02-02-09: Burns Film News

Gerard Butler in BurnsGerard Butler Dot Net received a lovely email from director Vadim Jean today about the fan interest in collectively becoming one of the 250 contributors for Burns as announced in their January 25 press release.  After review and discussion with Gerry and Alan Siegel, he is thrilled to report that the film is on sound financial ground and all that is required from fans is their “wonderful spirit of generosity”.

Mr. Jean expressed that he is very excited to finally begin work on this project now that both he and Gerry have time in their schedules to move forward and get the film to the big screen and thanks everyone for their support.   Now the fans can do what they do best –  spread the word by promoting the film among family, friends, colleagues and online – and continue their unwavering support of Gerry’s career.  Thanks to everyone who wrote to us to express interest in helping the film in all ways possible. 😀


  1. Veronica Lovato says:

    I am thrilled about Gerry’s new movie – It sounds like the ideal format for a wonderful Scottish guy! Just got my copy of RocknRolla and my daughter got one as well! I am spreading the news to my colleagues about that movie as well!!!

  2. I am just hoping that it does not take forever for this movie to come to South Africa and agree with everyone that there is no one else better than Gerry to take on Burns.

  3. Solstice Studios says:

    What wonderful news! This Burns film has been long anticipated! I’m so excited to hear it’s going ahead and I’ll be rounding up a huge posse of lit lovers to attend opening night with me!

    Can’t wait to win a trip to Scotland one of these days! Peace and Happiness Gerry!

  4. I’ll be at the theaters when it comes out. I’ll spread the word everywhere.. Thanks Admin for all the information and sharing the info on the email.

    Gerry!! Congrats!!

  5. This is indeed wonderful news. I will be taking my immediate family to see it and I will certainly be encouraging my extended family to go as well.

  6. Anam Cara says:

    This is a fantastic bit of news! I hope the Burns project comes to fruition. What a disappointment it would be to Gerry and to all of us. his fans, if it does not.

    What kind of financial support are they looking for? I assume they always need more than they think they do. How does one provide this support, and in what amounts do they accept it?

    Thanks for keeping us posted about all of the Gerry news!

  7. pamelajane says:

    So happy to hear the news that the Burns movie is to be filmed and that it’s on “firm financial ground”. I didn’t doubt it would be. Good things come to those who wait. Congratulations, Gerry! I know you will do Burns and Scotland proud. And you can be assured the the “spirit of generosity” of your fans will not waiver.

    Thank you, Mr. Jean, for sending such a lovely note!


  8. It’s great news. I’m very happy! I hope it will be amazing movie!

  9. That is such wonderful news. I can’t wait to see this film finally in production.

  10. B. J. Kilgore says:

    Is the filming of this movie timely, or what…I just learned from my current National Geographic magazine that this is the year of “HOMECOMING SCOTLAND – THE 2009 EXPEDITION”. They list a web site, http://www.expeditionscotland.com where you can enter a contest to win a “spectacular trip for you and 3 friends” to experience this special year in Scotland. If I weren’t disabled and homebound, my name would already be on that list!!! My advice? Enter this contest – you have nothing to lose and lots to gain by winning and by having the thrill of seeing Scotland firsthand.

    Bon voyage! from an Ohio USA mother and devoted fan of Gerry Butler…just received my DVD of “RocknRolla” – can’t wait to pop it into the player….

  11. Just great!! Let the filming of Burns begin!!

  12. Jane Beins says:

    A gracious and very appropriate response to our enthusiasm. I’m so happy that they now can move confidently forward on this project that so many of us have been hoping for. I’ll continue to support this film like the good fangirl I am! LOL

    On a side note, I thoroughly appreciate the up-to-the-minute updates of “News”, “Gallery” and “Multimedia” sections of GB.Net. A lot of time and attention required, I’m sure, but noted and applauded. Thanks!


  13. Judy Ranieri says:

    It’s wonderful news to hear that the movie is “on sound financial ground”!!

    I belong to a Scottish “clan” association, with thousands of members across the United States. Perhaps, when we know when the movie is coming out, I can spread the news of Burns through the association’s quarterly periodical.

    I realize that my husband’s name is not Scottish, but my maiden name, Irvine, is!!

  14. Great news!

    It would be awesome if we could get some ‘official’ artwork – buttons, icons or small banners – to link to the website etc. Hopefully something like that will be forthcoming as more details fall into place.

  15. Karen Ball says:

    This is wonderful news.It is a true blessing to be able to realize a dream and it is no secret that this has been a dream of Gerry`s for a long time.Bravo to all involved.