01-25-09: Burns Movie News for Gerard!

On this day, the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, Gerard Butler fans may have even more reason to celebrate. The Times Online reports that the Vadim Jean helmed project ‘Burns’, a long time passion project for Gerard, will begin filming on location in Edinburgh and Burns’ native Ayrshire sometime this year.

An excerpt from the article is below:

Most of the budget, which includes investment from Scottish Screen, is already in place. The remainder will be raised by signing up 250 subscribers to the project.

Each will commit a sum to the project in the same way that investors backed the publication in 1786 of the famous Kilmarnock Edition of Burns poetry. The success of the collection convinced Burns to stay in Scotland rather than emigrate to Jamaica, as he had planned.

Alex Salmond, the first minister, will host a dinner at Edinburgh Castle in May to help raise funds.

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We want to hear from YOU! Are you exicited to think that this project may finally get off the ground this year?  Leave us a comment!


  1. Arabella from Austin TX says:

    I am so excited about the Burns project …but particularly for Gerry Butler to play Burns – he will be fabulous as always.

    He is a rare talent. It doesn’t matter the role he plays, the moment he appears on the screen the scene is his. He has the charisma of actors from years past and he has what it takes for staying power. He gives his roles everything he has and then some, again something you don’t always see today.

    I have lived in Los Angeles and was around stars but never have I been so crazy about a STAR as I am Gerry. My daughter also loves him. So it seems he attracts every age group and guess that is because he is so down to earth and honest about himself that women love. Keep up the good work. We love you.

  2. I am most excited about this venture. I can hardly wait to see Gerry portray the wonderful and sensual Burns. The screen will definitely smolder.

  3. Betty Beaver says:

    Exciting news!!!! Would love to be in Scotland to see the filming of this movie. Gerard Butler will bring BURNS to life and this you can count on. Awesome combination…Scotland, Butler, Burns.

  4. sue grint says:

    i commented on this a year ago but a lot has happened since then. they are saying now its going to be a very raunchy film with gerry as naked as the day he was born. they have to realise we have seen gerry in the buff on several occasions and it isnt anything new. mrs. brown he left nothing to the imagination, dracula we got a lovely glimpse of his butt, also 300, rocknrolla and last of all lac. i personally like it when he is covered up a little bit as it is extremely sexy and makes your mind wander. i know it will be a terrific film with a lot of scottish stars interested in it, which they would be, but i understand julia stiles wont be one of the major lovers in it now and they are looking for new stars. what i’ll do to be a beautiful actress right now is nobodys business, but most of them say its so technical especially with all the crew around.

  5. I am so excited that this is going to happen. Gerard Butler is the most incredible actor I have ever seen and it doesn’t matter what role he plays – he absolutely keeps me spellbound. I love him and know he will do very well in his career.

  6. Mariana Flamenco says:

    HURRAH!!! Again Hurrah & Halleluia!!! He is a wonderful actor and perfect for the part of the Scottish poet. This is long overdue. He has not been given enough recognition and this movie could really put him put up front and center.

  7. Beautiful, captivating, romantic. Are we talking about Gerard Butler or Scotland? Won’t it just blow your mind when the two are combined to commemorate the life and times of Robert Burns? No one would be better to star as the favorite son of the land of the Scots than Gerard Butler. Only he can reenact the creativeness and intellect of Robert Burns by injecting a healthy dose of sexiness and charisma to drive all the women wild. I can’t wait to see Gerard portray the legendary figure on the silver screen as big as life. I know he will make his homeland very proud.

  8. Barbara Tutino says:

    As a high school History and English Teacher, I am thrilled — my students love Gerry’s other movies — Attila and 300…..The story of Robert Burns writing and poetry is timeless and I so pleased that Gerry has the opportunity to bring history to life for all to enjoy! Special thanks for William Cullen Bryant High School in Long Island City, NY

  9. Joanna Duncan says:

    This film has GOT to be made and Gerry has GOT to play Burns! Never have I wanted to see a film as much as I long to see this one. In fact, it’s been the wish made at my annual Burns’night suppers for the past four years as we stick the dirk in the haggis! Gerry isn’t just perfect for the role: there is no one else who could play Rabbie as far as I’m concerned. If this doesn’t go ahead, it won’t be for lack of trying but it would be a tragic loss if it isn’t made. If I had the cash, I’d be investing!!! Good luck, boys! Let’s hope this time it happens!

  10. Since I know virtually nothing about Burns I am really looking forward to seeing my favorite Scott portray him on film.. Especially since I also know this is a project that has been very dear to Gerry for sometime. Hope everything so well for him and that it’s a great success.

  11. Oceanlady says:

    Hey:). I’m sorry I’m writing again, but I ran into a really great website on Robert Burns. It has so much info on him, it’s delightfully overwhelming:):p!! Here’s the link in case anyone would like to check it out: http://www.robertburns.org/encyclopedia/index.shtml. Enjoy:):)!!

  12. I totally agree with all the ladies whom have posted their happy comments, and especially share the excitement that Miss Lily Mackay transmits so beautifully:). The mere idea of Mr. Butler portraying Robert Burns on screen was absolutely F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, let alone the certainty that he will, God willing:):)!!! It is a given that he will impart unbridled vehemence and intelligence to the part since Mr. Burns’ life constitutes a thorough testimonial of Scottish character, with which Mr. Butler is so enamored… and embodies to the hilt:). It is always a feast for the eyes and the heart to witness such a celestial match between Now and Forever:). As for the Oscar, the best is just around the corner;). Congrats, Mr. Butler:)!!!

  13. DonnaJean Montalbano says:

    George and I are so happy that finally they will be making BURNS. GERARD Gerry BUTLER is absolutely perfect for the part of Robert Burns. He has waited so long for this to happen and finally the time is here. With the thousands and thousands of Gerry Butler fans, this movie, plus DVD, plus music CD should be super successful for SURE. George and I can hardly wait. I pray they will do it ahead of time. So anxious to see GB act as Robert Burns..he is a super talented man from the first time we saw him in Phantom of the Opera to his last movie Rocknrolla which should be coming as DVD soon. The man is simply and beautifully the best actor that Hollywood continues to under estimate his talent. They don’t know what they have here…but we his fans do know and continue to support him and follow his every movie. Good Luck TO GB and his family.
    Donna Jean and George

  14. Gershwin9 says:

    Any chance that GB.net, GBGals and some of the other fan sites could get together and buy one of the 250 chances to invest in the production of Burns?

    • Gershwin9: We have enquired about this and once more details are known, we will certainly let everyone know. At this point, we don’t believe the specifics have been quite worked out. 😀

  15. sue grint says:

    i think this is fantastic news. the fans and, of course, gerry have been waiting years for this to come about, and at long last gerry can portray this famous scottish poet, which he has stuck with through thick and thin and now its looks like its going to pay off. it sounds a very exciting and interesting film, and i too think julia stiles is a great actress and should do this film justice as well as all the other, mostly scottish, actors will do too. i bet gerry will enjoy filming in his native scotland again, as its been awhile since he filmed there before, dear frankie back in 03 and be near family and friends for a change. this will bring his films of 09 to an amazing finish with hopefully 3 films again this year, and two showing at the cinema which is terrific. the only thing is we have had to wait for the ugly truth and game a bit longer than originally thought, but i know it will be well worth the wait, again two totally different films to show gerry’s outstanding talent for different roles.

  16. Annaliece says:

    Finally!!! How long I have waited to see this brilliant actor in another role suited to his amazing talents. I am routing for you, Gerry.

  17. Rose Marie Lagana says:

    I would love to see a film on the poet Robert Burns. I would love it even more to see Gerard Butler as Robert Burns. I’ll be the first one on line!

  18. Frankie 117 says:

    Congratulations Gerry! It’s marvelous!
    It’s very very nice of hearing this kind of news! I’ve been waiting for this long time.
    Gerry Burns will be perfect hit, I believe.
    I’m looking forward to see Gerry as Robert Burns and beautiful Scotland I love!

    Love, Frankie117 From Japan

  19. I’ve had Gerry’s picture as Burns on my night stand for several years now….I’m so glad he will be able to finally get into this project. As I recall, he was slated for this right after Phantom. It’s the kind of venue where I think Gerry would excel because of the depth of character and feeling he could bring to the screen. I wonder if Gerry’s film career would have taken a different course if he acted in that picture, rather than 300…? Just ‘still dreamin’…..!

  20. evil_ducky says:

    I never had any doubts. I always figured he’d end up getting Burns made. It was just a matter of time. Gerry has worked long, hard, and steady to reach the achievements that he has. I figured after the success he found with 300 that more doors would open up to him. I’m really happy for him. Here’s to his continued success, and may Burns turn out to be everything he hoped for.

  21. ABSOLUTELY! I’ve been waiting for Gerry’s Burns for ages. Hope it’ll progress as soon as possible before he gets old…

  22. This is good news.

    And, Butler is able to drastically change themselves for the role [if he has not lost that ability]

  23. Yes, I’m very happy for this good news for Gerry. It’s a beautiful area to film–I think this is a good choice and that the movie should do well.

  24. I am very excited about the “Burns” project and the fact that it will begin filming. I have been wondering what happened to it. Thanks for letting everybody know. You guys do a great job on this website.


  25. mjbooklady says:

    Great news and Congratulations Gerry!

    Burns has been on hold for so long that it is such wonderful news that the movie is moving forward.
    Best of Luck.

  26. Maryanne Sacramento says:

    This project has been a long time coming! It’s exciting news.

  27. Cynthia Dinardo says:

    I think this is a wonderful role for Gerry, and to be filmed in his country is an honor. Burns was a great poet and songwriter, Gerry caught my ear years ago with his singing and I am looking forward to his role in this film. Hopefully Gerry this one dont pair you up with an oscar winner, ITS YOUR TURN! Its been your turn, I pray for you, you work hard, choose your films wisely and you deserve an oscar. I might be an old time talent agent, but I know good work when I see it, best of luck Gerry.

    Cynthia Dinardo
    Miami Florida

  28. Joyce Lewis says:

    I am very excited about this film and have been hoping against hope that it would be made soon. Please have Gerard Butler as the star…..he is a very sexy, talented actor and has a huge fan base.
    I am eagerly waiting….

  29. Sandra Foley says:

    I am so excited to see Gerry in this role. I always love to see him when he does not have to disguise his sexy Scottish brogue! It will be fun to see Gerry in his home country again playing a character I’m sure he will be able to portray brilliantly. Perhaps he will be making Oscar buzz with this one! We have all seen what Gerry can do when he is truly passionate about a project. Good luck!

  30. Queenofcelts says:

    I am thrilled with this news! Gerry was born to play Robert Burns!

  31. Nancy (Meenah) says:

    I am so happy this film will finally be made! We know Gerard has to be ecstatic about the project and, so many fans of both Gerard and Robert Burns have been waiting for years. Now we will all be rewarded for our patience.

  32. I can only imagine how thrilled Gerry must feel about this role!!! I am only one of many,many fans that have been keeping fingers and toes crossed for years to see this project to be given the go ahead!!!
    This is fantastic news!!!

  33. Finally! Can’t wait to see this one. Way to go, Gerry!

  34. I am sooo exicted about this project going to be filmed. I am a huge fan of Robert Burns and OF COURSE Gerard. I can’t think of anyone that would be able to bring Burns’ back to life.
    This is just