01-29-10: Artists for Haiti, HTTYD, Sundance

Gerard was among the celebrities who came out on Thursday, January 28 for the Artists for Haiti Benefit art auction at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. The event, sponsored by Artists for Peace and Justice, was hosted by actress Olivia Wilde.  Read more… | View Gallery…

Kids Kicking Cancer Campaign
Two more recipients have been chosen from the list of donation receipts submitted in our Kids Kicking Cancer charity campaign, which ends February 13.  Congratulations to Ann L. of Tampa, FL and  Tracy M. from Wenatchee, WA (future movie premiere invite)!!

To date, over $43,800 has been raised from 1094 donation receipts submitted!!  Thank you for all the support!! It’s not too late to send in your donation receipts!  If you are mailing a check, it must be RECEIVED before February 14, so get it in the mail early.

A new promotional image from How to Train Your Dragon has been released by Dreamworks.  Gerard poses with his character, Stoick the Vast, from the film.  View larger…  A new promotional image from The Bounty Hunter has been added to the gallery.  View larger…  A list of international release dates for The Bounty Hunter have been added to the film’s official website.

Gerard took a half-day break from his busy schedule to attend the Holy Rollers screening at Sundance.  View more pictures…

Gamer has rocketed its way to the top of all three DVD charts for the week ending January 24 according to the Hollywood Reporter.  Read more…


  1. Magicairin says:

    Withe Wizard Solar:
    Thanks, Thanks and thanks!!!!! The Universe is listening and seeing your intentions, your heart is big and happy as well as you innerbeing…I`m pretty sure that you will be soon gifted by GOD.
    Is a blessing having you on earth working with The Light and for The Light.

    In Lakesh!
    Red Moon Self Existing.

  2. It’s fantastic that Gerry and all of the other artists are taking such a pro-active role in raising aid for Haiti. Gerry is a man of depth and conviction, qualities we have always seen in his performances, and now see clearly in his reaction to this tragedy.

    On a lighter note, Gerry IS Stoick the Vast! Perfect casting – Stoick is certainly a man among men with very attractive qualities that set him apart! Who does his beard? Very attractive! LOL

    Continued success, Gerry! Congrats, too, on Gamer owning the top DVD spot this week. Well deserved. Just so much going on, what’s a fan to do??? We love ya, Gerry!!!

  3. Gertrude R. duell says:

    Gerry, is really showing how wonderful he is. On top of all his other attributes that make him one of the greatest is his generous donation to the Haiti cause. God bless you,Gerry. All you give of yourself in money or your artistry and talent has and will come back to you ten fold. You haven’t let us down and we’ll never let you down. Your grateful fan. Gert Duell

  4. Would love a date with gerard!! haha. Chance of winning Zilch!! This is an amzing cause! One i would proud to be a part of… 🙂