting and
    tomorrow is my birthday you send me a msg too, but I would love a nice birthday.
    In the meantime, a different gift 37th birthday be a good reason for me to say is not that easy to get msgs world’s most famous actor, I think I thank you in advance 🙂

  11. Samantha says:

    Dear Gerard,

    I’ve been a fan of yours since I saw you in Phantom of the Opera.. I’ve seen all your movies and collected all of them accept the recent ones.. I had a crush on you that my friends didn’t get and still don’t get.. But you are handsome, funny, and have eyes that can melt a girls heart and u melted mine.. I hope you’ll read this message and respond
    Your devoted fan still

    • Ashley Clark says:

      This sounds like me. I’ve loved Gerard Butler ever since I saw Phantom of the Opera and no one else understands… xD

  12. Antoinette says:


    I am not really a “fan type” person. I love movies but can’t tell you the names of most actors or actresses. What I can say is I think you are incredibly gorgeous. It would be my pleasure to share a cup of coffee or drink with you if you are ever in the area of Cincinnati OH.

    Thank you,

  13. Allyson says:

    Hello Gerard,

    My name is Allyson and I am a profound deaf single mother. I am wondering if if if this will ever be possible we can be friend? A friend to me is a precious gift of my life

    I know people would probably say GET A LIFE it not gonna even happen.. But I believe that you are a down to earth person that would have a heart to open up and listen and possible develop a precious friendship with me~??!?!?

  14. till shelton says:

    Hey Gerry just wanted to say keep up the good work, it brightens my day to watch your movies still p.s. Iove you is my favorite.
    Love ya,

  15. Hello Mr Butler,
    I’m not exactly the usual person the does this but here goes. since the movie 300 I have had the pleasure of everyone telling me I look like you. I recently started a new job and there even a girl there that she sees me everyday doesn’t know my name but just say as she walks by “hello Gerard?” I won’t lie its not exactly the worst thing in the world being to I look like you. But my reason in writing you is I figured if I look like you and you ever needed a look alike or a stunt double
    let me know. If not keep doing the romantic comedy’s. Ladies love ya and there willing to settle for a look alike if the can’t have the real thing. Thanks russ

  16. Milan Ivanovic says:

    Dear Gerard
    I´m a great fan of yours. Therefore I would be very happy
    if you could send me a autographed picture of you.
    I would be very pleased if you could fulfil my wish.
    Many thanks in advance for your kindness.
    I wish you all the best for the future.

    Yours sincerely,
    Milan Ivanovic

  17. Cindy L. Bybee says:

    Hi Mr. Butler.
    I, seriously, am not one of those teenage or desparate fans, who make an idiot of themselves trying to get hold of an you. I am a 51 year old Colorado native, mother of 2 grown daughters and grandmother of 3 wonderful grandchildren. I am a single lady who raised her children, have my shit together, have a wonderful career as a purchasing manager, who just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your movies, tremendosly. You a a great actor and admire you diversity in going from violent, historic movies to romantic comedies. Please keep up your great performances and keep going forward in your amazing career!!!

  18. Dan Nadolny says:

    Where can i buy the live like jay bracelets?

  19. Dear Gerry,
    My daughter told me to let you know: Law Abiding Citizen is the best movie she ever watched!
    I agree! That is a great movie!
    Still wishing you the best from Hungary 🙂
    PS: Can’t wait to see Olympus Has Fallen!

  20. Dear Gerry, I am sitting here watching P.S. I Love You for the very first time. I cry at some things and laugh at others in this movie. I really identify with this movie because you see my husband of 21 years passed away from a long illness on Aug. 21, 2012. This is a very wonderful movie!
    I have been a fan of yours for some time now and think you are very, very talented. I am also part Scottish. We are a passionate and rowdy people who love a good party. lol As time passes I will get my wind again and begin to live. I wish you and I could be friends. Silly of me I know. My husband grew up in a suburb of LA and he was treated at Cedar Sinai for awhile when we lived in CA. I miss CA as I moved back home to Illinois after his passing. One of my favorite things was to go to the farmers market. I loved eating lunch at Dupars there. When the one we love passes we have the memories to keep us company.
    Take care Gerry

  21. Hello, my name is lenka and I come from the Czech Republic. Just wanted to say hello to my favourite actor 🙂

  22. Nice butt…(maybe it is the only one compliment that is not mention here…maybe…I stopped after 4 comments)..;-)

    Regards from Czech Republic.



  23. Hi, Gerard! I’m sorry for this very very personal question, but why a strong handsome and kind scotish man 43 years old not married yet? You can’t even imagine what happiness to have children is! It would change all of your life! I’m wishing you all the best! And one more question – do you believe in elfs, goblins, etc…))))
    Oh, yes…
    P.S. ))) I’m from Russia, 32 years I’m a floral designer, married, have a daughter 6 years old
    and i’m sorry for my English – didn’t practice for a long time))

  24. Dear Gerry,
    It’s me again. 🙂 Wish you had time to read all these messages, you have a lot of fans all over the world! But I am sure you are busy with your new movies, interviews, etc. Do you have time to rest and relax? Maybe in Scotland? I hope so! You work very hard and you need to be careful with your health!
    I have been in Scotland in 2005 and I would like to tell you: your country is BEAUTIFUL! Had the most wonderful 1 week in my life and I hope someday I can visit it again! You can be proud of being scottish! Honestly, I had a little trouble of understanding scottish English (at some places), but the people are so nice and the countryside…OMG I really think about it a lot!
    I watched a lot of interviews with you and you have a very good sence of humor, and you are so simple man! Lucky people who can be around you and know your personality better. Wish you were not that unrechable, it would be honored to be your friend.
    but until it happens 🙂 I am sending my best wishes from Hungary and I wish from the heart to make all your dreams come true!

  25. Hello..I am from Uruguay…I only want to said you are a perfect man,,,and i wish to know you,,..but people than me, never know people than you, because you are famouse and i am a simple person, only i am a simple woman with a simple life… And y know you will never read this,,,and y will never know you in person….i used to be married, very sad history,,and see you on tv makes happy,,,i dont speak and write english very well y hop that you undestard me…kiss

  26. Hi dear Gerry
    My name is Leila and I’m delighted to get this chance to write for you.
    First time I saw you were in Law Abiding Citizen: as smart, confident and of course good-looking man, taking epic vengeance; I was fascinated with your great performance, that role was pretty match with your charm and your personal charisma.
    But I was wonder and unable to explain to myself why I was so happy of see you and why I have this vague feeling, feeling like I know you from another life in another world; feeling of reuniting closest and dearest friend again. Searching and reading more about you and thinking of you filled me with new sense of happiness and pure joy.
    It’s been almost three years that I’m following your new movies, your interviews and all things about you. Even when I’m in thinking of my daily life I can feel you around, I can feel how do you feel, what you are up to and what’s going on for you through kind of clairvoyance. Sometimes synchronization between my percipience and trace of most of them in your interviews and news about you is like you can see me and feel me too; perhaps you are in very high level of spiritual energy.
    I know there is fine line between been fan of someone and been obsessed with him and it seems I passed the line by assuming all of this more than coincidence. But I just couldn’t stand this idea of not talking to you and let it go before asking for have little chat with you.
    P.S. I wish real happiness and true love for you in your whole lifetime and all your wishes come true sooner rather than later.

  27. Elisabeth says:

    Hello my love.
    Gerry carnival begins on next Friday, why do not you come over to the carnival?’d Love to see you again on land brasileiras.I saw your photos walking on the beach, was maravilhoso.I love you more today than yesterday and certainly much love tomorrow.
    Millions of kisses for you
    I am a Brazilian fan in love with you
    Have a great weekend and much success in your projects.
    My name is Elizabeth and I live in Brazil Ourinhos

  28. Hey Gerry,
    I am working on pronouncing your full name with the correct Scottish accent. *smile* I love your accent. I think you should be able to talk with your own voice or accent in every movie. Your accent is part of you and one of the reasons the fans love you.

    The press is so unkind sometimes. It makes me really mad. The press is particularly brutal about your comedies. I love your comedies like The Ugly Truth and The Bounty Hunter. The movie P.S. I Love You makes me cry every time I watch it. P.S. I Love You has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Honestly. That is the movie where I first got to know you.

    I like almost every movie you do. Whenever I am sad about something, I watch one of your movies and it helps me to feel better. The other thing I do when I am depressed is watch one of your interviews on YouTube. You are soooooo funny when you are a guest on shows like Jay Leno. I love to see you happy, to hear your stories, and to hear your laugh.

    What is your favorite kind of movie to make? I do like that you do a variety of movies and not get stuck in one genre. It shows your versatility.

    I hope that you continue to entertain us for many years to come. I wish you joy.

    With love,

  29. Hi Gerry! I first ‘met’ you watching the truly awesome, romantic, sad and beautiful movie ‘PS I love you’. I fell in love with you then. I also am crazy about ‘Machine gun preacher’. Very awesome movie. I know the odds are you won’t read this but hey, never know till you try! I hope you can read this personally and know how much one fan will always be a fan no matter what. i respect that you keep your private life private but any woman lucky enough to spend quality time with you behind the camera is truly blessed. Lotsa Love,
    Cindy, Scarborough, Maine xoxo

  30. Antonia Sarcina says:

    Hi Mr. Butler, I’ve discored your films only this year, but your carrear is really interesting, your face shows a great personality, forgive my English, because I’m Italian and generally do’nt write compliments on web ….
    I’m a composer and conductor and teach in High Music Academy in Italy, so as artist I saw the art in your movies production.

  31. elaine.haynes says:

    I love your movie-P.S. I love You. You look great since losing alot of weight. My ex-husband name is Gerry. Going to go see Playing For Keeps this Sunday. Love to meet you one day. Keep making good movies. P.S.-I love You-Elaine

  32. AKANSHA SAINI says:

    P.S. I LOVE YOU.

  33. Elisabeth says:

    Hello my love.
    I watched the trailer of his new film Olimpus Has Fallen and loved it, I hope that this film will soon arrive in Brazil.
    I have all your movies, you’re beautiful, charming, delightful, and a great actor.
    I follow his career, watch all his interviews, and I’d love to meet you personally, this is my biggest dream.
    I put you in my daily prayers and I pray that God enlighten their paths and you proteja.Muito more success to you my love.
    I love you Mr Gerard James Butler.
    Millions of kisses that your mouth delicious
    I am Elisabeth, I live in Ourinhos / SP Brazil
    And I will say again “I love you”

  34. Catherine C. says:

    Hello Gerry! 🙂

    My name’s Catherine Chretien, I’m 29 years old and I come from Montreal, Quebec.

    I just want you to know that I really like your movies, especially The Ugly Truth, P.S.- I Love You, Dracula 2000, The Phantom of the Opera, Law Abiding Citizen, The Bounty Hunter and Beowulf & Grendel…. You are a great actor and you seem to be a very nice, kind and funny person! The Ugly Truth and The Phantom of the Opera gave me some faith in love when I lost it, a couple years ago…. well, still searching for the Greatest Love… still didn’t find it! hahaha

    Wish I could meet someone like you! Do you have any clones? hahaha Just joking… :p
    Keep your good work, stay yourself and come in Quebec again! 😉

    Yours truly,


  35. SO NICE TO LOOK AT……………………………..

  36. Hola!!
    Bueno espero sinceramente que leas este mensaje, te quiero decir que me encantas y me gustan mucho las películas en las que sales, y me encanta cuando sonríes y tuerces un poco tu boca, y desearía conocerte.
    Sigue igual y que tengas exito

  37. hanh nguyen says:

    I am so in love with ” P\S I love you”, ” The ugly truth”.
    Do hope one day you could be in Hanoi, Vietnam

  38. Heather Renee' Foster says:

    ello Gerry…
    just wanted to applaud you, on your accent. Please Do Not Forget where you came from. I am descendant of Sir John Fleming (First Earl of Wigton, Scotland. And to John Rollfe of England. I also have a bit of Cherokee Indian….(TEMPER) But, would like to meet you, to listen to your life in Scotland…:)

  39. ashok rajoski says:

    you are supurb,seen 300 movie,great work done ,as a indian(India Republic-Asia) i saw in you indian great rular chattrapati shivaji look, with a great fan i want to make afriend, name- ashok rajoski, india
    send me feedback

  40. Dear Gerry,
    I just watched the “Phantom of the Opera” and I must say You are not only a great actor, You have a wonderful voice too! The way You sing those beautiful songs I have goose bumps on my arms! I just saw your new side I didn’t know about. I loved the songs in the “PS I love you” too but this musical is different! No matter what you play, action, romantic or comedy, you are GREAT!
    Congratulations! Keep doing this good job!
    Best wishes from Hungary

  41. Karyn Alexy says:

    Had this weird dream with you in it last night. Had all these unwanted dogs in my house, the Humane Society wouldn’t help, but you were ther for some strange reason and kept trying help. But, you were laughing so hard that you really weren’t helping at all. I finally got mad at you and you started to cry! End of dream. Bizarre and random….yes, but there you have it! Karyn from freezing Canada!

  42. Hello Gerard. Probably You will never read this one message, but who knows. I’ve read messages of Your other fans on this page- and they all like You, invite You to their countries, dream to to see You one day.
    All of the people want acceptance and attention, we are looking for it everywhere during our lifes. I’m not Your fan, but also I’m not the exception.
    After watching some movies with You, my head hit the idea to write You, and some desire to talk to You to have friend like You overwhelmed my being.
    It would be such a gift of life to talk to someone whom life made so special on such a great sence.
    Thanks for being internal image of a friend with whom I can talk in hard times.
    Good luck in everything!

  43. Gabriel Thompson says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your films and would also love to meet your sexy a@#!

  44. Alina Galimova says:

    Hi Gerard! I don’t know will you read this message or not,anyway, I din’t knew about you, ’bout your life etc. Once I just looked for some film (coz I like watching films with my family at evenings) and found out “The Phantom of the Opera” with you. It’s really interested me. After watching the film, I was really amazed! You played with big feelings! I was crying,I felt like I felt the Phantom’s feelings,his pain,love,fear of loosing the lover one! Than I thought : “Who is he?This actor?” So I decided look for smth ’bout you. When I saw your photos I understand that you great actor who played in “P.S. I love you”. I started read your biography.I was really surprised that you was a lawyer.And your truelife story about how you became an actor amazed me.It touched me… I was born in little Russian city.Now I live here and study.But I always wanted to be an actress!Not Russian!Be American!Go to Hollywood and try to do everything for my dream!But all my friends,parents say to me that it’s unreal.That I’m just a girl who have nothing… But I believe,that one day I will achieve my goal!And everyone will know who I am. And I’m so thankful to God that I “met” you! Even if not in real life. You made and make me continue believe, and go to my ambition
    ! Thank you Ger!
    P.S. Come to Russia! You’ll like it! I promise! 😉

  45. Shelby Hacker says:

    Hello my name is Shelby Hacker, i am 19 years old but i have always wanted to meet you ever since your movie P.S I Love You. Your character Jerry made me fall in love with the irish men, along with William, Jerry’s friend. Ireland looks like a place where my dream could come true. that is to meet a man(like Jerry) someone to respect me and love me every single day, and to have a family together. Its has been my wish every since that movie to visit Ireland at least for a year or two. If you have ever been to Ireland, please tell me what towns are your favorite and what parks you like and what are you favorite places to visit. I may not know the real Gerard Butler but the actor you is this pationate, amazing, and loving person.

    To go to Ireland is my life time goal. Please e-mail me back at my personal address, the real Gerard not some hired person. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me see what my dream is.. thank you

  46. Hi,
    I just finished watching “Playing for Keeps,” well done Gerry, you’ve been awesome. Wish you further success.
    Wish I have someday the opportunity to attend the shooting of one of your movies, it will be an exciting experience for sure. A dream of course.
    Nejiba from Tunisia

  47. Carmen C. says:

    *insert greeting of choice* Gerry,

    A bit late, but Happy New Year! I have to say that I’ve recently stumbled upon you when watching Phantom of the Opera. Let me say, and you’ve heard this a lot probably, but you can definitely work a cape (you should wear one more often). Anyways, I think you’re a great actor and singer and a pretty good looking guy. You are one of the few actors who have actually inspired me to start acting myself. You keep me going with my ambition and I wish to see you in much more films. I give you a thumbs up and keep on being awesome.

    Cheers from the U.S. East Coast,
    Carmen 😀

    *Oh and if you’re curious about the top portion, I felt as though saying ‘Dear’ sounded too formal, even tough I don’t personally know you.

  48. Patricia Alves says:

    Oi, Gerard, sou sua fã. acompanho todos os seus filmes, e um que amo é o The Phanton of the Opera e Dracula 2000. continue assim sendo essa pessoa boa que você é ! Torço muito por você.

  49. Olya Smirnova says:

    Dear Gerry,

    I have watched a lot of your films.You are amazing actor and singer!Your movies are very impressive.
    My favorite film is “The Phantom of the Opera”,I have watched it 49 times!^^
    I wish you a merry Christmas,have a veeery nice and good year!
    As for me…I love you,and I hope,that you will travel to Russia,to Saint-Petersburg.Someday…
    I will love you till the end 😉

    Yours,Willoshine Taylor (but my real name is Olga Smirnova)
    From Russia,with love.

  50. Dear Gerry,
    Let me wish you a Happy New Year!
    You are a great actor and singer, I love your movies! Keep this good work and looking forward seeing your new movies in the future!
    Best wishes from Hungary.