12-15-09: Bounty Hunter Poster, Gerard in Dubai

Rama Screen has a look at a poster for The Bounty Hunter taken at Rama’s local movie theater.  Click here to view larger version… @SPE_LatinAM on Twitter has posted that the trailer for the film will make it’s debut on MSN on Friday, December 18.  Stay tuned for more!!!

Gerard is currently in Dubai for a whirlwind 36 hours to accept Variety’s International Star of the Year award.  He has concluded a “Conversation with Gerard Butler” and photocall at the fest.  View more pictures…

@DubaiWriter tweeted from Gerard’s press conference.  Click here to follow what she had to say!

Watch video below from the DIFF press conference with Gerard from DIFF’s YouTube Channel!

An interesting role rumor has popped up on the Google Alerts about a minister in Pennsylvania.  Samuel Childers is a minister, a soldier and loves to ride his Harley-Davidson — an unusual combination to say the least.  Now a movie is being made about his life.  Gerard recently visited Childers at his church in Central City.   He may play the “Machine Gun Preacher” in the movie.  Screenwriter Jason Keller wrote the screenplay about Childers, who got his unique moniker from his aggressive style of saving African children from warlords.  Read more…

IMDB STARmeter TOP 25 of 2009
Congratulations to Gerard for placing #13 on IMDB’s Top 25 of 2009.  Read more…

Our two latest recipients in the Kids Kicking Cancer campaign for personalized autographed photos of Gerard are Andrea B. from Gates, TN and Kathleen F. from O’Fallon, IL.  Some have asked how we are picking the recipients, so here is an outline of the process.  All donation receipt submissions are stored in a database (including all previously submitted PayPal donations AND checks received).  The database is downloaded to Excel and we use Random.org to randomly select a line number from that Excel spreadsheet. To date we have had over 680 donations for a total of more than $26,000 donated to KKC.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!

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  1. If Bella isn’t a good judge of character, I don’t know who is.

  2. I love this movie! I have seen it for more than 4 times, Gerry is so cute and his performance is very natural, as if he is the guy himself! I saw some critiques said that this movie was not good, but I have my own eyes and my own jugement. It’s an interesting love story, all the parts in it have their peculiar character, including the “unimportant” parts. after all, it’s a comedy. a comedy should carry a style easy and cheerful. I don’t expect to see a comedy with something too “deep”.

  3. its a very quiet poster for the bounty hunter after the last two intense ones with lac and gamer, but still ok.

    i enjoyed the videos of gerry in dubai. he looked very relaxed in the nice hot sunshine, which im very jealous of as its freezing and snowing here in london at the moment. even at the student day he was having a lot of fun, teasing and being just his usual entertaining self. i loved the question he was asked at the end, and no he wont marry that girl as hes going to marry me eventually when he realises im the best one for him, his greatest london fan. i thought it was interesting at the conference when he said some people will think his films are great for various reasons and some people will think the same things but the film wasnt great. everyone has different views, even as fans, just because gerrys our man, i will rephrase that, my man, doesnt mean i love him in all his films, there is quite a few that i dont watch, but plenty i do. this is why i think people shouldnt pay attention to the critics as they are only a small group of people with their opinions and everyone has their own ideas on what they like to watch or not. if you look at gerrys feedback on his films you have one critic saying naff, then another saying absolutely brilliant, so you cant go by them, just go along and make your own minds up.