7-19-09: Appearances, Videos, Interviews

Good Morning America
Gerard has been added to the guest schedule for Good Morning America on Thursday, July 23.  GMA airs on ABC from 7am-9am.  Check your local listings for the channel in your area.

Below is a list of appearances for the upcoming week (all the below are on our calendar):

20 July 2009 – Hollywood Comedy Film Showcase advance screening and cast Q&A of THE UGLY TRUTH
21 July 2009 – The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
23 July 2009 – Good Morning America
24 July 2009 – Live with Regis & Kelly

We have updated our favorites on YouTube covering the many clips from The Ugly Truth and its world premiere.  Visit this page for all the latest!  The first one from Eligible.tv is especially entertaining!

KTLA (Los Angeles) – “The Ugly Truth” Stars Dish to Ross King

Visit the latest news for new interviews, reviews and more from The Ugly Truth press junket and new info on Gamer.


Thanks to pothos for scans from today’s edition of Telegraph Magazine (UK).  Read more… View more recent images here.


  1. Remember when for months nothing was heard or seen of Gerry……we would wait and wait…..This month
    has been truly Gerry’s Month….he is on everything between the UT coming out and filming his new movie in NJ & NYC he is a hot item.. He deserves it, he has worked very hard for his career, and he is enjoying it
    ….Congratulations Gerry!!!

  2. sue grint says:

    all these interviews we are getting are fantastic. i especially love the 2 on access hollywood with shaun robinson. they are very close to the mark, but thats our man gerry. i know some people will find them a bit much, but then they dont know gerry and the way he is, and after all they dont have to watch them after all. i also think the interviews that bonnie does, every time, are brilliant she just knows which of gerrys buttons to press and how far, and also about.com – i’ve forgotten her name for the minute. i am really looking forward to seeing him on craig fergusson, because i think out of all his interviews, he has so much fun with craig and they just connect. it must be the celtic in them. also it will be strange seeing him on gma later on in the week, because i remember the last time back in dec. 04 when he was covering the phantom. we are really getting a lot of gerry juice these past 2 weeks. rock on.

  3. What busy schedule! Hold on, Gerry!:-)

  4. Julianna says:

    Thank you Gb.net for putting the YouTube vids in one place for us. I just noticed the YouTube button by the Facebook, Twitter, etc, buttons. What a grand idea! It makes it so much easier for Gerry’s fans. 🙂