07-25-09: Bounty Hunter, The Ugly Truth

Gerard and Jen on the set of Bounty Hunter

Thank to BusyBee Blogger for the clip of filming below from Atlantic City (screencaps in the gallery):


Calvin Klein Collection Presents The First Party On The High Line, The Ugly Truth Hi-Res Production Photos and On Set ofย  The Bounty Hunter.

Check out a new clip from The Ugly Truth (caution, it’s an R-rated clip, hence the age restriction to view).ย  If you aren’t into R-rated humor, you have been warned. ๐Ÿ˜€


Hollywood Heroes for Kids Kicking Cancer

This is a rough cut of a commemorative video by MDC Productions, which highlights Kids Kicking Cancer’s 10-year anniversary.ย  This rough cut includes words of support from some special friends in Hollywood…with many more still to come.


  1. sue grint says:

    my laptop seems to be very slow lately, so i have only just been able to watch the clip of the ugly truth when gerry is going on about the length of katherines ponytail. and want a fellow wants to do and cant do with a ponytail, if you get my drift. this was hilarious and this film is so close to the mark in so many ways its brilliant. its about time we had a really good adult comedy film to get our teeth into so to speak and not have to worry about the rude ineuendos, i dont think ive spelt that properly, but you know what i mean and really enjoy the situations that mostly gerry puts katherine thorough. i also think the salsa scheme is very sexy and i wish that was me dancing that way with gerry, but a girl can dream cant she.

  2. I just saw the trailer for The Ugly Truth on TV. Every time I come across another trailer for TUT it makes me want to see the movie all the more. I’m counting down the days until July 24. You rock, GB.

  3. sue grint says:

    i thought the vibrator clip was brilliant, i couldnt stop laughing and gerrys face when he realises the young boy has the control pad is priceless. i hope he will be able to come to TUT premiere in london as ive met him two years running and if i cant be with him all the time, once a year will have to be suffice. i know he will still be filming the bounty hunter and his schedule might not reach to letting him go twice as hes got the premiere in la in about two weeks time as well and thats an awful lot of travelling, from one who knows as ive just come back off my holidays to the west coast of america and it is very tiring, and he will have to do it twice west and then later on east 3,000 each time just for a short time.

  4. Scotsfan says:

    ooh and to add on about Gerry in the Bounty Hunter clip and moving the car each time she tried to get in. Done it. So funny ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Scotsfan says:

    ooo thank you so much for posting the clip from TUT. ๐Ÿ˜€ The ponytail line was hilarious.

  6. mjbooklady says:

    Thanks for all the great up-dates. Pleasantly surprised to see all the photos and video of the filming of The Bounty Hunter.

    Well, I guess we now know why TUT has a “R” rating LOL.

    For some reason I could not see the video for KKC, it loads for me to Facebook login page.

  7. TUT is not your mother’s rom-com! LOL
    Can’t wait for it to open and will be in LA to cheer it on!

    These are great times for fans – films opening soon and more being made. Good luck on them all!

    Very moving KKC video. Such courage from those so young. Cancer is one of those things that just shouldn’t be – and especially for kids they shouldn’t have to face such mountains. I hope they conquer everything before them and thanks to the KKC staff and others like them who help those children make that climb.